Nina Gordon - The Time Comes Lyrics

I wait for the day to break me
I look up to the sky
I look back on my life
You were mine

The times comes
And then it goes
Then it goes away

Don't try to read the silence
Don't try to live it down
'cause I learned a thing or two
About patience
And I have found

Repeat chorus
Repeat first verse
Repeat chorus

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Nina Gordon The Time Comes Comments
  1. Greg Sexton

    Beautiful song got me so emotional!! And stunning photographs in the video... Great job all!!

  2. Jspeedtheman

    Cant buy this song on i toons tho

    Matthew Fisher

    Can’t see on Spotify either

  3. Dafni D

    bones s02e17 brought me here

    Ole Herud

    Dafni Damianidou Shazam :)

    Paige Stone

    Same 👌 best show

    Greg Sexton

    Me too! Beautiful song!

  4. soledisera

    e bello e come dici tu.....e meglio cosi migliori sempre piu'.....altrimenti non miglioreresti.......beautifu.......

  5. Salvatore Calabrese

    ...La canzone sicuro, per il video invece ho ancora tanto da imparare :)

  6. Anna S

    stupenda !

  7. soledisera