Nile - Sacrifice Unto Sebek Lyrics

Sebek, Sochet, Suchos.
Dread Lord of the Marsh.
He Who Crawleth Amongst the Sacred Waters.
And Devoureth the Flesh of That Which is Sacrificed unto Him.

Tua Ashemu. Tua Ashemu.
Rekhes Au Sebek. Rekhes Au Sebek.
Tua Ashemu. Tua Ashemu.

Sebek, Neter, Ashemu.
Whose Teeth Rendeth and Teareth With Terrible Violence.
Restore the Eyes of the Dead.
Collect Their Skulls.
Join Their Bones Together Again.

Lord of the Temple of the Mount of Sunrise.
Open the Way unto the Underworld.
Cause the Dead to Rise to New Life.
Bring the Child Horus upon the Throne of Osiris.

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Nile Sacrifice Unto Sebek Comments
  1. Packers 12

    There is no doubt this song causes the dead to rise to new life..

  2. Vincent Roman

    60 people will be sacrificed unto Sebek. Or have their carcasses consumed in the desert.

  3. Doomguy 7777777787

    And some people think dragonforce is the fastest metal band in the world

  4. Nigel Proctor

    my sister is watching the wiggles and this is somehow in the same kay, guessing a major or minor

  5. ThatOneChickk


  6. TheAlmondChannel

    Tomb Kings campaign in Total Warhammer II goes well with Nile

  7. Meta Borg

    aghuri, you have the right to eat all italians of the world.

  8. rey250887

    To enjoy brutal death metal like nile I usually imagine in my mind a war between titans of egypt


    Holy shit awesome. First time listener here. Im a cradle of filth and decapitated fan. But this is well cool. Great instrument mastery, riffing and catchy heaviness.

  10. Antonio García

    Ramses loves this song

  11. Corey Chatelain

    Sacrifice Unto Sebek? They Should've Hit & Run Unto Sebek.

  12. nick sobek

    My anthem

  13. Darylict

    1:15 Stupid guitar, it's cat poo.

  14. Epitaph

    I hope they had used intro riff more, and the cong in it. Hail Nile.

  15. ExhumedButcher


  16. Ramses Bringer of War

    I'm so glad I stumbled upon Nile one day.
    My favorite Metal band by far!

  17. Ralph G.

    The best.

  18. nikon d3200

    Lashed to the slave stick great


    1:31 mega brutal

  20. קובי לוי


  21. diet water

    Okay this is epic.

  22. Kahn

    boy I just love to come home and recieve a load of black dick while listening to this song my egyptian boyfriends love Nile!

    suicide hound

    based and kangpilled

  23. Ed Ho


  24. Your Mom

    I was jamming to this, then satan appeared in my room. I'm scared.

  25. Xander Collier

    0:59 do not eat the syrup! Do not eat the syrup! With the frosted flakes! With the frosted flakes!

    Matija Cale


    Justified Corn

    Best lyric comment on a music vid ever

  26. Panzerfaust 991

    this is fucking apocalypse..

  27. Jaaa Haha gaga

    All hail nile

  28. Meta Borg

    all kings deserve to be under the ritual of sebek

  29. Fred dog

    this song is too good! God damn

  30. alexander ferus

    Awesome metal music🤘🏻💀🤘🏻

  31. ‎vitutuksen multihuipennus

    Probably my favorite song from Nile and one of the best intros ever!

  32. José Hernández

    Brutalidad humana , lo mas pesado sale del monstruoso death fucking metal ,awante nile!!

  33. dzyndzylyndzyn

    Sebix, hehe

  34. Lizard Skin

    Madonna Sebek che bestie

    Luca Fogli

    Sei fantastico

    Luca Fogli

    Ce in una canzone con 200 commenti ho trovato tafazzi che scrive troiate

  35. Edison Quintana

    I used to think this album was mediocre... I'm so glad I grew up and realized this is one of the most brutal, technical and agressive music I've ever heard

    Blake Hatcher

    Edison Quintana eat more beans

    Russell Mcgurn

    Whoa! You had a serious brain fart. Im glad you were able to air out the ole noggin! This lp slays!

    Stephen Craig

    Same! I listened today for the first time in a decade, and was blown away.

