Noel Gallagher - Be Careful What You Wish For Lyrics

Tidy your books up
Put them under your bed
And gather your thoughts up
But keep 'em in your head
Be careful what you wish for
Be careful what you dream
They let you sing your songs, son
But they'll never hear you scream

Button your coat up
Take shelter from the rain
They want you to be like them
But you can never be the same
'Cause you're standing on the outside
They'll never let you in
They'll let you play the game, son
But they'll never let you win

Never let them bare witness
To the tears in your eyes
And never take a handshake
From the prophets and their lies
'Cause they put you in the wrong line
You've been crying out for more
They've given you the key, son
But you'll never find the door

You've fallen like an angel
Stranded on the earth
They let you see their riches
They never tell you what you're worth
They've put you in the back seat
While they're heading for the sun
And if you're waiting for the rapture
The day will never come

The day will never come...
The day will never come...
The day will never come...
The day will never come...
The day will never come...
The day will never come...
The day will never come...
The day will never come...
The day will never come...
The day will never come...

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Noel Gallagher Be Careful What You Wish For Comments
  1. Jim Hogg

    Fuckin love this, my fav song on the album

  2. Jack Place

    Painful. Next

  3. foolsgold helterskelter

    Whith songs like this and the River by Liam seem to show some sort of concern for the young generation by the Gallaghers

  4. Marcos Gomez

    I love Liams Album, I love Noel's aswell. Yall fighting over pointless shit. Just enjoy the greatness they're releasing.

  5. blackmore4

    I never understood how it was possible for anyone who liked a good tune to honestly dislike Oasis but it has to be said, that after their first two albums, they were pretty much repeating the same trick over and over. This album doesn't. I think that it pushes the (beat) boat out in a way I always hoped they were capable of. I don't get why so many Oasis fans were/are so hostile.

  6. Andy Berridge


  7. chiffmonkey

    You can hear Russell Pritchard's influence here. Very Zuttons.

  8. Andrés

    What does the girl says? 🤔

  9. Thelonious Coltrane

    "Here come old flat top..." hahahaha
    Really Noel? Cmon..stop it. You are already a musical genius. Stop making references from one of your fave bands.

  10. Sebastian Toledo

    Give it away bass flea xd

  11. mywhychromosome

    Gallagher brothers - 1Style / 1Substance. Ideally, you've got both, and that's magic, but...ya split 'em up, when push comes to shove, which of the two will get the most attention (even if it shouldn't)? Hmm....

  12. Mr Wilfred Myers

    So very true.

  13. wandering spirit

    Love this song. Pure genius.

  14. Nautilus1972

    Total riip-off of Get Together by the Beatles -the start is anyway.

  15. Nicholas

    This just positively reeks of illuminati control over the masses.

  16. Tom maiden

    Not better than shockwave

  17. John Gleeson

    Great tune, with some of Noel's best lyrics, imparting advice to his boys. A harder, less mellow, more Oasis type sound, maybe with Liam in his prime singing, would be amazing.

  18. Eddy Sandland

    Top Tuuuuune Know Matter what people are saying about Noel...this & that etc!!!

  19. adrian leakey

    good mellow song with good sounds added in the song, each time I listen I notice new sounds i missed before.

  20. Stephanie Dumas


  21. The Gds

    Oasis get off your high horse lady ...

  22. Jorge Arriaga

    What is the lyric of the girls part?

  23. S McGrath

    This is one cracking tune

  24. Yoruichi The Extra Terrestrial

    This is cool... Although I feel like I need to be stoned to fully appreciate it.

    Sounds like he's been getting into Trip-Hop.

  25. cheesandwichfactory

    The Doors

  26. Bruno Herbert

    Brasil Waiting For You 2018

  27. Gaby Lascano

    La mejor rola de este disco....

  28. Mark J

    Is this Noel Gallagher or Depeche Mode?

  29. Kantina

    Problem with these songs is that NOTHING happens. I feel like they're building up to something, just that something never comes (A few of them are just shite tho lmao)

  30. Kurtis Mac

    Fucking love this.

  31. Lethícia Yano

    Noel has to make an asmr video asap.

  32. JohnnyReiTV

    Come together

  33. Gabriel Victor

    It's a dog in the end of song?

  34. ifreakingloveninjas

    Anyone know the lyrics from the woman (women?) in the recurring breakdown part while Noel does his "aaaahhhhh"s? Can't quite make them out.

    Is it simply scat? Really interesting pronunciation.

  35. Stephen Oneill

    I love Noel and the high flying birds and everything before, but this is come together in a different sequence. Bit gutted tbh, if you can't here the similarity your tone deaf man. It's the base line minus the Tom Tom roll.

  36. wheelsares

    Chuck Berry's 'You Can't Catch Me' and Beatles 'Come Together'

  37. Post Rock Ambient Pedal

    intro sounds like soon come tomorrow by andy bell in beady eye

  38. tommy cane115

    almost as good as the black keys

  39. Ricardo Lopez

    what a rip off of come together, but I guess it wouldn't be a noel gallagher album without a stealing, right? It's a nice song tho....

  40. phil rock

    By far the best album he has recorded.

  41. M. 2018

    Nice! 👌

  42. bigjr1979

    No lyrics for the female voice. :(

  43. UmiTurko

    i love this psy trance taste harmonized by noel

  44. Grant Robertson

    The only way you will dig this album is too take some mushies!!
    I think some people just say they like this album because Noel has written it!! If this was his debut album, Jesus he wouldn't have been known!!
    "Definitely Maybe" to this is just crazy!!
    I hate how some song writers feel the need to write something off the wall!!
    It's like he has taken a million mushies and tripped out, and thought fuck it!!
    Give me Liam's new album any day long!!
    I NEVER EVER THOUGHT I WOULD say something like this about Noel's material... First ever album I've never bought from him!!!

