No Angels - Say Goodbye Lyrics

This song goes out to all the man in the world who don't know how to treat a lady!

Who's sorry now
You'd better learn how to say goodbye
See you later
Now its over
All changes gone
You'd better move on and try to find
Another love, it's time to say goodbye.

[Verse 1]
What is wrong with you, why you acting like a fool
You don't need to hide, all the things you keep inside
Cause now I know
Baby I was right, you were playing with my mind
And I already know
So now its time to go
Who's sorry now…

[Verse 2]
All the time I thought, boy I messed it up
Cause you tried to blame me for, not trusting you nomore
But now I see
All the time you lied, all the tears that I have cried
While you where having fun, cause I was not your only one
Who's sorry now…

[Mid 8]
Now I wanna let you know
I don't need you anymore
Cause don't need your lies, now pay the price for tearing up my heart
I don't need your poor excuse, baby this time you will lose
Cause now I'm strong to carry on, without you by my side

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No Angels Say Goodbye Comments
  1. domiwoel89

    saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaandy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Stephan Rolle

    Still hot as fuck! <3

  2. Moeriii

    warum sind eigentlich sämtliche gute videos von damals nicht mehr bei youtube ? schade :/

    und noch trauriger: warum haben sie ein Comeback versucht ... anstatt sie als erfolgreichste castingband aller zeiten in die geschichte eingehen ... sie waren so toll :D und ich glaube auch lange nach dem hype lade ich mir mal meine ganzen no angels alben aufn ipod ... nostalgisch :D

  3. Bryan Headman

    @EspanaDevil666 download free youtube mp3 converter google it or watch instruction videos here very easy. free every song on youtbe u can download for free cus SONY suck man:) enjoy peace

  4. Flari Maike

    @EspanaDevil666 Byu the album or listen to it here, they deserve the support

  5. sweetjany90

    das is das lied das sandy für Now ... Us! geschrieben hat!!!!^^ COOL!!!!! ♥ it

  6. Nita Anna

    wie geil... damals wie heute :)

  7. issi kandemir

    scheiße wie lang hab ich des nich mehr gehört xD sau geil