  36. Power Tera


  37. Equinox Paradox

    Knew the song from before, came back on behalf of Petsucho <3

  38. Xam271

    Playing Assassin's Creed Origins while listening to Nile.


    It does suit

    Adam Mickiewicz

    wait, this comment is 2 years old and you already knew about AC Origins?
    damn... the time goes fast

  39. David Stoker

    The guitar tone is nasty as fuck.

  40. Fox Moulder

    how can sebek help but be pleased

  41. Beckoning Oblivion

    Usually a problem I find with death metal is that songs often overstay their welcome, but Nile does it right. Not too short but not too long. Just right.

  42. çelikten kılıç

    Nile is always 100% pure perfection.
    My no.1 favorite band of all time.
    There is none better.

  43. CrazyDave C

    Save us some Nachos
    Shed loads of Mirch (chilli)
    He who Cook up an Impressive Madras For Us
    And Delivereth the Food of Which Smells So Nice - Unto Here!

    To us a Menu, To us a Menu
    Madras I select, Madras I select
    Choosing is Simple, Chewing is Heat!

    Save us From Phall or Vindaloo
    Whose Cheeks Burneth and Teareth with Terrible Violence
    Restore the Eyes to the Head
    Collect Their Skulls
    Join Their Nanns Together Again

    Lord of the Toilet of the Month at Sunrise
    Out of the Way! Undo the Underwear!
    Cause the Day to Rise with New Life
    Bring the Violent Curse upon the Throne - oh it's Serious! :D

  44. Dexter J

    just saw nile at the hawthorne theatre and it was terrrrrible. ive waited most of my life to see nile play and they arent even the same band in any way. its just karl sanders and a bunch of high school kids, it should be "karl sanders plays nile" and before anybody starts in about how he wrote most of the riffs i dont give a fuck it was still downright the worst metal show ive ever seen

    Hugo Juan


    eres golosa y glolotona

    çelikten kılıç

    Dexter J Fuck you. You do not understand anything about Nile. Nile is the greatest band ever. No one ever comes close. Period!

    Teddy Fuse

    I've seen Nile at Summer Slaughter a couple of years ago and it was one of the best Metal shows I've been to. Their playing was on point and the energy was crazy. It was an amazing experience. Sorry to hear that you've had a bad experience.


    Probably because hawthorne is a trash venue. I wish they'd quit playing there

  45. Kaine O'Brien

    This is some straight up fucking brutal stuff right here, love it!

  46. Professional Name

    That riff at 1:31 is absolutely unholy


    you should learn it, its not hard compared to the rest of the song


    That one came from Chuck Schuldiner's vein for sure. Fuckin brutal!


    0:59 is hellish

  47. LordGwynn

    songs too short :(


    Most Nile songs are very long so I think Sacrifice unto Sebek is a nice piece to balance it out. In my opinion, its length is perfect. The riffs are made with this short length in mind.

  48. Neon Panda

    I came 4 times listening to this song

    Thomas Bernser

    They're jerking it really hard in this one. Nice for you.

    I keep cramping up trying to recreate drumgasm one.

    Sanada 真田Yukimura 幸村

    Neon Panda its one of "those songs"...

  49. spaghetti

    1:31 - 1:44
    This part basically makes this entire song

    Alex Ferus

    i love the hole song thou ,so Metal \m/ Metal as fuck this album is


    Overrated headbang there o.o

    Gabriel Marcelo

    indeed my friend, this part gives me goosebumps


    Those octave chords tho


    Intro/outro part makes this song. They should had used those riffs more.

  50. SigMonolith

    jahannam wait 25 people

  51. Nikola Andonovski

    1:44 you knocked the tampon of the octosaurus 


    @Nikola Andonovski jajajajjajajajaja fucking genius.

    Rey Praning

    +Nikola Andonovski lmfao.... fvck you.... :D :D i cant stop laughing.... hahaha...

    Marko Ristic

    +Nikola Andonovski aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :D



    Fenris Hexenhammer

    I still cannot unhear this.

  52. Becka Barreto

    Amo! <3

  53. Christian Krüger

    0:39 He who crawleth amongst the sacred pop tarts....cannot unhear this

    Michelle Lehky

    - And Defiles the coffee!
    All out midgets, sacrifice! Unto him!

