Nile - Cast Down The Heretic Lyrics

Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones.
Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs.
Thy Nose Shall be Split.
Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown.
Ra-Harmakhis Destroyeth Thee.
He Damneth Thee and Driveth Hooks into Thy Body.
Isis Sayeth in Mighty Voice,
"The Number of Thy Days are Cut Short.
Thy Bones are Broken to Splinters Thy Vertebrae are Severed."
Horus Hammereth Thy Head.
The Sons of Heru Smash You with Their Blows.

Thou Art Decimated by Their Violence.
Thou Fallest Backwards as Thou Retreateth Like unto Apep.
The Great Company of Gods Gather in Retribution.
They Hath Passed Judgment upon Thee.
They Cast Down Your Heresy.
They Spit Upon Thee and Thy Rebellion And Turn Their Back upon Thee.
Horus Repulseth Thy Crocodile.
Sut Defileth Thy Tomb.
Nephthys Hacketh Thee in Pieces.
The Sons of Horus Speareth Thee.
The Gods Repulse Thee.
The Flame of Their Fire is Against Thee.
Cursed Art Thou, Impaled Thou Art, Flayed Art Thou.
Heretic Thou Art Cast Down.

Blows are Rained upon Thee.
Dismemberment and Slaughter are on Thee.
Thy Crocodile is Trampled under Foot.
Thy Soul is Wrenched from its Shade.
Thy Name is Erased.
Thy Spells are Impotent.
Nevermore Shalt Thou Emerge from Thy Den.
Thy City Armana Lays in Ruin.
Damned Art Thy Accursed Soul and Shadow.
Die O One, which Art Consumed.
Thy Name is Buried in Oblivion.
Silence Covereth Thee and Thy False One.
Down upon Thy Belly.
Be Drowned, Be Drowned, Be Vomited Upon.

The Gods have Pronounced Thy Doom.
They Scorn Thee and Thy False Aten.
The Ancient Ones Turn Their Backs upon Thee.
Thou Art Cast Down, Overthrown.
Thy Reign of Heresy is Ended.
Those Thou Hast Driven Out Have Risen Against Thee.

Cast down the Heretic.
Cast down the Heretic.
Cast down the Heretic.

Khnemu Draggeth Thy Spawn to the Block of Slaughter.
Sick Shalt Thou be at the Mention of Thine Own Name.
Sekhmet Teareth Out Thy Bowels and Casteth Them into Flames.
She Filleth Thine Orifices with Fire.
Uadjit Shutteth Thee in the Pits of Burning.
Nevermore Shall You Breathe or Procreate.
Neither Thy House or Tomb Exist.
Thou Shalt Drive Thy Teeth into Thine Own Body.
Heretic, Thou Art Cast Down.
Overthrown, Ended, Hacked in Pieces, Slaughtered, Butchered.
Ra Hath Made Thoth to Slay Thee Utterly.
Thou Art Cast Down.

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Nile Cast Down The Heretic Comments
  1. Rex Nemorensis

    _SICK shalt thou BE at the MENTION of thine own NAME._

    Favorite line.





  4. G Krueger

    King of all kings - Nile

  5. Mithra Charon

    thx, merci beaucoup

  6. Dwi Ferdiantono

    2019? like this..

  7. YAYVN

    I live only for this moment 3:32

  8. Blickmin75


  9. Luca

    "She Filleth Thine Orifices with Fire." OUCH!

  10. Alberto Ramirez

    O kurwa milordzie

  11. CFerrara _

    still one of the heaviest breaks ever.. dont @ me.

  12. J Rome Melodico

    Sounds like Henker

  13. G_Rios7

    With all due respect to Necrophagist... This song is my response to anything they ever put out.

  14. Slim Steezus

    I can only imagine that the music video would be a mix between the mummy and green inferno

  15. NO BODY


  16. Paloe Gada. CV

    adrenaline is very awakening because the drum blows are really fast, plus the presentation of a meticulous guitar technique.

