Nico Vega - Let You Go Lyrics

Showered with expensive feelings and disheveled hair.
From the deep love making to the soul stripped down and bare.
I wanna drink your tears and dry your pools of pain.
I wanna eat your fears so that you can feel sane.
Do you see the way that I see you or do you just see me?
Cuz your eyes seem full of things you think you need.
I wanna kiss away the hard sweater on your skin,
I wanna listen to you ramble on about where you've been.
I wanna let you go, I need to let you go....
I got to let you go. I stay awake all night till we both feel right to sleep.
And you can bury yourself but you'd have to bury me.
If its better to have loved and lost then loved at all.
Then man why is it so hard just to let you go? I wanna let you go

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