Nina Gordon - Now I Can Die Lyrics

he takes me everywhere he goes and he goes everywhere he
likes to try on all my clothes but not my underwear and he
never hates me just wants to levitate me now i know the
secret of the world i am the girl and he is the guy i never dared
to be simple and wise he opened up my eyes i understand
everything and now i can die he gives me everything he's got
and he's got everything he calls me on the phone a lot he's
got a special ring yeah he really loves me sweethearts and
turtledoves me now i know the meaning of that word i'm not
trying to say that i don't want to live 'cause i do i've got more
to take i've got some more to give you know i do but if
tomorrow my number should be called i won't be sad i won't
feel bad at all

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Nina Gordon Now I Can Die Comments
  1. Rivadávia Fonseca Neto

    E boa demais

  2. smokikee

    She is sooo good.

  3. Fauxindigo

    I love this song and video! Nina is absolute perfection and the song is the perfect pace. And I love how her under the sheets in the beginning looks like a call back to Volcano Girls.

  4. romanticwarrior97

    "Tonight and the Rest of My Life" was a great album start to finish.

  5. fray008

    nina what the fuck has happened to you/ this is total piss

  6. carb rock.

    I had a dream that I was Nina Gordon's boyfriend and had lost all my body hair.

  7. Ali Kazmi

    ah nina, you need some veruca salt. you bore me with the solo


    There was no solo in the song. Just a recurring guitar hook.

    Ray M.

    @derekmok I think OP meant she was boring to them as a solo artist.

  8. dave runner

    Love me some Nina

  9. malusdarkblade

    How do you evolve from grunge to this? Yes, rest in peace.

  10. Richard Perez

    Great song...a fan from the Veruca Salt days...still have a crush on her  lol


    @Richard Perez Maybe she can sing Seether at people's know, by visiting each one?

  11. ARIESKUB3275

    I love both of Nina's solo albums both were absolutely amazing. I loved that she showed exactly how versatile she can. She can rock with the best of them, but she shows she can also put out quality music like Sarah McLachlan does. I was very shocked to hear Nina go in this direction and I was upset when I heard this. But the more I listened it quickly became one of my favorite albums. As well as Bleeding Heart Graffiti. I am also happy she and Louise buried the hatchet reunited and are working on a new Veruca Salt album. I hope they go back to the 8 Arms to hold you forumla that to me was their best album. 


    Nina mort ou vif.

  13. DJFrederickHart

    The grungy clothes and hair of VS days couldn't hide the beautiful woman. I always thought Nina was gorgeous but this video passes adorable by a million miles!

  14. TheAlistairDick

    The first two lines are toe curling lyrically

  15. avoidmyself

    Nina Gordon POV

  16. Gerry

    takes where Volcano Girls left

  17. ianrast

    In a way, this song reminds me of Number One Blind: it ambles along well, an above average pop song, then in the last third, Gordon makes some small, perfectly judged decision which doesn't sound abrupt but still explodes the song. In Number One Blind, it's the downbeat, snarly chorus kneecapped by how 'morning' is held; here it's the 'I won't feel bad at all'. She just has the uncanniest knack for giving her songs a charge you don't see coming.

    Video could still do with less crotch grabbing

  18. Pickinbuddy

    I just LOVE the feeling this song captures...
    Nina's HOT!

  19. TittyClamps

    I love this song.

  20. tomata182

    this album was great, her newest one kinda was lame! she went to political and preachy with her weird ass views

  21. Bruce Paproski

    Again those lyrics are exceptional...this talent is underexposed.....yeah!

  22. Scott Nelson

    Video reminds of Belinda Carliasle. Yikes. Good tune though. Miss Veruca Salt though

  23. blink56k

    I see what you mean. Maybe I was being a little too harsh, lol.

  24. blink56k

    "I'm not trying to say I don't want to live , 'cause I do...."

    I like the song melodically, but that's really is lazy lyrical writing, a far cry from "you can't fight the seether" or asking Levolor to be your blind.

  25. tadeuvi

    whoa im not one of those fans who hates comercial videos and i still really enjoy nina gordon but this must be the most artificial video ive ever seen, tonight and the rest of my life comes in second =/

  26. LincTexPilot

    This video is so HOT!!! Damn, she looks so good. LOL....I used to have the same Buick! (but not a convertible)

  27. catnipmatador

    this nearly makes me be sick
    like the nwa cover though

  28. hephaestus85

    TOTALLY i was like wtf...

  29. Floskeknosk

    She has such a talent that it frightenes me! Seriously, everything Nina has done is just great!! All the best to her!

  30. Alex Moreau

    she can't cause she's gonna go out with ME! :)

  31. novaescion

    I've never heard Veruca Salt, but it doesn't sound like the kind of group that would put out bland, lovey soft rock like this. This sounds ready for the middle-aged mom crowd, no offense to them.

  32. animalroxanna

    the sound is crap but it's a good clip and song

  33. AoshiShinomori

    I hope you're not serious about VS sucking. I agree Nina's stuff is pretty rad, but in no way is VS bad now. With Nina gone, Louise did the best she could. They don't have the dual harmonies anymore, but the fun 'rock the fuck out' quality is still there. I thought IV was their best album.

    ..Although Louise no longer looks youthful and Nina still looks wonderful. :D

  34. Skot

    I wish I had like 5 minutes with her

  35. essex03

    I think she is sexy as hell and cute as a button.
    The song has a great hook and I would LOVE to see her and Louise get back together and tour one more time. Doubt it will ever happen though.

  36. Sarah V

    oh yeah lol

  37. Sarah V

    hey, you're the one being arrogant. nina gordon is straight. she loves guys. that's why this song is about her being in love with a guy. get over it. if you want to write a song about being in love with a guy, go right ahead and i won't accuse you of being arrogant for not using neutral words.

  38. Sarah V

    that part at the end where she had to explain herself was very lame. probably to prevent lawsuits from crazy overprotective parents.

  39. Maddi W

    why has she done this?!?!

  40. Tim Lieder

    Well that makes sense in a way. Especially since all the clips feature men pretty much show her about to perform fellatio on them.

  41. eltsc

    Damn, I'm officially addicted to this song. I can't stop listening to it!

  42. animalroxanna

    bad clip, nice song

  43. talea100

    Of COURSE the song is ironic. Hilariously so. It's practically a parody of all the stupid boy-crazy songs most female pop artists put out.

  44. Kevin Ang

    yeah its like two different nina gordon under the rug

  45. animalroxanna

    The video is not very good but the song is awesome

  46. robbielex

    I hope she liked it and appreciated how you felt about it.

  47. Christopher Tulip

    Is good. Not as good as her VS stuff, but I guess she isn't trying to aim her solo stuff to the same crowd...?

  48. OneInAJillian

    This is definetely NOT a negative comment, just an observation. Go watch the Seether video, then watch this....what a change! I know they were done like a decade apart, but WOW!, she looks so different. Anyways, besides that Nina is awesome, was awesome and will ALWAYS be awesome. ;)

  49. thevelmas

    amazingly good song. silly lyrics, but catchy as hell. the video, not so much.

  50. Austin Riva

    NINA is the greatest artist ever. True story

  51. Fabiola Quiroa.

    wtf? what happened to her?

  52. joh2


  53. Master Debater

    I dunno about anyone else.I liked Veruca Salt but I always wanted to hear Nina doing more mellow stuff. I LOVE this song and I also love the album. It doesn't suit the hardcore Veruca Salt crowd but who cares

    Eddie The Head

    Hey old comment guy