  17. Skellital Disasembly

    One of my favorite brutal death metal bands

  18. wyngreece7

    this solo section > all slipknot songs combine (i also like slipknot)

  19. Skellital Disasembly

    Who ever hates this song is a Nile-ist

  20. J Rome Melodico

    Sounds like "Henker"

  21. Gregory Fuller

    Truly scary . George kollias . Colonel Sanders.

  22. The Tito TV Show

    I've learned more about Egyptian History and Mythology from Nile than from my history book.

  23. sokan bayülgen

    What a solo

  24. Kentirir

    2:40 Thank my later

  25. peregm

    Damn! this is f***ing war

  26. Got_the_Poison

    Music of the apocalypse, fucking love it...

  27. Shin Igami

    3:34 = EARGASM!!!

  28. Lit Unicorn

    i made some kid in my class listen to this. he fell and hit his head on a table from the start

  29. Orin Paul

    Still one of the most brutal songs mankind has ever conceived.

  30. alexander ferus

    Awesome death metal 🤘🏻 💀🤘🏻🎸 🎸

  31. Sound Sound Conter

    Ooooooooo!!!!! Fucking fast!!!!

  32. Don Vergas

    the best singing dog ever

  33. Κενό Κενό

    Μην ξανοίγεται αυτό σ αφιερώνω .
    Έκανα λάθος .( ♥️) .

  34. Desdenova

    would love to see Mario D T Haake or Lang/Roddy play this

  35. A Kid That Tik Toks

    4:32 i started to kill people

  36. fleshfries

    Came here to listen while fighting Akhenaten in AC Origins :)

  37. oozrenn

    this shit is so relaxing


    the riffs are just as fast as the fucking solos

  39. Idiot Savant


  40. francisco rodriguez

    Anyones who dislikes this masterpiece should get their thumbs severed....

  41. Diego De La Torre

    This used to be the song to pit to back in the day

  42. The Wolfman

    That is what i call a huge song

  43. CountNevaa

    Yeah fuck you Akhenaten

  44. Metalhertz, la webradio metal

    Did they wrote too many verses? I didn't hear at all the verse before the solo, which begins by "The Gods have Pronounced Thy Doom...."

  45. Edison Quintana

    All these "Top 50 Death Metal albums" have no idea!

  46. Edison Quintana

    The Vocals at 0:20 makes it one of the most brutal hell reeking moments of Metal

  47. Jalen Daniels

    HOLY FUCK!!!!!!!!! This has to be one of the fastest death metal songs on planet earth. This is technical music perfection. Pure raw talent on every level.

    Chusm3itor 666

    Jalen Daniels try debauchery primordial anihilator or cult of gore


    Try Archspire LOL


    Try Anaal Nathrakh

  48. The Wolfman

    big size song, impossible to cover

  49. Darlan

    It's rare for me to pause and dislike a song in the first two seconds, but this made it.

  50. xlilxlegendgaming 77

    This bands screaming is fucking garbage

  51. Muna Lama ʚïɞ

    People had leg cancer, hand broke down and throats cancer

  52. Nessuno in Particolare


  53. Nessuno in Particolare


  54. Alien Mesmer

    this was my alarm clock in high school :D

  55. Cloaked Psychonaut

    this song is out of this world

  56. Nick Kapp

    Play the song at 1.25 speed until you get to 4:32 when the slow part starts, put it back at normal, then when the main riff comes back in put it back at 1.25. So fucking brutal it's not even funny.

  57. Chris MacDowell

    My first time seeing Nile was on this tour. Total fucking mayhem. \mmmm/

  58. çelikten kılıç

    Nile is always 100% pure perfection.
    My no.1 favorite band of all time.
    There is none better.

  59. Nicholas Mays


  60. noureddine el otmani

    George Kollias (y)

  61. Etan Jay

    this double kicks !!! Oh man !!! George Kolias takes no prisoners

  62. Metallicapj90

    this song let muy brain fried

  63. Abraham

    I'm sad for those who haven't heard this song, and i pity those who dislike this.
    This is perfection.
    It's rare you find something like this.

