Nick Brewer - Jail Lyrics

[Nick Brewer:]
I get women, I'm just beginnin'
I'm sick of forever sinnin'
I'm blamin' the world I live in
My mother gave me advice
And I know I should've listened
Come on home, he's bellin' me
Tellin' me he's sittin' in prison
Got caught with a double ounce
Could've fairly moved unannounced
He moved up to the house
And found food under the couch
And now he's in a cell
Tryna figure somethin' out
And no one caught me feelin' down
Now I've got to make it count
Well, a couple people around me
Just start to row me
You got my vision fillin' with doubt
Now, my man is cloudy
Figurin' a [?]
I keep a small circle around me
You know why I keep a quiet game?
I needed it to speak loudly
You won't ever see me shouting
I don't want it
And I always want to make a difference
But I got it, I know I got it
I gained a teacher (Yeah)
But a teacher [?] posse
I'm tryna pull it together
I hope I haven't lost you

[Jacob Banks:]
Once I saw a blind man cry
I said, "Why is the world is so blind?"
Can't you see the world is only black and white?
Oh, these little eyes of mine

[Nick Brewer:]
Can you hear me?
My mind is kind of weary
That's why he's speakin' unclearly
But really
I've been in fear of these fairies
I'm feelin' inferior
And it's got me givin' up nearly, gets mad
Fat, I'm tryna get up on the mat
But I know that shouldn't matter
'Cause my homie said he's trapped
Puttin' money on the table
Unable to pay it back
He's lookin' for an escape
And now he's waitin' to collapse
I hear your situation
I wanna see the change
I'm sick of waiting
I'm sick of hating
On people singin' and feelin' amazing
I'm sick of feelin' so bitter
I hate this bitter taste
It's in my mouth, I spit it out
It brings me down, I figured it out
All of the times that I would find
Somethin' to rap that won't fill my mind
But why
Well, if nobody knows me
But then why
And I'm hopin' I don't say this to myself
I'm hopin' if I say it, it will help

[Jacob Banks:]
Once I saw a blind man cry
I said, "Why is the world is so blind?"
Can't you see the world is only black and white?
Oh, these little eyes of mine
These little eyes of mine
These little eyes of mine

[Nick Brewer:]
I don't say these words just to make a verse
I'm tryna take away the pain, take away the hurt (Hmm)
And even know, I really doubt it will make a difference
To the life I'm livin', I'm just wishin' it don't make it worse
But I know that life's real, I know that gas kill
That's someone holdin' dad still, but I just say the way I feel
And I keep trackin' the fail
But take my time to a till
Will free my man from this jail

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Nick Brewer Jail Comments
  1. J R

    I’m 54 now, I first heard Nick Brewer on his Alone with my thoughts Ep when my son became a Christian. I was blown away with admiration. I love Nick Brewers music and I’m grateful for his hard work and the positive message he puts out there.

  2. Victoria Appiagei

    Cool Awesome music rap powerful poet

  3. JoeyXcv

    you have no idea how many times i've replayed this song

    carol lui

    Same here

  4. Michael Omakobia

    Great Work Bro

  5. Tim Atoyo

    may God bless you and keep you on the narrow path

  6. wheresmyshoes

    One of the best from the EP.

  7. KSAC TV

    GOD IS BIG FOR US AND WE NEED TO WIN SOULS FOR HIM AND PLUS I HAD TO SUBCRIBE IT @SpdakaAce. on twitter legend respect nick talent whoever did the video hit me @gmail on [email protected]

  8. Henry Adebowale

    Good Back G Keep It Up

  9. GymItWithChris

    Great tune heard it on radio 1

  10. serenitygrantedd

    I think I just fell in love

  11. Ranikia Allen

    I'm still your biggest fan from America, but I hate when you don't upload it's hard to get your stuff and know what's happening with your music if you don't upload. Much love!!!

  12. Kae Kurd

    Great work lads.

  13. Tifoux97425

    So glad to see that you've kept working it out , and don't even think about stopping man, personally i really like your style, i've listenned to a couple of your new songs (flat10) i like all of them mostly and got a little preference for ''sun in your eyes'' ,so i'll try to share your songs as much as i can  !
    Anyway, keep going man, follow your dream and work hard it will definetely pay up soon ;)    

  14. Frxnklyn

    Badman. Love

  15. Bilal Benlarbi

    Propre !

  16. Sambou Touré

    Franchement ce type est génial, il a la plume, le flow et la tête du nouveau rappeur 2013, je continuerai à le suivre de très prés.
    Nick Brewer the revelation