Nick Lachey - Godspeed (Sweet Dreams) Lyrics

Dragon Tales and "The Water Is Wide"
Pirate's sail and Lost Boys fly
Fish bite moonbeams every night
And I love you

Godspeed, little man
Sweet dreams, little man
Oh, my love will fly to you each night on angels' wings
Sweet dreams

The rocket racer's all tuckered out
Superman's in pajamas on the couch
Goodnight moon, will find the mouse
And I love you

Godspeed, little man
Sweet dreams, little man
Oh, my love will fly to you each night on angels' wings
Sweet dreams

God bless mommy and match box cars
God bless dad and thanks for the stars
God hears "Amen" wherever we are
And I love you

Godspeed, little man
Sweet dreams, little man
Oh, my love will fly to you each night on angels' wings
Sweet dreams

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Nick Lachey Godspeed (Sweet Dreams) Comments
  1. Jennifer A. Bailey

    We welcomed our MBDP Sunday. Thank you team. Don Cardinal Bailey 007662994...DOB..6.29.1966




  2. Dave Rogers

    God rest you Freddie son, Freddie Fox! 27/09/12 to 20/11/12 this song was played at his funeral and it kills me every time i here it! Love u boy xxxxx

  3. *Tanya* Lynn *Thompson*

    I miss my baby boy being little 🙁 He’s half of the best part of me

  4. cassinaters squad

    Thanks for this song it's my baby brothers favorite song i got seperated from him

  5. Christine Baker

    10 years ago today I lost my son Noah I love and miss u every single day. God speed little man

  6. Ms McCormick

    Here from Reddit


    Parents of kids who committed suicide?

  7. Yvonne Spurlock

    It has been 12 years since I lost you my son. Mommy loves you Godspeed

  8. Bella Henry

    I play this song whenever I think about you brother. I miss you so much. 18/03/19 forever in our hearts

  9. Moneal Richards

    was looking for killua but ok

  10. Meagan L

    My cover

  11. Keiryn Tuttle

    My daughter and I saw this concert years ago. We sang this song together at the concert with our lighters held high. This is a perfect song. Her dog passed 2 weeks later.
    We miss You Mae. She passed away on 01/03/2018. XXOO 321 GO!

  12. Sam Cunningham

    This was the song chosen by my son's best friends meaningful and heart breaking...lost at 19yrs old..such an absolute waste.....cant stop listening to it xx

  13. Lisa Trainor

    R.I.P. my son Bradley SEAN BRIGHT 17 Forever

  14. Brian Starley

    My son is in basic training and I miss him so much.God speed little man I'll see you soon...i miss you terribly...

  15. miniprepper

    This was my mother/son dance song at his wedding.

  16. Lisa Furkins

    My daughter lost her son at 16 weeks gestation - this song reduces me to a pile of rubble - but I love it! Our dear sweet Loki, I hope it catches half of the love sent on angel's wings, he will know how much he was loved!

  17. Jessica Weaver

    My son died and I played this at his fruniel.R.I.P littel man

  18. Cherish Willis

    Mommy misses you, Zack! 11/3/97- 11/13/07💔😢

  19. Sierra Gibson

    I sang this song to my baby boy in the hospital the night he was born. He will be a year old on friday. Mommy loves you Phoenix

  20. GenÎ DayLê

    I'm sorry son.

  21. GachaPezz _UwU

    This was my childhood song This made me cry when I finally heard it again... But I was crying tears of joy 😇

  22. Sterling Woods

    Looking at All these comments and How they are saying this is there song is for a child they lost ( I understand I have lost a kid too) but when I think of this it brings me back when I just found out That my Girlfriend at the time was Pregnant but I was thinking about Going into the Army so when I listened to this it made me think of what my children think if I wasn't there (if I Die during my Service) would they hate me would they Have a good Father Figure and There mom not have to worry about money ugh I wonder how much different things would be if they were here today Rest in peace Little Buddy Daddy loves you Wilder