  64. Jeffery Darnell

    One of the best extreme metal bands of all time

    Robert Gorczyński

    Jeffery Darnell one of the best guitar solos of all time

  65. razor5cl

    Does anyone know the story in this song? I get it's about Egyptian mythology and a heretic being punished by various different gods(Horus, Isis etc) but what's the significance of the crocodile("Horus repulseth thy crocodile")?


    razor5cl i don't know about the Crocodile, but im quite sure that the heretic was akhenaton, a king that wanted to turn the polytheist religion into a monotheist one (cult of aton - the sun). at his death, every draw, write, statue of this king was destroyed and egypt got back to the standard polytheism. akhenaton had not to be remembered (a sort of latin "damnatio memoriae"). don't take my words as true because i'm not sure about 'em

    enkisea enkidu

    razor5cl I havent read the lyrics to this one recently, but the crocodile is Set, or his spawn. Set is the brother of Horus' father, Osiris. The song 'the papyrus with the spell to protect its wielder from that which is in the water' is about the crocodile and warding against it.

  66. RiderAndKallen

    1:13 I need a physical OMG, split that particle Tom!

  67. Cheyenne Ball

    Fuck Nickleback

  68. Inner 27 of Ra

    Thank you for this.

  69. xXErr4rXx

    i really dislike death metal as a metal fan but this song is great, love the guitar

  70. Retrovirus

    Nile's solo's are very similar in style to Slayer's...

    Mostly awful.

    Martin Lindberg

    Slayer is (or at least was) a brutal Thrash Metal band, it's chaotic, it's raw, it's dirty, it's fast as fuck. Do you think a traditional heavy metal solo would fit in a classic Slayer song? The solos NEED to be chaotic, raw, dirty and fast as fuck otherwise they would be completely out of place. When you first listen to them , they may sound like they make no sense or completely random, but let me tell you they're  not, and they're hard as fuck to play correctly.

    BTW if you think Slayer solos are "bad" because of their chaotic nature, wait till you hear "Pleasure To Kill" or the first Bathory albums.

    Casey Rauch

    Suffocation does it tastefully.


    @Mr. Painless85 To be fair I was a bit harsh on Slayer, a lot of their solos are decent.

    I'm just used to Necrophagist and Obscura solos. Neo-classical masterpieces.


    Slayer's solos may not be technically good but they fit the music IMO.

    Jose Arriaga

    I like the solo on this song...

  71. aldusxenon

    Who are the "73" who dislike this? Can I punch them in the face? You don't dislike NILE!!!!!!!!!

    Fabio GTX

    haha :P maybe :P


    I disliked now, what you gonna do about it.


    slayallthedeamons You're a herb!

    DwarfSroll Freax

    Ariana grande fans discovering metal for the first time hahaha

    White Guy In Black Robes

    aldusxenon they are in de-nile !

  72. Tristan Dawe

    But that 3:30 though..... Amirite!

    Hero Fawkes

    +Tristan Dawe yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees mega!!!!!!!!!


    this entire song is progressively aggressive, listen closely you can hear it build


    @HEADBANGER Aggressive? What? No way Jose... I thought this was a message from my local PBS Station asking for donations to help keep young heretics off the streets of Newport News, VA. Does anyone have the correct link? Help!!


  73. Edison Quintana

    1:20 "Selfieeee"

  74. Alvaro Robles

    injeccion de death metal Uffff death metal siempre

  75. El Ojo Oscuro

    3:33 (Y)

  76. Ed Begley

    on x2 speed song turns into a solid note

  77. Tom Jones

    This solo is sick. I wish I could encase it in gold and hang on a wall in my room.

  78. Michael De Santa

    4:32 Best fucking breakdown ever BRUTAL!!!

  79. Slayer

    are you fucking kidding me? Kafir has exactly the same guitar solo ! Im so disapointed man!

