Nile - Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten Lyrics

I Hath Dreamed Black and Grim, Desolate Visions
Of the Pre-Human Serpent Folk and Communed with Long-dead Reptiles.
Silently Watching Through the Ages in Cold, Curious Apathy.
The Unending Sorrows and Suffering of an Abysmal Humankind.

I Dare Not Again Surrender to the Deep Sleep Which Ever Beckons Me.
Lest I in Dread.
Shudder at the Nameless Things.
That May at this Very Moment.
Be Crawling and Lurking.
At the Slimy Edges of My Conciousness.
Slithering Forth from the Bowels of Their Infernal Pits.
Worshipping Their Ancient Stone Idols and Carving Their Own Detestable Likenesses On Subterranean Obelisks of Blood-soaked Granite.

I Await the Day When the Claws of Doom Shall Rise.
To Drag Down in Their Reeking Talons the Weary and Hopeless Remnants of a Jaded, Decayed, War-despairing Mankind.
Of a Day When the Earth Shall Open Wide and the Black, Bottomless, Yawning Abyss Engulfs the Arrogant Civilizations of Man.
Chthonic Retribution Shall Ascend.
Amidst Universal Pandemonium and Those Who Slither and Crawl Shall Rise Again Once More to Inherit the Earth.

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Nile Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten Comments
  1. DBehnam

    impressive intro riff combined with drumming

  2. jodel yokel

    my favorite nile song. i love'em "slow" and stompy like that

    is there a band that sounds like this for most of their records? i know about slam metal but this is different you know?

    Rubber WalrusProtector

    Check out Mortician. Does not disappoint in the slow stompy fuckin caveman riffs department. Also Undergang is another

  3. Mexicodebauchary

    The music of my youth

  4. Pavle Bosnić

    what else to you want from metal?

  5. blazeandcyrus

    This is just incredible, I never get tired of Nile, they just seem to sound better and better. AOTW is a full out ass kicking! Love it

  6. konstantine sharvashidze

    This is eargasm.

  7. Mortuus Mutilator

    3:54 - 6:10
    Hands down

  8. Snow Fangs

    i think he needs a hug.

  9. Jason Good


  10. Kyle Ankney

    loooove you guys fuckin epic shit!!!

  11. Punker1848

    On a scale from 1 to brutal this is a horde of t-rex on coke

  12. Merv

    'of unspeakable cults'
    why is this german?
    Nile is from usa and sing about egypt, so why german?

    Hendrik Gaida

    Weil es geil ist. Meddl


    W-questions suck...

    Setepenre Psamtik

  13. 真紅 ヒステリー

    Been listening Nile for years.
    And holy fuck, this is so Erotic.

  14. Enrique Tachias

    Damn this song is fucking devouring my brain 🤟🏻🔥🤟🏻🔥☠️🎱 fucking Nile is the shit!!!!

  15. Vortic

    Vikings are for pussies. Real metal needs more egyptian mythology.

  16. None Ya

    Always thought it'd be funny if karl Sanders had worn a kernel Sanders mask during a show.

  17. Cliff the Pirate

  18. mehtaab sandhu

    Morbid angel gave them the gateways to annihilation. They took off pretty well rather, from there on forth. AmaZing work done. Nile will always be the best with experiments. Superb sound and a beautifully laid lyrical theme.

  19. Geneci Candido

    Muito foda

  20. Troy Lee

    If music were women, I wouldn't take Nile home to meet my mom, but I would definitely call her when I wanted my brains fuckkedd out.

  21. Fellipe

    3:52 evil part

  22. 44bobito


  23. konstantine sharvashidze

    damn this gives me goosebumps! amazing track!

  24. natalie

    Von unaussprechlichen Kulten = from unspeakable cults


    from unpronounceable* cults

  25. Loren Detienne

    Jesus Fucking Christ this is heavy.

  26. David Haken

    Waaaaaaaaa... I love this fucking [email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected]@!!!

  27. K.C. LeJeune

    Nile rules all, conquers all, destroys all.