  23. It’s Leah Its Alexis

    Rip brother

  24. Joy Willis

    Make me think of my sweet son up in haven

  25. Morgan Rowell

    I miss you tanner

  26. Mason Rubendall

    I dedicate this song to my brother Nolan that passed away at the age of 4 months old I love him with all my heart . Thank you

  27. Morgan Rowell

    This song plays at my cousins angle day evry year

  28. d AL

    I just lost my 2mos grandson and we played this at this funeral. I think God for letting you in your life. *Jesse jame Clark 7/30/17-10/11/17. nana miss you my peanut

    Mason Rubendall

    it gets easier over time but you will never forget them

    d al

    Mason Rubendall, thank you that's very nice of you say.

  29. Anood Alziyadi

    Laith i miss you every day every night you change my life forever. The 15 months were the best time in my life. Someday i will see you again and will hold you forever and never will have to say goodbye to you again . i love you my son

  30. Pamela Stephenson

    My son is in the Air Force, 14 years and 6 to go. I miss him daily. This song reminds me of his Superman cape wrapped around him asleep on the couch, and now he literally flies all over the world. Godspeed

  31. Snoop Dog

    This song reminds me of my dad my mum doesn't let me see anymore

  32. Melissa Hopkins

    I love you Joshua Hopkins , I miss you every second of every day and would give my last breath to bring you back.God Speed my lil man .Sail my Son. Mommy loves you.....1985-2013

  33. Paula Butler

    Played this at my grandsons funeral it still isn't listening to this.Love you Farley,grandma's little man

  34. Jarrid C

    This song was played my sons funeral.. rip Connor daddy loves you😓 02/16/14..12/30/16

  35. Tyler F

    The irony of a commercial for "Happy Death Day" playing right before this; I'm not sure what to think.

  36. Snoop Dog

    😥😥😥 this song reminds me of my dad that my mum does not let me see any more😥😥😥💦💦💦💦💦💦

  37. Snoop Dog

    I love this song. It helps get me to sleep. Love u Dixie chicks 😘😘😘

  38. Valerie Stiles

    First heard this after my youngest son ended his life in 2002.
    Still have to check that gaping hole in my heart...every damn day.

  39. Ray Ray

    This song, this album add measurably to the beauty in this world. Thank you, Chicks.

  40. David Regi

    I came here because a mom posted in reddit about how her daughter killed herself and that this song was played at her funeral .her name was Melissa. I have thought of suicide too ,so I know how it feels.

  41. eva fischer

    Very beautifull song! Zelo lepa pesem

  42. zureska


  43. Dawud Yelton

    had been given the album this song is on,out of nowhere, and it took a while to finally give it a go but when i did, wow, especially this song...really a heart tugger...

  44. Mike Wasko

    truck driver for 25 years now hauling military equipment and jet engines for Boeing under contract and only come home for a couple days every 6 mos. my oldest daughter is 23 ,middle daughter is 19 and my boy is 11 ,hard to be away and I miss them every minute ,this song gets me thru the hard times and really digs a soft spot in this big tuff truck drivers heart ..the are grown and are pretty used to me being gone but the boy has a real hard time when I leave ..i prey god watches over each of them and protects them while im gone ..i love them more than anything in the world and wish I could reverse time and change some regretful decisions I made simply because of money $ ..if any one reads this that might be in the same position ,take my word for it all the money in the world and all the apologies could not compensate for wat I've missed and all of them growin g up without me being able to hold there hand or hug them when they needed me
    thanks to my loving wife that has never said a negative word about our situation and her string will ,it's because of her we are still together as a family

    Steph S.

    Mike Wasko bless you and your family. Sounds like you are a good dad anyhow. As parents we all make mistakes but as long as we learn and imorove that's the true and pure love that is so unique from a good parent. I try to always remember to enjoy each day and soak in all of the memories because before long my kids will be grown up. My husband and I played this at my sons baby shower 5 years ago. Time flies and he'll be in school in 2 months and although it may sound silly I am sad to let him go.

