Nightwish - Creek Mary's Blood Lyrics

[Singing in Lakotan]

Soon I will be here no more
You'll hear my tale
Through my blood
Through my people
And the eagle's cry
The bear within will never lay to rest

Wandering on Horizon Road
Following the trail of tears

White man came
Saw the blessed land
We cared, you took
You fought, we lost
Not the war but an unfair fight
Sceneries painted beautiful in blood

Wandering on Horizon Road
Following the trail of tears
Once we were here
Where we have lived since the world began
Since time itself gave us this land

[Singing in Lakotan]

Our souls will join again the wild
Our home in peace 'n war 'n death

Wandering on Horizon Road...
Following the trail of tears
Once we were here
Where we have been since the world began
Since time itself gave us this land

[Poem in Lakotan:]
Hanhepi iyuha mi ihanbla ohinni yelo

Òn sunkmanitutankapi hena,
sunkawakanpi watogha hena,

oblaye t'ankapi oihankesni hena

T'at'epi kin asni kiyasni he
akatanhanpi iwankal

Oblaye t'anka kin
osicesni mitakuyepi òn

Makoce kin wakan
Wakan Tanka kin òn

Miwicala ohinni - Hanhepi iyuha
kici - Anpetu iyuha kici yelo

Mi yececa hehaka kin yelo, na
ni yececa sunkmanitutankapi

kin ka mikaga wowasaka isom

Uncinpi tuweni nitaku keyas ta k'u

Unwakupi e'cela e wiconi
wanji unmakainapi ta yelo

Anpetu waste e wan olowan
le talowan winyan ta yelo

Unwanagi pi lel e nita it'okab o'ta ye

Untapi it'okab o'ta

Na e kte ena òn hanska ohakap
ni itansni a'u nita ni ihanke yelo

[Poem English translation:]
"I still dream every night
Of them wolves, them mustangs, those endless prairies
The restless winds over mountaintops
The unspoilt frontier of my kith n'kin
The hallowed land of the Great Spirit
I still believe
In every night
In every day
I am like the caribou
And you like the wolves that make me stronger
We never owed you anything
Our only debt is one life for our Mother
It was a good day to chant this song
For Her

Our spirit was here long before you
Long before us
And long will it be after your pride brings you to your end"

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Nightwish Creek Mary's Blood Comments
  1. NiluBel


  2. Mizzle Bizzle

    Now matter how much time passes this is still one of my favorites. 😁

  3. Benny Hau

    A sad and horrible story to the indianas. It is hidden by the evil.

  4. Otisx

    Aŋpétu wašté yuhá ye, Nakota.

  5. Natália Blahová

    I love nightwish with Tarja! :( 😍😍

  6. Dr. Booze


  7. J Lyons

    This is friggin awesome

  8. rackham1207

    As much as I love Floor, I'd give anything to see Tarja perform with Nightwish again

    Nafisah Mohamed

    I'd rather her sing with Dream Theater to improve that band on vocals :)

  9. Laura Valhalla

    Rest Calm and listen the Spirit of thé nature !

  10. Mafs. Ms


  11. Belladonna Noir

    What’s the name of the guest vocalist?

  12. Gisel Manrrique

    2019 and still CRYING

    Natália Blahová

    yess :(

  13. Sonic Fusion

    2019 still listening....

  14. Alexis_ R

    Perfect song, perfect voice. Pleasurable..

  15. Spiros Sofianos

    Anyone listening in 2019? Tarja is amazing!

    george Mosteanu

    Yes, i will always listening!!!


    I, every week... 29.11.2019.


    Yes, Dic.2019 and forever...!

  16. Segal231

    the poem in Lakutan at the end, is so meaningful, look it up people!

  17. Aguilar S.

    Tarja grandiosa 😂

  18. Channel Now

    Tarja is the best sing of nightwish, there is no one like her.

  19. DaLu

    The chills, damn Tarja is genuinely a terrific singer


    No to mention the man singing and playing the flute 💯

  20. Amine Abderrahmane

    John two hawks and Floor !!!

  21. VersusARCH

    The first moment I saw this "Indian" I thought "this guy is either a caucasian fake or mixed blood that ended up without "Indian" facial features". Sad he turned out to be fake and my hunch turned out correct. But bad as it is he and Nightwish still created an amazing piece of art. I think they should find a true Creek to write the authentic lyrics for the Creek part and sing it (if he sings well) or get a good singer to do it (or teach "John Two-Hawks" to perform it). At any rate I'd let "John Two Hawks" at least play the flute as he still deservs some credit.

  22. Emppu Vuori

    For me it is quite a minor thing that who sings or plays this song ... false indian or not ...
    Most importantly, this presentation highlights the fact that the United States is also responsible for genocide ...