  28. 100 000 inscritos sem nenhum vídeo

    3:53 and onwards is fucking jaw-dropping.

  29. çelikten kılıç


  30. Mo'mina Makin

    This is so ancient and grandiose I love it

  31. Redbeard McGinger

    dislikes? wtf are you even doing here!

    Dr. Obvious

    getting sacrificed to the great old ones.


    They are looking for their mothers probably!😀

  32. Sinix Thrash

    7:30 eso si que es bien oscuro

  33. Possienke

    lovecraft could not be better transfered from, text into sound. Perfect.

    Isaac Zaladar

    Possienke one word:PORTAL

    Vern Acular

    Possienke Wormphlegm

    Hendrik Gaida

    Sulphur aeon

  34. Deefihs

    One of the most compelling guitar solos I've ever heard

  35. Stoner-Hadrig

    Dis is soo heavy that my shit is evolving into da oink oink meat!

    Iron Maiden

    Your name is perfect

  36. Panntasatan

    3:57 to 4:25 sound just like celtic frost to mega therion: Innocence And Wrath!

  37. Coldwelth Simms

    It's just so.....brutal

  38. michel marquez

    Mi tema favorito del Annhilation!!!

  39. Rafael Agosto


  40. Xavier STG

    6:00-7:10 best part.

  41. Alex Ferus

    this is the heaviest metal band I've heard \m/


    +Alex Ferus is this a troll post? :D

    Alex Ferus

    wtf dude i do not ,fuck you !!!

    R K

    Ay, man. Look into Septicflesh, Anaal Nathrakh, and Gojira. Grief is also a classic if you like slower, more sludge type of heavy.

    Vern Acular

    Arachnotaur - Speweth Forth Magmatic Annihilation, is the heaviest song I've found, themesong to the end of the world even. The whole album is digusting.

    None Ya

    Alex Ferus by far

  42. Alex Ferus

    Metal rules!!\m/

  43. MrThrashmetal13

    I Love Karl Sanders' low gutteral vocals!! you can definitely tell the difference between him and Dallas' vocals

    Ayman Nooh

    Yes definitely Dallas is better

    Wabbajack Wabbajack

    I like his sound better but he also sucks at staying on time

    Todd Taylor

    Forever i always thought it was the other way around lol


    @Todd Taylor Jon Vesano also did lead vocals.

  44. Sgt. Hoegrinder

    i am german and.... what the fuck is an "unaussprechlicher kult"? google translator? :D
    but its an amazing song!!


    @xXlelEinBeautyBunkerHDTVLPXBlog114 Xx "Unaussprechlichen Kulten" is the name of a fictional book that appears in the Chtulhu Mythos by H.P. Lovecraft.


    +xXlelEinBeautyBunkerHDTVLPXBlog114 Xx ich habs! es ist fight club!

    Alex Ferus

    +Käpt'n Coke well its not English idk


    @Alex Ferus it doesn't even make sense in german! and i'm native german!

    Butts Butts

    "The Unpronouncable Cults"

  45. Don'tCallMeStupid

    How the fox do you pronounce This? But GOD that intro!!!!

    Carla McCujo

    +AsbestosTuba39 Ask a German native speaker :)

    Azazel Acheron

    +AsbestosTuba39 Uun ou (ouch) sprech (Germanic guttural) lich (another Germanic guttural) in. Hope that helps

    Marten Brookes

    Fon (pronounced fast, like won) uunous- (the "ou" is pronounced like in "OUnce) -shprechli- (short "i", like in "hit") -chen (the two "ch"s are a sound you dont really have in english, better google how to pronounce it, I dont know how to describe it...) Ku- (the "u" like in Ultimate) -lten ("en" like ENd, also the "en" in unaussprechlichEN)

    Marten Brookes

    +Marten Brookes dont know why everything's crossed out, sorry

  46. PerpetualBurn27

    Those sweeps are so fu**ing sick! 



  47. onkeldunkel665

    Von Junzt was right, these cults are indeed unpronouncable.