  45. liam story

    Love you Ellis xx sweet dreams xx

  46. Gail Gail Gail

    I have 3 beautiful son's who are young adults and I played this song for each of them when they were little. Still brings me to tears. The love of a mother for her son

  47. Krista Byrge

    Godspeed Jonathan momma loves and misses you so much.

  48. Truth Healer

    Rest In Love. Pfc Michaelangelo Mora. 🇺🇸❤️ Dec. 12, 1984 ~ May. 14, 2004

  49. Dustin Thomas

    my son Konnor Christian Past away at 1 1/2 and this song breaks my heart every time I hear it. I miss my son everyday he was my lil Superman. my fighter My Angel. In my heart Forever
    08 28-14 02-28-16

  50. Rocket

    Rip Vito Skaro (Valiant Vito) I used to babysit that little sweetheart... I swear I can hear him laugh in the clouds. He was the happiest little guy. We really thought he was going to make it through cancer... but he didn't... I miss you little buddy... I really do.

    September 25, 2013 - November 25, 2015

  51. Bella Sky

    This was my aunts favorite song before she passed away last week 😥

  52. Trinity Leese

    R.I.P. Baby Damon. 11-7-16 to 11-22-16

    Mason Rubendall

    it gets easier over time I promise but, you will never forget

    Stanning Annie

    sorry for your loss

  53. DeAnna Eldridge

    This song was played at my babies funeral..such a beautiful song...I love you Mason David...I miss you so very much.

    Bella Sky

    DeAnna Marie it was played at my aunties funeral 😥

  54. Mark Torkelson

    I lost my son 6 years ago today I miss him so much as he lay in the hospital bed this song was playing as he passed away. he would be 16 this year. I miss you Tyler love Daddy

    Lafida LA.

    godspeed. It is the love to the little ones of this world that keeps us alive.

  55. 513crs

    Today we pause to remember Elijah Aschbrenner from Concord, N.C. Elijah
    battled Epitheliod Sarcoma cancer for 18 months and his fight ended
    November 10, 2015....Forever 10 yrs old...“The sun’s gonna come up
    tomorrow”. .........God Speed Lil Man....

  56. stevii

    Sweet Dreams Kioni Marie 3/8/2013-3/24/2013

  57. Marshall Thompson

    James Owen Thompson you are always going to be in my heart. .. You didn't make it to the world, but you are forever loved. . Son daddy loves you Angel boy

    Carl Ramnarine

    Marshall Thompson

    Carl Ramnarine

    Marshall Thompson

    Jerry. Thompson

  58. Gerard Bergeron

    Shed a little tear and sent my love to my late partner Doug who although he was a grown man had a beautiful, child-like side to him that was the epitome of adorable and humility. He died suddenly without warning, and I learned so much from him. And he brought so much into my life. And I miss him so much.


    Godspeed to you and your beloved angel. He is dancing with the stars now, embracing your prayers and the love you have for him still warm in your heart. ♡


    Rest in serenity, Doug.


    Gerard Bergeron So sorry to hear that. But happy for you that you had those happy times! Happy New Year!


    Godspeed to Doug <3

    Stanning Annie

    so sorry for your loss

  59. Destructive Angel

    Harrison David Williams July 13 2014. I miss you little brother.

  60. jennifer kissell

    we have been in the nicu now for 104 days and this songs helps us so much....our lil guy came 3.5 months early and he loves this song

  61. Ceramic Bunnah Drive

    This in on binkie free Millie from mypets1031

  62. Elizabeth Rosales

    Make me cry 😭

  63. Star Taylor

    wow.....just wow..... :)

  64. Micheal Wolf


  65. Justinerace26

    R.I.P Mikey.... <3 you were too good for this life. Cant wait to see you again man. you are soo loved.

  66. Jennifer Maxwell-Smith

    My angelboy, Ethan Grant. Mama loves you, and I dream of the sweet sweet day we are reunited. April 21,1998- May 10,1998.

