Nile - SSS Haa Set Yoth Lyrics

Lurking Among Us Hidden in Obscurity,
Descended from the Dawn of the Ages,
The Children of Yig And Set,
Serpent Volk.
Whose Civilaztions were Ancient,
Long Dead And Forgotten
Before The Eldest Pyramids were Built.
Man Was Not the First
To Walk Upright Upon the Earth.

Cruel, Pitiless, of a Cunning Mind.
Unwilling to Relinguish Dominion of the Earth.
They Are Cold, Knowing No Remorse.
They hath Made UnWitted Slaves of a Blinded Humanity.

They walk amongst us Unseen,
Possessing Empty Human Shells.
Consumed by a Reptile Mind,
Reveling in Sodomy and Rape
And Unspeakable Horrors Exacted Nightly Through
Astral Dreamscape Manipulation.

They Feed on Human Suffering.
They crave the Despairing of Man.
They Prey upon Those who are weak,
The Young whose minds are Innocent,
And those grown Weary and Exhausted
In a Decadent Civilization.

Cruel, Pitiless, of a Cunning Mind.
Unwilling to Relinguish Dominion of the Earth.
They Are Cold, Knowing No Remorse.
They hath Made UnWitted Slaves of a Blinded Humanity.

Seemingly Lost in Meditation,
Their Cold Eyes
Stare Sightlessly into Nothingness.
But they are not there.
Nay, they hath Left their slithering forms,
Lurking, Skulking, Crawling on the Astral Plane,
Stealthily Defiling Forever the unwary minds
Of those who Sleep Unguarded.
Committing Perverse Acts of Torment,
Violent Sexual Atrocities
Of Which None Dare Speak,
Once they Have Been Awakened.

And thus they keep us Ever Subjugated,
Hopeless, Fearful
And despairing in the Deep Hidden Abysses of our Souls.
Helpless, Unable to Escape the Unending Quiet Desperation.
We have Been Broken down
Conditioned to Accept Unconscious Slavery.

SSS Haa Set Yoth.
[Repeat 8x]

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Nile SSS Haa Set Yoth Comments
  1. omae wa mou, shindeiru

    Buying my Annihilation of the Wicked copy in Japan was totally worth it

    Bianca Diana

    Am jelly

  2. Deify Striker

    This is my absolute favorite Nile Song,... It is a mixture of technical death metal with Egyptian melodic lines.. with this intro and outro it is a true gift for the people who listen to this genre! Many Thanks!!

  3. Geoff Sayre

    That outro figuratively and literally blew my mind, I'd listen just to the end on repeat if someone made that into a video.

    Setepenre Psamtik

    Reminded me a bit of Unas, Slayer of the Gods or User-Maat-Re

  4. my name is too long so I’ll just write this instead

    The best part of Karl Sanders- An Effective Exorcism Against Azagthoth and his Emerserries into one of the greatest tech death songs ever written (or at least by Nile)
    This song, with or without the chanting intro, has EVERY element for the perfect death metal song. It's too good. Hail Nile and of course Karl. They are absolute geniuses.

    Diego Atilla Boyaci


  5. Jared Washington

    The intro is so fucking awesome.


    the outro is even better lol

  6. Joe

    "Buy 'A Most Effective Excorcism against Azagoth and his Emissaries'
    Wtf Jewtube?

  7. Imperivm

    love what you did for this track. and what a great track!

  8. S91/30

    This song is so fucking amazing.

  9. mutanay77

    Holy fuck man, that ending is so fucking brutal that words are an understatement. \m/

    John Wayne Gacy

    Nice profile picture man 🤘

  10. Neta Bolt

    they must done this as normal track! its a good song! i can do it like that, i play this song on audacity and then put it on my itunes in the Nilealbum and then name it '..(Bonus Track)' otherwise i missing a good son though. Its a good song but Usermaatre is always my favorite.

  11. xJMAN07x

    @Warscythe99 I know right? I HATE bonus tracks... just release it on ALL editions or not at all, seriously.

  12. Tim G

    Omg, haven't heard before! Outro = eternal orgasm

  13. ScowlRegis

    SSS = Super Sayan Sanders

  14. mitsay

    So much brutal! Best Death Metal band, no doubt about it

  15. Sacred Serpent

    SSSSSS haaaa SET yothhhh

  16. Sacred Serpent

    @VakarianGarrus This music is timeless. A fucking masterpeice at the least.

  17. rbarreira2

    Great idea!

  18. EnemyofMan

    FUCK YEA!! I'm glad you uploaded this. I thought about doing the exact same thing when I heard the song off of Saurian Exorcisms. Nice job man.

  19. Ananthrk

    awesome shit \m/