  48. m82a1light50cal

    From the lyrics it sounds like this is about "The Doom That Came To Sarnath"


    Read the lyrics again, this is about the rise of the Islamic State lol

    Matthew Galloway

    @MrTubularBalls have you ever read lovecraft? the title even gives it away. deep sleep, nameless things, claws of doom... It's definitely Cthulhu Mythos inspired.


    @Matthew Galloway I know, just joking. "Slithering Forth from the Bowels of Their Infernal Pits" made me think of ISIS somehow lol

  49. John Wayne Gacy

    No way, what a incredible growl by Toler Wade, i never heard voice like this.



    Azazel Acheron

    +buukaczi So sayeth the illiterate moron. What's funny is your argumentum ad populum affects us in the least...


    omg I wrote it like a year ago ;/ get a life ponytail loser


    +buukaczi a year ago but still the same pony tail reference. Shouldn't you be watching some lil Wayne or some other cookie cutter music? better yet, keep listening to the metal, maybe you'll quit being such a dickbag....


    years pass and my comment is still effective :3

  50. Der magere Klabautermann

    4:27 goosebumps

  51. Cole Blake

    go to settings put the song to .5 speed and woaaaah

  52. OmegaLuma

    7:30 The breakdown to end all breakdowns.

  53. HiveBeresrker

    I miss how heavy and powerful their sound used to be.  I hope their their next album packs a punch like this.

    Mano Gueto

    @Xavier STG Just no, it's a regular album. Nile has lost its essence since Ithyphallic.


    @Mano Gueto I agree. As a huge Nile fan, I think Unearthed beats Sethu but I'd be so, SO, happy if they got back to this really dark, deep and transcendent sound.

    Mano Gueto

    @Sarithus I feel the same.


    @Mano Gueto but to be honest I forgot to add in my comment that Nile, imo, still had their much of their essence in Those Whom the Gods Detest. So I'd say the decline (not a terrible decline, but a decline nonetheless) started at Sethu.

    Mano Gueto

    @Sarithus TWTGD is a good album but it's when they began to be extremely fast and less atmospheric.

  54. KIMetal

    Far too impressed with the drumming. Amazing.

  55. Isaac Halley


  56. Jason Williams

    Or that that's one of the most beautiful guitar solos I've ever heard? They ended their best show with this song and the self titled track of the album, right before it in January 2006. I'll never forget it :)

    Grant Steffy, Jr.

    Agreed! One of the best guitar solos of I have ever listened too! All of that considering those of Dimebag, Randy Rhodes, Zack Wylde, Kirk Hammett, Marty Friedman, David Gilmour, Hendrix, and many others. Karl Sanders and Dallas Toler-Wade are EXTREMELY gifted musicians! \m/

  57. Wyatt W

    The riff is good, but the song would be better without the damn cliche death metal voice, which prevents me from enjoying the Lovecraft references.

    Adam D.G

    @Wyatt Wilmot uhm i dont even want to imagine how terrible this song would be with clean vocals. Clean vocals + that drumming and those guitars ? I dont think so.

    Jayson Higgins1301

    +Wyatt Wilmot your an ass. dallas toler-wade happens to be one of the most well known and greatest vocalists in death metal


    Wyatt Wilmot damn cliche death metal voice? you're listening to death metal, idiot, not country

    Vern Acular

    Wholeheartedly disagree with everything you feel about the juxtaposition of rock vocals and death metal vocals. They are an acquired taste, sure, but I can't listen to rock vocals at all because they're grating; the "incomprensibility" so to say of death metal, or any extreme metal, vocals allows me to more listen to the vocals as another instrument, with the same intensity of any of the other musicians. My path in exploring metal went all the more extreme with respect to vocals the more I progressed. To the extent that I'd rather now hear extreme vocals, or foreign lyrics, or no vocalist at all, purely instrumental music, when I listen to music now.

    Wise Ferret

    Why the fuck are you comparing apples to oranges? Nile has one of the best vocalists of the death metal scene. If you don't listen to death metal, why the fuck are you listening to Nile?

