Nick Lachey - Patience Lyrics

Just have a little patience
I'm still hurting from a love I lost
I'm feeling your frustration
Any minute all the pain will stop.

Just hold me close inside your arms tonight
Don't be too hard on my emotions.

'Cause I
Need time
My heart is numb, has no feeling
So while I'm still healing
Just try and have a little patience.

I really wanna start over again
I know you wanna be my salvation
The one that I can always depend.

I'll try to be strong
Believe me I'm trying to move on
It's complicated but understand me.


'Cause the scars run so deep
It's been hard but I have to believe
Just have a little patience [x2]


Have a little patience
My heart is numb, has no feeling
So while I'm still healing
Just try and have a little patience

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Nick Lachey Patience Comments
  1. Haa Baa

    Beautiful song 🌺

  2. FireRabbit

    funny how Nick covers Gary Barlow's, and ex wife Jessica covers Robbie Williams' Angels....and they both ruined each songs

  3. Ky Dunstan

    there are few songs that shouldn't be touched and any song by Gary/take that is one such example!!

  4. Rodrigo Sükür

    Phil X lol

  5. punxattack

    The best fucking version of this song !!!!! Searching it for days ,take that and shit

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  7. Honey Kaur

    beautiful song!
    n love <3 Nick

  8. scamrasc

    i can't bring myself to like this at all. it's not a patch on take that's original.
    other than not being able to reach those same falsetto notes that gary barlow can his voice isn't really that bad...but it simply has NONE of the poignant emotion conveyed in the original. it's too fake and try hard. it's also not helped by the total douchebag electric guitars.
    (and wth did he decide to do a carbon copy [other than the guitars] only ~1yr after TT had a ww hit? too soon + no attempt to change it)

  9. sarah3007

    I think this version is a lot better than the original by take that. Just my opinion, don't shoot :)

  10. Christopher Jankunas

    Take That's version is much much better

  11. BobRenoir

    Love this song and version!

  12. cardman880

    I can't believe Take That is still completely unknown in America. What will it take for U.S. radio to wake up and start playing their songs? They don't even play "Rule the World" - what a crime!

  13. MsBeeLou

    wombats cover is so much better

  14. Esteban Rico

    I love Nick's voice, but Take That's version is infinitely better...

  15. goldenmistakes

    I thought it was good until the hook, though I'm not a fan of the instrumentation on this version. Nick Lachey has a nice voice. But Take That's original is still MILES better because that's just how good it is! :)

  16. SummerMystAIDA

    i prefer this to this th original!! probly coz i heard this first!

  17. datrublewitpoet

    not bad, but i prefer the original

  18. inta nyantut

    luv this song,...

  19. xsoccerdork

    I prefer this version because I am in love with Nick's voice. I can see why Take That's is preferred: It's the original, has a greater range of emotion through vocals, and people don't like change. When you take a classic and gasp alter it...
    Most people just don't dig that.

  20. moomek15

    good .....

  21. Bella Donna

    @SummerS1998 lol

  22. Rachel Dollar

    great song. love it. he has a great version of it.

  23. Kimberly Retherford

    This isn't awful. But Nick's voice cannot come even CLOSE to having the goosebump-inducing "wow" that Gary Barlow's has on that hook. The hook is what sells the song, and Gary gives me shivers every time. Nick's voice completely fades out on the most important note and...yuck. :( Ruins it. Any Take That fans know what I mean?

  24. rokstarr117

    great song nd id say its as good as the original

  25. Lucía

    No es Take That, pero no está mal. Por lo menos no se carga la canción.

  26. Gotham Jr

    it's still no take that...

  27. CS315

    @cardman880 Or maybe he just loved this song a lot and wanted to try his own version. Don't hate. It's a compliment to Gary/Take That.

  28. cardman880

    @avecespienso - "ugly"? Have you ever heard Gary Barlow sing?? His voice is anything but ugly, his vocal range is outstanding.

    Barlow also can WRITE his own songs, something Nick Lachey was apparently too lazy to do when he decided to remake this song.

  29. IlikemusicVn

    I like it!!

  30. kkdkoolkat2

    It's hard to have patience waiting for Nick Lachey's new CD. When (or is it at all?) coming out?!

  31. flat 391

    you are beautiful God!!!!!!!!