  67. Leanne Wood

    A beautiful song that captures the love of a mother for her son. I danced to this song with my son at his wedding. It was perfect.


    +Leanne Wood yes its a very nice song. But just to let you know the song was written by a dad (Radney Foster) for he's son who needs to move with he's mom to France.

    clinton horse

    Leanne Wood 💖😭

  68. sheri survivorUhh

    My ex husband try to kill me in my van 9 year old daughter and somehow he got half custody of my then one year old son after the court battle I used to sing and listen to this song every night when I knew my baby boy not even two years old was in his custody with that monster it broke my heart every night but that song for some reason made me feel better that he would catch my love on the wings of angels every night he was with that monster and thats a monster went on and did it again to another woman but now my boy is 15 and he's with me always aight I have him with me a hundred percent of the time the way it's supposed to be a mother with her child but that song gave me much comfort thank you Dixie Chicks oh and by the way me and my kids nicknamed him Earl because we all know what a girl's gotta do not a threat just saying it made us all laugh and look at the Earl videos thinking about just funny stuff anyway Dixie Chicks over the years over the years you've brought me and my kids much comfort and laughter thank you

    Oliver Lundberg

    Jesus fucking christ ever heard of dots?

  69. Mike Endeman

    god speed to all the children left in adoption homes looking for a good home. I was one of the lucky ones      godspeed

  70. Victoria Sarver

    Its been 12 years and I think of you daily ..mommy loves you angel <3

    Kaeden Nicholls

    Victoria Sarver dh JC JFK g

    Stanning Annie

    sorry for your loss


    :( Oh darling x

    Lucrezia Quoti

    I'm so sorry.

  71. Tina Pittman

    Dedicating this great song to my two young men, Brian and Robbie. I am very proud of you and will always love you. Love mom.

  72. tmyockim

    My ALL TIME "Chicks" song. I dedicate this to my little boys as they grew. I miss those days. Loved holding my babies and watching them grow. I love, you Kellen and Phillip with all my heart! What wonderful young men you became! All my love, Mom.

  73. Rachel Smith

    My best friend lost 2 baby boys born at 38weeks in 2008 & 2011. This song was at both their funerals :( she's now 20 weeks pregnancy with a little boy and we pray that he is safe and arrives on earth to stay ♥

    Lindsay Tomtene

    +Rachel Smith I hope her last pregnancy went well. Prayers to them.

    yung mouli

    +Rachel Smith My cousin died at birth and this was at the funeral


    My mother had me at 28, healthy and fine. She tried again with my step-dad, and they got married. On the day they got married they found out that they were pregnant..
    At 11 weeks, the baby passed away. We never knew if it was male or female, but we named him Malcolm. I am crying while writing this suddenly, as I almost forgot about my brother. When we told my little cousins, Olympia and Aurora, the littlest one, Aurora walked up to us and said "It's going to be a girl!!" and we were taken-a-back.. If it was a girl we were going to call her Brooklyn. It hurts so much still, even though it's been 5 months.
    I am so sorry for your, and her lost.. :(

    Is he okay? Did she give birth?

    Dawud Yelton

    hope everything is well; God bless...

    Stanning Annie

    sorry for your loss

  74. Eimear curley

    a wee song to 2 of the best friends i ever had michael and kevin look after each other up ther will meet again sometime

  75. kirstenbaileybates

    Always makes me cry

  76. trent hunt

    my mom sang this song to me ever nite when I wus little

    Luc McLaughlin

    That is parents goals right there man. 😁

  77. Brittney Klinke

    I playpen this song for my 6 month baby boy who passed away. I'm forever grateful for the time I had with my son.

    Robert S.

    I lost my son too 12 yrs ago. Today is his birthday. He was 3months 4days when he went back home. I miss him so much


    So sorry for your great loss darling x

    Elizabeth Gentry

    love the song


    Bless em lord...