  45. marzipan h73

    Brilliant, still has the very best of his original style. That beautiful beetles esq sound. He's done it again. Wee belter
    Pucker album 👌.

  46. Jim Johns

    This new stuff keeps growing and growing and growing on me. Sixties , seventies... wall of sound, dreamscapes, acid drenched... I don’t care.

    Turn.It.Up. And pour me another.

  47. Tamara Bossler

    Nice1 Noel keep it up with the hair the shoes and the vibe

  48. Stanislav Pylypenko

    beginning sounds like sweet leaf by black sabbath?

  49. Vadim Klinsmann

    Come together, right now
    Over me

  50. Bullets_4 Breakfast

    Liam has 1 million views for come back to me vs 159k views for this which was released at the same time ... enough said


    views can be quantified,

    Grinder Bing

    You're comparing a single with an official video and a simple lyric video for an album song... That's already dishonest, but why not. :D But if I follow your logic, then Justin Bieber is better than LG because he has definitely more views than him. So that's what you are also implying when you make such a poor statement. Congratulations smart boy :P

  51. Martin Reed

    class awesome completly original amazingness noel, fair fucking play :)

  52. Brian Scala

    5:24 Hidden Mickey

  53. Dan

    One and one and one is three 😅

  54. VeljkoVasicIII

    come together rip off..... I liked his first 2 albums but this one is fukin lame

  55. Luc ky

    Got a "High Horse Lady" feel to it, mellow groove .. nice !

  56. Autumn

    He’s a genius 😍


    what is this genre ?

  58. Luciano Rosales

    like if you are high

  59. Joaquim HRP

    Cadê os brasileiros que curtem NGHFB...

  60. verjan2

    Come Together + Lie Down In Darkness (A-ha)

  61. Jimi Nursucahyo

    So hypnotizing

  62. ramiro zavan

    i need to get this album

  63. ᄋᄋ

    코러스가 "왜 이랴?" 같다는 말 들으니까 집중이 안된다ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  64. Lee Cresswell

    Drunkenly stumbled upon this and became instantly happily mesmerised.

  65. 1.618

    Best Album Ive bought in long time. Top class. Love it.

  66. Lucy Beresford

    Noel, if your reading this, I just want you to know there are fans out there who support you with everything you do, including me. I'm glad you are still keeping up the awesome songs, and are not listening to all the rude people out there who are hating on your songs. Y'know, "you gotta say what you say and don't let anybody get in the way" KEEP ON GOING NOEL!!! <3

  67. IFingus Mc fobblywhatsanstien

    They'll let u sing your song son but never let u scream. Who's they😶 it sounds like the doors ND Beatles

  68. Eva Leach

    Sorry Liam, but Noel is just legendary

  69. James Bird

    I'm getting a lot of 'The Doors - Riders on the storm' with this

    James Bird

    from 2.14

  70. F F


  71. Prukdoy Makirr

    I'm confused. Why this song hasn't blow up yet?. It's fucking amazing. What the fuck is wrong with people nowadays?

  72. 62calum

    sounds like the chillie peppers at the start.

  73. Daniel Starway

    What is chorus woman singing?....somewhere go...?

  74. Daniel Starway

    i think Liam attracted much people than Noel...but I prefer Noel’s album.He’s trying to create new music style, so I understand everybody prefer Liam who do love rock n roll that has exist since earliest times.(nevertheless I don’t dislike him.) You might know many years later, you will like Noel’s style.

  75. mace106

    Here come old flat-top

  76. Moira Irish

    Noels tried something different and its worked, alot better than his brothers album
    Which is what you would expect, a big shout out goes to the genius david Holmes.

  77. Gabriel Bertocco Biancardi

    Godlike genius!

  78. FlyingHigh99999

    Not a bad tune. Shame noels voice is weak and boring

  79. takeflight

    Fucking great lyrics. Dylanesque I suppose

  80. Luis Guzmán

    anyone can put the lyrics of the women?

  81. Richard Annor

    loving it !

  82. Luiz Motta

    Come together

  83. Fonograf72

    Take a groove out of Come Together and bring it to 2017, adding some of the best lyrics Noel had ever written. The whole album is very, very good, but this song takes the biscuit atm.

  84. Boy Racer

    This isn't experimental, sounds like oasis alternative version of waiting for the rapture or get off your high horse lady from dig out your soul era

    Si Hopebgood

    The real Hazed is bad enough.   You copying that plum just sad.

    Boy Racer

    Si Hopebgood I've been hazed for six years

  85. Chris

    Pretty cool album, if this was made by like a younger musician it would gain far more buzz but it seems that older artists in the UK aren't seen as important/cool etc... in the US, older artists seem to get more respect, acclaim and Grammys or whatever those those are

  86. daniel gonzalez soriano

    Damm only 100k views nobody listens these masterpieces :(

  87. G McP

    Fucking loving this album. Totally needs a few plays but it´s great!! I´d say even Twitter twat loves it..

  88. Sam Black

    I didn't like this song at first but it grew on me, I really like the whole album!

  89. Hamzah Tariq

    Come Together

  90. Smerington Weeps

    Reminds me a bit of Dr John

  91. Mark R

    This is for sure a nod to Liam. "You're waiting for the rapture, but the day will never come, the day will never come"

  92. Craig Fishwick

    If you have doubts about how good this album is, get high and bathe in its glory.

  93. Ilona Kadic

    Alles was gespielt wird ist aus der Privat-playlist von Ilona Katharina Kadic', also von mir empfohlen und ausgesucht und als mein Lieblingslied abboniert.

  94. Agus Tín

    No, not "biblical". Godlike is more like it.

  95. DB 40

    Macca's bass lives on...