  32. richardj07

    Take That Forever

  33. Eabha Levins

    the reason why take that is better because there s more then 1 person singing duhhh

  34. Medlin Bilgigoglu

    for vanessa !

  35. deeprose4

    This is pure crap, and Take That's version is soooo much better.

  36. fizzi1980

    I was into this song when Take That reunited and I played it hundred times! Now Nick Lachey brings it with "US style". This version is okay, but Take That's is much better.

  37. DeathAssassinKiller

    I strangly like it

  38. AminhaContaDoUtube's an Ok song I guess. The original version has a lot more impact, instrumentally it's more beautiful

  39. Kristina House

    who's heard TYRONE WELLS do it? That's just as good as TAKE THAT'S version...but this sucks lol

  40. vickitakethat

    take that

  41. Julia

    no offense to those that like this song but I personally like the original version more but this one is still good :)

  42. alanna

    this song is just amazing. play it over and overrrrrr :)

  43. Samantha Jorgensen

    i dont care if he gets back together with jess they broke up for a reason and its none of anybody elses business. but its a great great great song!!

  44. Charlee Vaughan

    Seriously, he's WAY too good for her. She's just a superficial pretty girl who isn't famous for any good reason (sorry, looks and big boobs are definitely not good reasons). He's not the greatest singer or anything, but he seems like a really great, sincere guy, and I think he can do much better than Jessica.

  45. warwolf193

    take that is far better, cant stand this version :(

  46. Ben

    I think the vocals is much better than Take That, and the chorus in my opinion is much better. But I was never a fan of covered songs...

  47. Jason Rose

    he'sa great singer, vocals maybe a little better than take that but guitar is lettin him down a bit not sure about the distortion in parts of it..

  48. Rian1357

    take that waaay better, sorry but the guitar in this not doing you any favours

  49. Eriq7001

    I like ths song..its okay.....Can't wait until the new cd.

  50. conordeman13

    take thats way better nick is fucking shite

  51. Illusion Starr

    nick lachey has an amazingly perfect male voice lmfao, really good song =]

  52. carl stockwell

    got one of the best voices nick lachey but sorry not to this song

  53. Thomas Jakob

    i dont like this. i dont like this at all. patience by take that takes part of my life, it was very special, what a beautiful feeling I get with that song.
    now i hear this one and all those feelings are fading away!

  54. Paul van den hout

    oh no to commercial

  55. superneniita15

    mola pero como la de Take That ningunaa!!

  56. Andre Salles

    It´s Ok, but it lacks emotion, energy
    and above all.... sincerity. He´s not performing, just regurgitating.
    Take That is still number One.

  57. HunKnown55

    the instruments here r kinda better , but yah i think Take That's singin is better,,,
    Really Good Song Though !

  58. MirrorMask02

    gary barlow's voice was made for this song...

  59. Jessie Daft

    Fucking beautiful voice....jessica is iffy with me, but i hate ashley for starting a life with pete yeah, i despise the simpsons. Nick rocks though.

  60. Entrux

    sometimes they cant help it. its like that. but if you love the person youre with enough, you wil bear with it. =D

  61. haajam

    hey nevate 11 aleye its only a song i bet hes completely over jessica.

  62. cardman880

    Can't Nick write his own songs? Is he that desperate for a hit that he had to steal one of Take That's biggest songs? At least do something different with it. This is almost as bad as Boyzone copying Tom Baxter's masterpiece "Better". They even copied his music idea!

  63. edifemme

    Nope can honestly say Take Thats is a far better performance, the song is so attuned to Gary Barlows vocals, it's funny how Nick copies them to a tee, but doesn't quite hit it like Gary does, plus electric guitar isn't needed, but he does a good job tho!!

  64. estgun

    I actually liked Nicks version better..

  65. Billy Wong

    great song

  66. Isabelle Sch

    The real song is sooo much better

  67. SapphireAdams1

    I prefer Take That's version best but, Nick's version isn't horrible by any means.

  68. Željka Adžić

    you like Take That?!Did knew that anyone knows about them In America?

  69. Željka Adžić

    o my God,only Gary can sing this

  70. Judy

    Take That's version is more authentic, but Nick's voice is so awesome! =)

  71. fadedgalaxia

    The original is much much MUCH better...but Nick is one of my guilty pleasures, so a part of me really loves this.