    Colette Dunne

    Emppu Vuori it was the British actually, the land was stolen from the natives and colonised by the British.
    Educate yourself before you speak.

    Piia Lindqvist2019

    Exactly, it is just a minor matter who sang this song, it's the music that speaks. And yes, we should not forget who did what and when, history can always been read from book's.

  23. BAYSTARS2020

    7:11 博多 なんで言わんか🎵

  24. its me aquil

    If floor would sing this, she will insert shouting and those unnecessary voices which puts away the epicness of the song IMO no offense hehe


    You are so right.


    Even though I liked the Anette albums during her tenure in Nightwish (oddly enough, pretty different styles but interesting material anyway) and Floor Jansen isn't a bad singer but I'm not convinced about her in Nightwish yet, Tarja was the best thing Nightwish had and that will never change.

  26. VersusARCH

    Apart from great performance by Nightwish and John Two Hawks the editor of the video did a great job.

  27. Donnie Brasko

    WoW ty Nightwish especially Tuomas Mr H.👍🏻🎹🤘🏻Tarja🎤 voice was brilliant!!!!(as always) John two Hawks did an amazing job!!!! (regardless of the negative comments) Our souls will join again the wild.......🙏🏻🌱🌿🍃🏞️🕊️🕊️

  28. Laodicea

    She was right to saying - "soon I will be here no more"

  29. Musik Siro

    Give this man his own band,

  30. Dominique Roux

    Absolutely FANTASTIC!!!!.

  31. AndeMusic

    2019 alguém?

    Noob de Busca

    Sempre, ÍCONE dmais essa musica

  32. Matt Kemp

    I really don't care if this guy/lyrics is fake or not. This song is an ear orgasm.

  33. Ana Lúcia

    02:50 magic! ❤️

  34. Neo Carrick

    John two-hawks is a fraud, unfortunately!

    Piia Lindqvist2019

    So what....

  35. Lucas Sebastián

    When Nightwish meets Pocahontas

  36. huy v

    Тарья лох, индеец бох

  37. AndeMusic

    Tarja + Nightwish = Gold


    Tarja my Angel

  39. R3nN4

    <3 :,-) <3

  40. Ανηξερος Τρικερατοπας

    Tuomas' creativity, and sensitivity is so beyond ordinary. He is an Artist by the word's full meaning. One of the brightest souls of the 21st century for sure.

    Johannes Silver

    Yes...I also admire his talent and agree with you.

  41. Mario Jimenez

    I fucking love this song.

  42. Viktorianos

    It is funny how supposed Nightwish fans praise Floor for making Nightwish whole as a band because she is metal and not opera singer.Well i got news for you sunshine...nightwish WAS always a symphonic metal band,there are many metal bands out there for you,we didn't need one more.on the other hand we needed Nightwish to keep being nightwish.BTW i have no problem with flool,she is indeed great,(even physicaly) but she is simply no Nightwish.I will not listen to anything from nightwish that was not recorded with Tarja.Nightwish without tarja is like Maiden without Dickinson.simple as that.


    Simple minded people like you shouldn't listen to Nighwish at all

    Piia Lindqvist2019

    @QUACKJONG hands on to that 👐

  43. Kcrysttal Kym Melloni

    I Love Tarja Forever😍😍😍

  44. DerLetzteTag23

    I was watching "Woman Walks Ahead" and THIS song, THIS awesome performance came across my mind. Epic.

  45. Super Nerd Z

    Mitakuye oyasin lel ohinni e yelo

  46. Shift Steel

    This is what John Two Hawks is saying at the end.
    I still dream every night
    Of them wolves, them mustangs, those endless prairies
    The restless winds over mountaintops
    The unspoilt frontier of my kith n'kin
    The hallowed land of the Great Spirit
    I still believe
    In every night
    In every day
    I am like the caribou
    And you like the wolves that make me stronger
    We never owed you anything
    Our only debt is one life for our Mother
    It was a good day to chant this song
    For Her

    Our spirit was here long before you
    Long before us
    And long will it be after your pride brings you to your end


    Except that it's not - John Two-Hawks is a fraud.

    Mafe López

    @DependantRope why?


    @Mafe López On one forum there were rumors that he is not Native American and his part of the song is not in any genuine language, but it is just gibberish.

    Piia Lindqvist2019

    @isoeteslacustris well, not all was true what was saying about him, being a fraud.

    Piia Lindqvist2019

    Thank you so much

  47. Indy Son

    Who is still listening to this in 2k18??

    Piia Lindqvist2019

    Ann Waychoff when I heard this song I couldn't belive what I heard and that it's really Tuomas song, so beautiful and Tuomas lyrics always full of meaning.

    Ann Waychoff

    Tuomas is a genius! I do not think there is one of his songs that I do not like. How many composers can you say that about? I know people will have somebody that their a fan of will say the same thing. In my opinion there isn't anyone but Tuomas!