    Dave Rogers

    My 2 month old son freddie died in 2012 and it was so amazing that I just happened to spend 24 hours with just me and him, the day before he passed! As I was so busy with work at the time freddie died from cot death during the day time ! Xxxx son xxxxx

  78. Margo McCuistion

    This song was written by a Dad whose Son was taken to another country after the divorce. It isn't about someone dying although that was my first thought when I first heard it.

    paul leach

    This song is about whatever the listener decides it's about.

    Bryan Mears

    The beauty of art is that it is left for interpretation

    D D

    Margo McCuistion I didn't know that, the lyrics do sound as tho a loved child has passed on..The father was hurting so much, his lyrics must of felt like he had lost his son forever.

    Chad Beermann

    Radney Foster was the songwriter.

    Cristina Carbajal Mariscal

    My son is serving our country and is away from home. This song is so beautiful.

  79. Sierra Gibson

    My brother got married this past weekend and this was the mother son dance song st his wedding

  80. Melissa Burgett

    i sing this to my lil guy. it's sweet.

  81. Jennie Bills

    2 years after my god sons death and this song still turns me into a blubbering mess of emotions and tears. 

  82. Lee Martinez

    I'd never heard this song before tonight. Makes me miss my little man. Daddy loves you, Mikey.

    Michael Anthony Martinez
    January 29, 2014 - March 31, 2014

  83. Maria Flores

    I would sing this song to my step son at night for him to go to sleep.. i would sing it to him countless times.. and i would do it forever if i could. My most beloved step son i love you with all my heart you are the light of my life.. i miss you so so much.. i miss everything about you. Youre the missing piece to my heart..i look forward to hold you in my arms once more..
    -♡ mia

  84. Justin Lai

    I don't know why, but this song always reminds me of an impending apocalypse. A mother coos her child to sleep with this song as chaos descends outside... Godspeed, indeed.

    Jordan O'Malley

    I'm like, reading through the comments, see yours and I'm like, "Week that escalated quickly."

  85. AJ Erickson

    He isn't gone, but this song makes me think of my 11~year~old brother. I have a very close relationship with him, being the oldest and very protective of him as he is the youngest. I miss you, Spuddy. I wish I could always be there to protect you. I think of you and the others everyday.

  86. Debra Morrisroe

    Lost my son and this is an eerily close experience . . . but my older surviving son could be equally (thanks for matchbox cars) represented here. Thank you Dixie Chicks for the share!

  87. Breanne Potter

    I love this song as of right now. Just found out today that my nephew has stopped growing in the womb. He was 28 weeks. R.I.P. Calvin James Aunt Breanne loves you.

  88. Tommy knowles

    Love that song

  89. Kristi Gerik

    Beautiful song

  90. Sierra Bell

    This song is sad it was played at a funeral I went to

  91. barbara shoe

    3 girls sang this at my 13 year old cousins funeral in 2002 its a vary touching song

  92. Dan Fleming

    This was my mothers song to me, when she died I was only seven, I can't stop thinking about her today. Thanks for uploading this.

    Kaeden Nicholls

    Kaeden 8 I will send this thread and this was my pleasure for us is the only one that was a little while for me and this thread to see what happens with my new job in Dubai is your day and time again I would have had the traffictrout I have to be the best for school this was the best of my life for us for me to this thread is your responsibility for us this was a no gas and is the traffictrout is the best and

  93. Deanna Housman

    To my late son, Kenneth.. Mommy loves you and misses you so much, you would be 7 years old today! It's amazing how time goes by so fast yet it seems like only hours ago I held you in my arms.

  94. Jennifer Roche

    This song was played at my infant sons funeral 21 months ago. Today is hid birthday and it still hurts. This song is played every day to taunt me

  95. Alexa

    This song gives me the odd urge to cry... such a beautiful song, and lovely voice!

  96. danyoartable

    Fantastic. That looks great :-)

  97. danyoartable

    Yes it is

  98. Rebekah Lang

    sorry for your loss