  72. XXstilletoXX

    THIEF THIEF THIEF!!! ....what a blatent attempt to copy the vocals of gary barlow ...this sort of thing makes me sick hes ruined my favorite song : ( nick lachey ...who the hell is he anyway americans want 2 listen 2 the original it miles better by take that the people who actually wrote the song!! + mark owens fit as hell in the video lol <33333

  73. ryantbh

    Nick Lachey and Take That are my musical vices and they're both great versions of the same ting init.

  74. ryantbh

    Nick Lachey and Take That are my musical vices and they're both great versions of the same ting init.

  75. Julia

    i'll admit, i like this song, but i do NOT like how he took Take That's version. thats sooo not cool!!

  76. Ronald Tai

    Well, this version of Patience is not bad, although I still prefer Take That's version. However, I don't think this song will do any good to his solo career. Hopefully his next single will be better.

  77. GodzWrath35

    I love this song, it's so good! :-)

  78. LacheyPineGrl7380

    really? I NEVER hear it..I want to so bad though :D

  79. sWiFtxRei

    I like this better than the Take That version, this one has more power and emotion.

  80. luckystarrose

    this version is sooooooo bad. patience is one of the best pop songs i have heard in years and nick butchered it. he is so gary barlow. if you like this, do yourself a favor and listen to the take that version.

  81. LacheyPineGrl7380

    You can almost feel his pain, that's how much heart and soul is in his voice..Nick is AMAZING!!

  82. LacheyPineGrl7380

    I love this song..put it on the radio PLEASE! LOL :)

    The singers of the original can TAKE THAT!!! They suck..Team Lachey all the way :D

  83. Adriana Feliz

    truth is Take That's version is always gonna be better cause they're the original singers and their vocals are better.
    But Nick Lachey did okay. I just think his voice is not for that kind of song. Overall, it sounds good.

  84. OperaSurfer

    WOW!!! nick did a really great job butchering this awesome song. you want to hear a guy actually put some heart behind this song? And sound absolutely amazing?? Check out Tyrone Wells sings Patience!!!!!!

  85. Bruno Araujo

    I like both versions, the song is good, it would probably be good with anyone. XD But both of them have amazing vocals and an adicting verse!

  86. StrangerHereee

    are u ok?^^

  87. inbeta

    What a half-assed attempt at a Take That song! Listen to the original, because this version is just pure shit compared to it. You're probably better off covering Robbie Williams, wait...your ex Jessica already has!

  88. Cláudia Silva


  89. Brad Hammer

    i like it

  90. StrangerHereee

    wow this version is much better than that from take that =) nick lachey is great :) butmy favourite song from him is whats left of meee <3

  91. BeSanji93

    take that are better!!^^
    he looks like ricky martin!O_o

  92. equinnox39

    Great song, ok singer. Actually I was quite excited when I found out he would cover this song, but now after listening I'm disappointed... a damn karaoke.

  93. The Knights of God

    good for them, but I like this song. I would love to sing like this guy but I can't so he has far more talent than I do lol can you say you can do better?

  94. Kim and Luke BG

    Yes great song but zero points for Nick for originality. Take That released this song 2 years ago. Lead singer Gary Barlow wrote it. Kinda lame for someone to remake such a recent song that sounds EXACTLY like the original.

  95. Kim and Luke BG

    By the way I wanted to add I am American, not British. I am not a die hard TT fan but it is so lame to remake a recent song that does not have one ounce of originality to it. Better luck next time Nick.

  96. Kim and Luke BG

    How unoriginal is this? OMG I cannot believe Nick would remake a song that is 2 years old that sounds EXACTLY like the original from Take That. Take That is the MOST succesful boy band in British history and they made one hell of a come back and just recently broke another record with their newest album that shot straight to number 1. Gary Barlow is a brilliant song writer. If Nick Lachey has to remake a song so recent that tells you what limited talent he has. .

  97. The Knights of God

    this sounds good, I don't see why people don't like it

  98. RtA1913

    ok i see many bad comments on this version and well it's logic that take that fans are "angry" but in my opinion i really like this version i like more this melody and beat than the original and i dont like gary's voice

    but hey dont take me wrong now i really like take that and i respect them because they create this song and beyond the voice and music what makes the song are the lyrics and those are just from take that

    and if you say its too pop well take that is a pop band isnt it?