    Piia Lindqvist2019

    Ann Waychoff I really thought this was a cover at first. Tuomas is a genius that is not from this universe, don't know where he is from, but the music he brought whith him is not from this world. You're right there is not one Nightwish song that I don't like. 💖

    Johannes Silver

    I am too...these masterpieces never die or fade away...and yes Tuomas really is a genius and Tarja so unique.

    Piia Lindqvist2019

    don't understand what years has to do with it...😦 we listen to Mozart, Beethoven and many moore still....😦

  48. Edu n_nV

    Tan triste y a la vez tan hermosa melodía....u_u

  49. Krs

    LOL 3:33

  50. mikevandykeful

    Tarja rules 💖

  51. Cecilia Fernandez

    Hermosisima cancion....hermosa letra.....hermosa época de Nightwish

  52. hermanessences

    ♫ Once we were here
    Where we have lived since the world began
    And done things like murdering tens of thousands of innocent people in the span
    Of a few days as a human sacrifice ritual, then skinned the bodies and worn them as suits ♫


    hermanessences You're confusing the Native Americans from the North American and the Mayan/Aztecs from South America.

  53. Yuly Suárez

    What a stunning performance <3

  54. carlo paredi

    the spirits don't forget! <3

  55. dani

    fucking amazing performance!

  56. Gisela Flores

    I Love Nightwish With Tarja Turunen

  57. keltdevangel1

    The ideal 5th (permanent) member of Nightwish? John "Two Hawks"!!!

  58. Deiphos

    I could press 6 that part

  59. Giulia Barresi

    Thank you .. I pray Wakantanka because it supports you along a red trail and peace!

  60. Roberta Lilith

    Colonialism, the cancer of the Planet.

  61. Lich Forsaken

    "soon i will be here no more" ...........can that be more true.....even tho she didn't know she was gonna get sacked after the show........


    I think she knew,that's why they were all so emotional.

    Marcus Rafael Ferracin

    @webassasin She didn't, she got to know in the hotel next morning

  62. P. Lukic

    tarja we still love u

  63. csibezsazsa

    szerintem nagyon jó volt ez a videó

  64. Techno-mage

    Wow she is special!

  65. Jack Turner

    words fail me about Tuomas  A musical GENIOUS as this song shows  could listen to this all day

  66. PrettyPizza Face2100

    If this one is a native american, I must be a bloody chinese 😂.

    Dustin Smith

    Lirimonie Morfenoss lol

    Dustin Smith

    Lirimonie Morfenoss this one loves your point

  67. Pernille Siitonen Skovgaard


  68. death23ist

    nightwish 4 ever!!!!!!!

  69. Scott Austin

    I cry everytime I hear this

  70. trag3die

    "Who is still listening to this in 2016?
    very amazing song , the master masterpiece song writter.

    Johannes Silver

    So many because it is unique and so grand.

    Shift Steel


    Kriszta L

    2019 and till the year i die

    Daniel Rodriguez Perrone

    @Kriszta L Agree . . . dead with my life . . . !! Beauty x 1000 !!!!


    I, 29.11.2019. Speechless as always!

  71. Cesar Quintero

    I was thinking that the native guy was in fact a native, also, that was a Finnish native o.O Anyway, was cool the performance.

    Anna B

    No, he's white American (maybe some lakota heritage, idk, but the "lakota" lyrics are gibberish).

    Donnie Brasko

    Anna the link would not work please post it again...

  72. Alejandro Bolanos

    wow this is the first time I am listening this song! It's amazing yeah



  74. Gregg Hunter

    The song (and its title) is inspired by the book Creek Mary’s Blood by Dee Brown, that Tuomas read and enjoyed. The final part consists of a poem Tuomas wrote in English and then handed out to native American musician John Two Hawks, who translated it into his language and recited it.


    your wrong read this ! , what john two hawks is doing in this song isnt even a nativ american language but a big lie of a hoax !

    Piia Lindqvist2019

    tor maybe so, but it was a poem Tuomas wrote...he didn't know about who he was!

  75. Rodrigo

    5:06 - 5:09 : epic part moment

  76. Carlos Rodriguez

    This song is AMAZING, that performance was so EPIC!... <3

    Stefan L

    Unfortunately, it was only an epic fraud. This guy turned out to be a fraud and the lyrics he's singing, which were supposedly lakota, turned out to be gibberish.

    Carlos Rodriguez

    @Stefan L i don't care if he was a fraud after that, his performance in that show was really stunning and, that's what really matter to me...

    Gregg Hunter

    +Stefan L he is no fraud, he is a Grammy nominated singer and flute player and who really is Lakota

    Stefan L

    @Gregg Hunter
    Sorry to burst your bubble but see this page. Pay particular attention to John Hills yearbook photo. Note the curly hair and fair complexion and how he's alter both to help pass himself off. If it wasn't so sad it would almost be funny.