  80. adjklhmntgb

    How much infant blood does one have to gargle to get their voice like this

    A B

    Gargle? CONSUME!!!!

  81. RiderAndKallen

    1:28 "Curse that cow, in her mouth, they all go!"


    Heretic!.... Thou art cast down!!!


    Down upon thy belly!!!

  82. Jari The Sauna Lover

    this song lack of guitar skills, nickelback all the way.

    Wise Ferret

    gibson362 No, Nickelback is psych trance, not dubstep. Silly goose. You have to remix the Nickelback song into Skrillex and throw in some high hats and BAM, Nile.



    Tanchok Dewan

    Is this potato or fries....comments hahaa

    Brenton Cochrane

    Fn' Gorygouse

    A B

    Nihilist Militant
    You win.

  83. AndroxineVortex

    This song never loses an ounce of momentum. So damn heavy and right in your face!

  84. Dago Galeano

    Amazing, my favorite band

  85. ChainMail

    hitler would have won the war if he had learned to shut up and played this song

  86. A Nathrakh

    From 4:40....!\m/!

    Nickelback Is Brutal

    From 0:00 \m/

    Brevyan Singollo

    +A Nathrakh typical Nile "scare music ending..."

  87. EGH666

    10 years later this is still the most kickass technical death metal tune ever

    andrew vincent

    The entire album still blows me away, ten years later!

    J D


    The Undead Werewolf

    EGH666 i thought they were brutal death metal


    It will forever be

    Skellital Disasembly

    EGH666 it’s now been almost 15 years

  88. Adnan rawashdeh

    fuckn kidds bringing Aaron from Infant annihilatior seriously people comparing George with that piece of shit . go check some of his live performances that kid is not even close to what he sound like on his own records ( fkn studio heros & thier pathetic garbage )

    Keycap Happy Mofo

    +adnan rawashdeh Infant Annihilator aren't a bad band at all, Aaron is fucking talented. It's just that I like Nile more

    Keycap Happy Mofo

    +adnan rawashdeh Infant Annihilator aren't a bad band at all, Aaron is fucking talented. It's just that I like Nile more

  89. NeAZ

    Sometimes I wonder what ancient egiptians would think if they could listen to, with properly translated lyrics on a papyrus (obviously), some songs by Nile.

    Sakis Headbanger

    +NeAZ Nice question man!


    I'd like to think they would start an Ancient Mosh Pit....


    They would be lashed to the slave stick? (or was that not the Egyptians?)

    dusty trousers

    hahaha fuck yeah

    Dean T

    this is why we should work on time machines!

  90. Awan

    Atmospheric deathgrind / brutal death metal with keyboards dedicated to Egyptian history.

    Baptiste Faurel

    +Dylan v True true true

  91. Vivian Triana

    hohohohohohoh yaaaaaaazzzz!!!!

  92. RiccardoTheBeAst

    They beat hard...goddamn... beautiful solo also \m/

  93. Varun Kuchibhotla

    I'm not a fan of blast beats. But they fit perfectly in this song along with the vocals.


    @Jamz Hatefeel​ You're everywhere dude, nice to see someone who likes all types of metal without getting stuck up on sub-genre boundaries


    @***** I edited my post to clarify.

  94. Aaron Gentry

    This song sounds mildly upset

    Steven0125 Kjl

    I agree. Only slightly, but it's there.

    Ion Flavius

    You can feel the passive aggression

  95. Riothamus Rex

    I tried to do a vocal cover of this, all my teeth shattered.

  96. Jyotis Espy Feline

    Most favorite Death Metal song and Nile song too! Awesome solos, brutal and awesome lyrics! Have to listen to it before I start work!
    Nile and a few other Death Metal bands is what I listen to when playing my Pokemon games and reading the local news.

  97. Pvmntpndr66

    I love all things Nile but, and I hate to correct you , this is their 4th album. 

  98. Joškin Kot

    no better soundtrack to study for my ancient history exam!