  58. my name is too long so I’ll just write this instead

    Am I the only one who gets chills listening to the lyrics after the solo? I dunno, fuckin Dallas sounds god like. I love it.


    you've got the right idea

  59. malmstrethai

    I know, i was just being a bitch lol

  60. Adam D.G

    interesting, didn't know that, but my comment was mainly about Nile

  61. malmstrethai

    most of the time i'd agree with you, but the lyrics for this song are derived from HP Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos, it's pretty much their only song NOT based on Egyptian mythology

  62. BannanaOfDoom

    I like the moment where it goes DONG in a guitar riff with the lyrics timed to it more.

  63. Adam D.G

    Nile have the most amazing theme. Egypt for the win !

  64. jo zoomaz

    az vill aie

  65. KickassNosepass

    first time i heard that final bellow at 7:02 , the only words i could say were 'holy fuck'

  66. A. G.

    4:46 - 6:10. Holy shit on a stick.

    Now I must visit the pyramids myself to carve the tablatures of these solos into their walls.

  67. Kannibaalikani

    i think dat solo with unas slayer of the gods solo is nile's best solos

  68. Cole Blake

    Damn so heavy

  69. Pranster Bovice

    I wish i could go back to the night they played 2 one hour sets in lad Vegas and see them again. That shit wad so epic. Fucking Nile!!

  70. jbscornerstore

    I have thought that for a while, I still love em' none the less, but I certainly agree with you.

  71. Lightbringer

    The lyrics are about reality, it seems that reptilians actually rule this planet

  72. Justin Smith

    These guys are so fucking flawless

  73. LordStormcrow

    Actually it was created by Robert E. Howard and was mentioned in his stories revolving around the Cthulhu Mythos. Lovecraft later mentions the book in his own works as well.

  74. Lord Selvmord

    lol wtf, die.

  75. phos4usredeemer


  76. TheApparitionMetal

    this song is so WICKED/EPIC/AWESOME !!!!!

  77. HiveBeresrker

    Impale yourself.

  78. Sean Bean


  79. Lightbringer

    stop comparing urine with nile you fucking poser

  80. koldslaw

    Please do not hurt uself. Drown ure Nile in blood

  81. Felipe Núñez

    good troll ;)

  82. ben foster

    Fucking scene poser

  83. GenMVeers

    I just realised that the last verse spoils the ending of a certain meta-horror movie that came out in 2011 ;)

  84. AestheticBiker82

    That's usually how it works in metal. They have to suffer and starve for people to like them. If they reach a modicum of success they're "sell-outs" and "tools", as you said.

  85. Saint Michael The Holy One

    The outro makes me picture myself walking through a large cathedral full of the rotting corpses of hundreds of Nazi officers hanging and crucified to the walls

  86. Neta Bolt

    that drum beginning is realy scary and gives me nightmares. This is just so wondefull. Finally dreaming about egypt! I like this song but realy, this beginning gives me chills.
    BONG!.. Silent .. BONG! .. Silent.. Bong!! Then the riff.. YEAH!!
    Nile always be my favorite Death Metal band.

  87. Azazel Acheron

    The title comes from H.P. Loivecraft. It is one of the grimoires that sorcerers, and magi use to summon the old ones, namely Cthulhu, Hastur, Nyarlathotep, etc. It doesn't exist. Lovecraft invented it.

  88. Matt Weismiller

    Has two possible translations, could always mean 'Of [the] nameless cults'.

  89. tom vd bussche

    german for "unspeakable"

  90. Caleb Frey

    Its better the bands are underrated because if they werent. Wed probally be saying theyre tools.

  91. TheCruul

    Not the only but one of the best :-)

  92. Ivan Bićanić

    dude..this whole genre i with it :(

  93. Niggward Tentacles


  94. mmurph59

    ok, what the fuck is blessthefuckingfaggotfall doing on the suggested list in a nile song, lock those posers up in the boy's basement!!!!