Noel Gallagher - Rattling Rose Lyrics

She got the song of a bird
She got a heart of gold
She can make it rain in a color field
She's a rattling rose
She'll put you in a state of mind
Nobody knows
She took a trip on the mothership
And then she never came home

When you come along, when you come along
We're gonna run away

I'm talkin' about the rise and the fall
Of a pretty balloon
Like a dream that you've never had
In a world out of tune
But I don't ever think you'll find
'Cause you already know
She took a trip on the mothership
And then she never came home

When you come along, when you come along
We're gonna runaway
When you come along, when you come along
We're gonna run away
We're gonna run away
We're gonna run away

When you come along, when you come along
We're gonna run away
We're gonna run away

She got the song of a bird
She got a heart of gold
You make it rain in a color field
She's a rattling rose
Rattling rose
Rattling rose
Rattling rose

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Noel Gallagher Rattling Rose Comments
  1. wearethebytes

    Probably this and Wandering star is the best NGFHB work

  2. lol lol

    Noel should have made an album with all the songs from black star dancing onwards instead of just releasing individual songs.....I think he lacks confidence in all the songs he has done after his last album that is why hes not risked making an album with it. At first I hated every song he has done after his last album but every song has grown on me and I like them.....I still think it's his poorest work he has done but he has set the level so high that anything he does will be almost impossible to replicate. I still like the new stuff he has done even though Its not something i would rush to listen more like background music that isnt offensive to the ear but its not something that you would make an effort to listen to. Not really my cup of tea but I don't mind it and every song has got at least a few good parts to it whether it be good vocals or good melody or good beat ect. But it has taken several listens of the songs over a few months to actually appreciate it properly

  3. Kiltrena Connolly


  4. Renato Medeiros

    a music video with no apology for vulgar sex, no drug addiction, no extreme hedonism, no female objectification, no materialism or profanity? only good music and poetic lyrics? This singer doesn't only want to get rich. How nice!

  5. Dan

    This video is sponsored by Intel inside and currys PC world

  6. kevinkilbane2007

    Shite song. Let down.
    Both gallaghers are cnuts. Wankers

  7. Ross Heathorn

    1st listen it's ok ain't your best but cant all be good.

  8. 박태영

    I feel this song is the elder brother of One Of Us by Liam lol

  9. PerfectPlaylists

    Yes Noel - love it :-)

  10. J 40

    Again love it! I'd take his new stuff over his earlier High flying Birds stuff!

  11. marcedo16 hg

    good tripp song ;;

  12. S.R. B.C.

    Amazing bass

  13. Gianluca Badejo

    Definitely a Neil Young vibe here.

  14. Queens of the Drone Age

    Sounds like edwyn Collins girl like you

  15. 9erdene

    It couldn't get out of my head for 3 days after I've listened. A small part of this song sounds a bit like Riverman. This song sounds sooo good, simple and melodic. Too wrong to be a b-side song. Should be a single.

  16. ounumpty1

    I’d rather listen to Noel 😎 every time 👍🏻

  17. chiffmonkey

    Noel has gone full-on Sparks level mad. And I love it.

  18. mattylfcnumber8

    Go have a bev with liam
    Then bring back oasis
    Would be the greatest and most historical thing in music period

  19. Hysteric Casual Club

    Yeahhh... love forever

  20. Zloy Kycaka


  21. John j

    Noel come on mate ffs

  22. Briancito Lepp

    No puedo para de oír esta canción!!!

  23. brandonbug1

    The gallaghers are types that need a enemy , it was once their father , now its each other , sad .

  24. dubseedz757

    Just saw Noel and the birds here in the states... They were fantastic, alongside The Smashing Pumpkins it was an amazing night of music..

    Grecia Gutierrez

    Saw them on Wed in San Diego it was great.


    @Grecia Gutierrez Nice, I hope you had a fun time !

  25. Dirty Curls

    I would like this song in a 007 movie. It starts playing when Bond makes eye contact with the secret spy chick across the bar.

  26. Alex Protopapas

    Lame music from a gay dude

    Will Green

    nice homophobia there lad

  27. josep maria marín

    Addicted to this shit.


    Reminds me of Austin powers

  29. Elphilee o

    Never met a Noel track like this before ... never ever never ever never meta girl like this before, either. 🤔

  30. adrian leakey

    Best song out of all 4 tracks hes released within the last 6 or so weeks , I still listen to this regular it is catchy and really suits his vocals, great bass also, the lyrics are great as is the title!

  31. xander soriano

    And because of this song, wishing for noel to compose a song for a JAMES BOND movie.

  32. Shoz

    He needs liam

  33. todd star79

    Rubbish pop

  34. Mike Muffler

    Wow, this song had me Like it from the start. Great music and lyrics! #Hypnotic #Trance

  35. Ngọc Ngà

    I love this song.

  36. Sumi Raj

    In the current shite load of music out there, Rattling Rose is like a fresh evening breeze after a sultry summer afternoon

  37. LIVERNIL753

    The video put together is just alluring and aesthetically beautiful. This has a very 80s look to it.

  38. al ve

    At least he writes the songs and does not force his name on the credits to get some publishing rights as Liam does

    Grinder Bing

    I'm more into Noel than Liam these days, but your comment is just out of place, unnecesserary and dishonest... It's already boring to read stupid comments from Liam crazy fans under every NG's videos, but you're at the same level than them and only making things worse.

  39. Andre Coutinho

    Well, if he's happy doing easy listening elevator songs, who am I to judge?

  40. j mc

    It’s not oasis though
    No manc feel to it
    Very Sade or Bronski beat mixed with Paul Weller

  41. Ben Wfc

    hahahah what the fuck is this

  42. edu pinheiro

    nao gosto do noel, mas essa musica tá dms!

