Noah And The Whale - 2 Atoms In A Molecule Lyrics

Last night I had a dream we were inseparably entwined
Like a piece of rope made out of two pieces of vine
Held together, holding each other with no one else in mind
Like two atoms in a molecule inseparably combined

But then I woke from the dream to realise I was alone
A tragic event I must admit but let's not be overblown
I'm not trying to write a love song just a sad, pathetic moan
Maybe I just need a change, maybe I just need a new cologne

Now I look at love like being stabbed in the heart
You torture each other from day to day and then one day you part
Most of the time it's misery but there's some joy at the start
Oh for that I'd say it's worth it, just use a blade that's short and sharp on me

If love is just a game then how come it's no fun
If love is just a game how come I've never won
I guess maybe it's possible I might be playing it wrong
And that's why every time I roll the dice I always come undone

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Noah And The Whale 2 Atoms In A Molecule Comments
  1. o nome não pode ficar em branco

    2019 and i'm here

  2. scarlett sparks

    weird flex but I use this song for planking because it’s short and sweet

  3. Paul Walton

    Last night I actually had a dream about a girl only to wake up alone, and I came immediately to this song. Exactly what I'm going through right now. This music will always be relevant

  4. Daniel Karim

    Hi Guys. I am listening to this track for the past hour. I am writing my last part of an article for my travel/psychology blog. ( ).
    I do not know what it is but this really gets me into flow. Can you suggest similar awesome stuff? (=

  5. Katherine Fallon

    2018 and I still find myself coming back to this album. Beautiful.

  6. Natalia Imperiano

    thanks for sharing!

  7. Brielle Lavanture

    This some good shit

  8. Michael Edwards

    That guitar!! 😍

  9. iCreateSongs

    2017 still love it.

  10. Michael Corrado

    i #love this #song . When i am alone, i listen to this song and i think... " # i am not alone, .... because ... this song is good and i think ... if others like it too, ... then sdkl eth then it must be gogtgood!" j. me - me earlier today

  11. Pedro Henrique

    essa musica e muuito boaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  12. Sarah Sarita

    i fkng love this so fkng much

  13. Marta Cortés Humet

    wow!! amazing song!! hahahaaha
    two atoms in a molecule like my friend and me I LOVE YOU BABE

  14. varun jain

    may be i just need a new cologne! lol

  15. Oli Gamble

    Shame they've split up. 

    Elijah Huspek

    YOU LIE!!?!

    nautilus esquire

    nope. google it :( real bummer

    Emi Emi

    they split up a little over two years ago im pretty sure

  16. anon yabiz

    The lead singer of Noah and the whale has amazing songwriting skills. Listen to the lyrics of all his songs and you will see that he is always talking deep shit. I love this band!!


    +Omar Ommizle Right?

  17. Felipe Rodrigues

    Nalu pelo Mundo <3

  18. benjamin gouerec

    one of the best ... thx for share it !

  19. ash356

    Urgh. Hipsters, hipster comments everywhere.

  20. Martin Wolf

    but hes also right, out of the uk nearly nobody knows them...

  21. TekranoXx

    are you kidding me?
    noah and the whale are one of the most prolific folk and indie bands, some could say they really bolstered indie and hipsters being "mainstream" as they so often say.
    honestly their music is used on every tv show and played all the time on the radio. least in the uk

  22. C.W Bowden

    @monkeymad169 no way '2 door cinema club' are the best band in the world

  23. 333speckles

    @JamesIsDumbAlot what do you mean? who are the hipsters in this equation

  24. WeezyBox

    i love the instruments they use in their band.

  25. Mark Braund

    i looovveee theemm :) and thiss songg

  26. avagrantmind

    the bigger music groups just appeal to a bigger audience.

    VVVVVV hipster wannabes shouldnt try so hard

  27. ngarabird

    The best bands are usually the ones no one knows about.

  28. darl

    wow... luv the lyrics!

  29. Matthew Womble

    this always brings a smile to my face. :)

  30. oddbodjr1

    Shit song.

  31. cardigans98

    Why is this on the People and Blogs category?. More people should listen to this band!