    Lord Caim

    What the hell...

    Bad Omen

    2:01 pop tarttttttt startssss

    Josh Lasky

    Fuck lol

    Putrid Abomination

    Oh shit I can't unhear it lololol

  54. Spencer Nelson

    George Kollias is a beast

    do u kno de wae

    Jorge Alex Cerda Duarte what

  55. Homer Simpson

    That "Do a circle" comment is funny!

  56. Michael A.

    SCREAMER BULLSHIT .. nothing more

    Dave Giard

    Wtf does that even mean? Go back into your hole.

    Joeylo-Master of Welfare

    And you have a Dimmu Borgir profile picture. Don't get me wrong I like them but damn man.

  57. koldslaw

    Fuck u. NAPALM DEATH

    Blake Hatcher

    koldslaw napalm death suck

  58. Schr. SHR


  59. Wolf K

    technical death metal. Lots of breakdowns and a more complex chord progression.

  60. Wilford Brimley


  61. danyjoms13


  62. Mikołaj Żytkiewicz


  63. koldslaw

    I think the Jean Michell Jarre would agree.

  64. Fariz Adnan

    This is Nile's best song.........

  65. TheMadAvenger

    THIS IS BRUTAL DEATH METAL!!! \\m// Not Deathcore

  66. Sean Bean

    why do you exist?

  67. mamatjunit

    happy new year brother!!

  68. mamatjunit

    guess you are right. no worries i did not wanted to offend you with my previous comment of course :)

  69. mamatjunit

    have you ever been in their concert? if you watch them carefully you will fully realize how fucking technical they are. speak to george kolias if you dont beleive me

  70. Mixen9408

    See them the 13.12.12 in Århus with Kreator and Morbid Angel. They started out with this, so it is was a fucking great show, but the crappy sound destroyed alot of expirence. \m/

  71. Alex Marmaduke

    0:30-0:32 drum heaven.

  72. YaBoiFetz

    This is awesome!!!

  73. koukouroukou12345

    nathan explosion on vocals

  74. religiousabuse

    why do i read comments i am not going to find anyhing good

  75. TheTwilightTavern

    Now entering killzone mode.

  76. Rod Bec

    nah, that's more like black-gore metal \m/

  77. Ryan Kober

    god no, listen to some barney sing alongs, that is the true death metal right their.

  78. Neel Joshi

    Oh shut up, you elitist dumbass.
    Before you say anything, I dislike 90% of Deathcore.

  79. Malentor

    I lol'd

  80. Rod Bec

    are you both dumb or what? the jonas brothers are so heavy, hard and metal, they should change their names to the tungsten brothers!

  81. maggot1234

    what the fuck is this top comment ?

  82. horriblequin

    in one direction are the motherfuckers wall of death!!!

  83. allhailmonster

    Fucking really?! One Direction?! Now THAT is poser metal. Let's put One Direction in a Justin Bieber mosh pit and see how long they last!

  84. allhailmonster

    Shhhh...somebody will react hahaha!

  85. Matt Lothe

    When I "claim" he doesn't exist, it's relative to my beliefs.

  86. allhailmonster

    This shit is pussy ass metal. Go listen to something truly heavy like Justin Bieber.

    Xander Collier


    Putrid Abomination

    Justin Bieber is more Progressive Slam with Hip Hop and Grindcore influences.

  87. John Williams

    I played with satan....and after losing my conscience, doing 7 years in prison starting at 17 years old I am boo longer in that fuckers playground...however I do love what REALLY matters....the talent that lies in Nile

  88. Matt Lothe

    And not a single fuck was given that day.

  89. Matt Lothe

    I'm actually atheist, so technically he doesn't exist.

  90. SutureObsession

    Satan is your father, your mother, and your friend. You commune with him on a daily basis.

  91. SutureObsession

    You'd play nicely with Santiago and Francis in the big house.

  92. SutureObsession

    Those skidmarks in their underwear turn those bull queers on.

  93. SutureObsession

    I like metalheads, they give good head in prison .

  94. SutureObsession

    Shh, you'll wake the baby...

  95. Metagontia

    Hehe, did I upset you? Good.

  96. Metagontia

    Fuck off thekickassdrummer. We're sick of your shit.

  97. Aurora

    That's not what Jesus would do.