  43. Sumi Raj

    My first comment in a classical language called Tamil , meant for you Chief!! மிக அருமை, இனிமையான பாடல். நீடூழி வாழ்க
    Love from Chennai , India

  44. Priyank Samakshit


  45. I Britishboy

    ain't experimental as it claims. sounds like boring world music from the 80s and madonna. so bad

  46. LoLzZ85

    Christopher Cross - Ride Like The Wind

  47. Greg Fowler

    Love black star dancing reminds me a bit of the brand new heavies retro funk vibe 😊😊

  48. Iván Marín

    All the instrumentation... the change of rhythm... the lyrics... masterpiece.

  49. cian loughnane

    Noel sings Sade "Smooth Operator"

  50. LoLzZ85

    Best song on the EP ....really takes off in the middle.

  51. Luke Haverty

    I can here this in FIFA 20

  52. Harry McDonough

    Black Star Dancing was bad, this is fucking mega

  53. Irene Griffiths

    James Bond soundtrack 🤘🏾🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🎸🎸🎤🎤🎶🎶🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝

  54. Kevin Welsh

    class tune I'll download it now

  55. BONÉCHO Studio

    Noel is demostrating he can write way different stuff from Oasis.

    Liam is demostating he can write some Oasis stuff today.



  56. shishimaru1000

    Great song, I can't understand how reviews and people in general thinks it has zero sense. It's just cosmic, it has a good bassline and most of all it's almost romantic.

  57. Morag Samson

    Fabulous great voice so much better than Liam... just saying

  58. Raka Bayu

    sounds a bit like a girl like you from edwyn collins

  59. Macom G.

    Mindblowing 💘💫

  60. gfrp

    All Noel songs have something that i feel it......

  61. Michael Mc

    Why is Noel's new album so shit

    Like okay it ain't rock n roll, fair enough hes getting experimental and trying out new sounds but it doesn't actually sound good? I couldn't care what type of music he makes if it sounds good ot sounds good and this just doesn't, love Noel but jeez he would have been better reforming oasis I thinknliam is more mature now, yea he would probably butcher a few songs but even at his age now with his Kermit the frog ass voice he still brings something to the tunes that no one else can, fuck just him on a stage is entertaining

  62. metaldaduk

    Anyone else find this bland? It's like an America b side from 1973.

  63. Jack O'Halloran

    Finally he has a good bass line

  64. J Paw

    What the world needs now is Oasis.

  65. rock crudo

    El mejor musico del mundo!!!!

  66. Sagan

    Banger. !

  67. 2019 Stymie

    Clazy Dtupid Bad style Bad head strange singer Liam gharager

  68. Fisk Allure

    I don’t really like Noel’s new music but loved this song it’s really catchy

  69. Pietro Paolucci

    Compare this song at 0:42 with this
    "When you come along, when you come along" it's very similar.
    What do you think?

  70. gaz brandon


  71. C F

    Noel winning the YouTube SUBS battle also. Love ya lads

  72. tae tae

    it sounds like Chris Martin tho

  73. David Ian

    I love this. Takes me back to A Teardrop Explodes... and beyond!

  74. Yeah Mate

    Great song

  75. ryan hester

    Definitely sounds like the 80s

  76. Eugenie Randazzo


  77. Mertin

    this man honestly is the best song writer ever just also bringing out music that is brilliant

  78. fvv121

    This theme is so good

  79. Renan da Silva

    Muito bom. Que som foda!!!

  80. Đorđe Luković

    ti si bre HOHŠTAPLER

  81. mrbelcherful

    Great stuff from Noel.

  82. Joseph Hoffman

    Love Liam and Noel both...If no Oasis, then at least we get awesome tunes from their solo work..

  83. Nathalie tougris

    J adore j aime. Fan de la première heure j adhère

  84. Azza Gunna !!!

    Get your shit together boys the world is missing oasis

  85. Elia Vincenzi

    What exactly is a rattling rose?


    What exactly is a Wonderwall?
    What does D’you know what I mean mean?
    What’s a shakermaker?
    What the hell is a holy mountain?
    What’s a headshrinker?
    The truth is probably that not even Noel knows, and it’s great that way.

  86. manu reta

    "A Girl Like You" plagio

    gonzalo veron

    Más bien una pequeña parte no la canción en si, que suenan diametralmente opuestas.

  87. Sonya Goodman

    So sexy! I'd kill to know what is he talking about though

  88. Ceylon

    Damn, these birds are sure flying high these days... this is GOLD 🌟🎵

  89. Laurain Vincent

    Sounds like Rattle that lock by Gilmour, bouncy and elegant


    Laurain Vincent exactly

  90. Ariel Gamarra

    Si esta bueno pero sigue siendo un temita. Una cancioncita. Comparemos con little by little. DLBIA o TIOBI o masterplan o cualquier otro tema de oasis cantado por Noel. Nose espero que vuelva a sacar un disco quede verdad me guste

    Don Lucero

    Tomatelas cabeza de termo. Yo estoy re podrido de ese tipo de cancionitas, que querés que este toda la vida haciendo esa baladas de mierda solo porque a vos te gustan en ves de hacer música más entretenida como esta. Chau

  91. Ed Pickett

    Bit dull really. Turning into Sting.

  92. David Byrne

    Edwyn Collins, A Girl like You - from the 2.50 mark in that song he sings "and then you come along". Defo where Noel subconsciously got his part for this song from. Sung the exact same way too

  93. theheartlessnoob

    Horrible crap. From Live Forever to this garbage. But since it is a solo effort let's just go with this instead; from Everybody's On the Run to this. NG fans have to stop pretending everything the chief does is "brilliant".

  94. cinemar

    God I love how they hate each other.

  95. Klaus Angle-Sengenberger

    I love this man