  77. Gala Green

    Y_Y traducción pleaseee!

  78. Nightingale250

    Many many years but always goosebumps ..... this is fantastic !!!

  79. c johnson

    John Two-Hawks, for those that don't know

    Stefan L

    John Allen Hill is his true name and he's not even Native American.

  80. miro huna

    tarja tolko krasy!?toľko ?ja asi iba snivam!

  81. Pavel Dumitru

    Amazing ....

  82. konstantinos lourdas

    This is an astonishing performance.Music, vocals , stage, instrument . Everything is absolutely fantastic .

  83. Lumbago Awareness 2019

    Is that guy even native? My grandpa is Cree, the rest of my family is of European descent and I look more native. He looks like the actor Ed Harris slapped on a wig and got a quick spray tan.

    c johnson

    @Stefan L Random internet forums are not valid sources. I don't think you people actually understand. I don't care about internet rumor mills. Unless you can present a verified linguist to provide a professional critique then frankly I couldn't really care less about what you have to say. Maybe he's a fraud, maybe not. But none of you have the capability to actually determine that answer. You are all just gossip.

    Anna B

    There was a lakota speaker forum thread about this subject a couple of years ago but I cannot find it now… I trust what lakota people say about their own language. They said in the thread that there are a few lakota words here and there in his poem but used in grammatically incorrect way and the rest of the lyrics is just gibberish. He doesn't look native american at all either (which, honestly doesn't mean he couldn't have native american in him).

    Stefan L

    @Anna Bella
    Here's a link that pretty much sums it up and confirms everything you've said. It even has pictures of him before and after he became a "pretendian". The truth is out there. Some people just choose not to see it.

    Donnie Brasko

    I agree with C Johnson👍🏻

    Donnie Brasko

    Anna that last link was about some guy named Christopher Moore🤔

  84. Redelboy M

    We need more posts like this. ..

  85. Xenofere

    I need to find Floor singing this.

    Sas AsD

    What a shame. They should probably hire the real Native American to write the sensible lyrics for his parts and the other parts would be sung by Floor.

    JBK 1964 • S.Torres

    +Stefan L You are the fraud.

    Ricardo Sánchez

    Xenofere omg no!!! She will destroy it!!!

    Lynn Clark

    Adding comments on YouTube shows how fucking stupid people really are this is a song not a donations campaign so what it's not a real Indian is Clint Eastwood a real cowboy Tom Hanks really marooned on s fucking island is Elton John really a rocket man was Michael Jackson in a street gang wtf people lighten up a but quit questioning you life and just live it Nightwish has much better music than you do

  86. Agnetha ABBA

    Nightwish is so charming. Alucinante Como siempre:-)

  87. Pepe Vargas

    NIghtwish is a true feeling

  88. pis1ca

    absolutely amazing! I'm speechless....

  89. Fernando Michel

    This is my Nightwish <3 forever

    Daniel Rodriguez Perrone

    Forever !!!

    Andrea Palacios


    Dominique Roux


    Natália Blahová




  90. Lusu

    So beautiful ! Tarja is super !

  91. Patchouli von Darnassus

    hes Apache not Sioux!


    he's an hoax that's what he is

  92. Lélia Nascimento

    se isso não for perfeito, está muito perto! celestial!

    Sara Braga

    E como nao se emocionar?

    Ederson De Souza

    só qm escuta pra intender... simplesmente linda


    Chega arrepiar a medúla óssea.

  93. Geoff Shaw

    This is my second favourite song by night wish about the native Indians who are the true Americans

  94. Plague Doctor

    I love this song it's so cool

  95. Old Fashioned Joe 83

    4.05 to 5.05
    Goosebumps anyone ? :-)

  96. krissy kinsey

    Stunning! I'm so glad people still remember and honor Native Americans. My grandfather was full blooded Cherokee.

    Rafaela Martinelli

    @Piia Lindqvist2019 to the native american community. He was not the fraud itself and, as I said, in the begining it was an honest mistake. But once his band was the vehicle through which this fraud came to notority, he should at least make an effort to diminish the damage caused. It's not like it's something very difficult... it's not like rewriting the whole song or throwing it away...

    Piia Lindqvist2019

    @Rafaela Martinelli exactly what damage did this cause to the native American community???

    Berislav Puc

    Be proud!!

    Ioana Andreea Tudose

    @Stefan L it's not nice to start a discussion like this; the man, fraud or not, did a very good job. There's nothing wrong with being a performer, I don't think they ever claimed they brought a true native american.

    Stefan L

    @Ioana Andreea Tudose The problem is he's not just a "performer' playing the role of a native american. He falsely misrepresents himself as a native american and he's a known fraud. Just google "John two Hawks fraud" and see for yourself.