Newton Faulkner - Human Love Lyrics

Nothing to fear, fear from us
Born in love, turned back to dust.
Clinging on to human love
Once meant the world, then left to rust

Hiding from the cold, painted on a stone.

When I'm with you, I feel like taking on the weather
Me and you, taking on the world together.

Nothing's new, not new to us
So much to see, too much to touch
Getting close, not close enough
Clinging on to human love.

Hiding from the cold, painted on a stone.

When I'm with you, I feel like taking on the weather
Me and you, taking on the world together.

Nothing to fear, fear from us
Born in, turned back to dust

Hiding from the cold, painted on a stone.

When I'm with you, I feel like taking on the weather
Me and you, taking on the world together.

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Newton Faulkner Human Love Comments
  1. François-Marie Arouet

    I remember this us!

  2. Julie Blackstock

    magic fingers

  3. Pit4 Music

    Excellent <3

  4. Angie Potts

    i was brought here by War of The Worlds live............ newton was sooo fucking jmmense x

  5. Official Kall

    I have now listend for ten years according to my facebook memories. Relate to every song on so many levels. Not met anyone who likes newton EVER and it sucks

  6. Terry Anderson

    the harmonics I get  but are you also doing the " Bass" part ? Is it done by separating the e string and giving it more of a bass resonance?  Amazing playing my man !!!

  7. Multiverse Image

    Better to be feared than loved - published by Newton - performed by Laura Jackson ??? i really need this song!!!

  8. Multiverse Image

    Hi all, any information about release date of Terminal 2018 soundtrack?

  9. Kerry Daw

    Countries being bombed with chemical attacks, whales dying from ingesting plastic waste, you're deliberating grammar and semantics when there is something beautiful being shared in humility and grace.

  10. Pie Face

    2.00 speedo

    Shlug life

    haha deadly

  11. rutheo100

    the world needs more Human Love xxxx

  12. Avis Wrentmore

    Brilliant Talent:) The Best:) Ever:) Love your music:) wow:)

  13. Vard

    Enjoyed this. Clearly Not acoustic.

  14. Marty B

    if you hear a few times its very catchy.please show more of you percussion skills.

  15. R Jaime

    That missing beat at 1:38 was the only thing that prevented me from burning my guitar lol


    eNoyx Good ear. I missed that.


    markdefish You both missed the other missing beat at 2:02


    In fact, there's at least 4 or 5. Not that it matters really, it's a cracking song!

  16. rutheo100

    this time last year I was watching and listening live in middlesbrough eeessshhh it was amazing xx

  17. Kez Music

    Absolutely love this! Thanks Newton, you've done it again!

  18. harry mcleodd

    I love this song

  19. o00osimbasmateo00o

    It sounds like he's becoming Christian! Welcome to the body bro :D


    whos christian?


    Erm... what.

    No. Christians aren't the only ones capable of loving people. As a matter of fact.... eugh. Never mind. Don't want to get into an argument about religion.

  20. Rachael h

    amazing !!! followed him for years.....just an amazing talented guy. can wait too see him at London union chapel this year. he has not lost the ability too produce real music.

  21. Olena Khomenko

    He is awesome singer and one of the few that I сan listen all the time.

  22. Chloe Kinsella

    Loved seeing this live, it was incredible. This guitar is so awesome, I want to buy one as soon as they go up for sale. *__*

  23. sp00n666

    Mr Faulkner, been fan since the beginning, still a fan now. Must admit the new look and style of your sound took a bit of getting used to, however still as great as ever. I adore watching artists grow.

    Keep being yourself!
    and thankyou, for the music which soothes the soul.

    Oliver Hust

    Whenever I see a video of him playing music it motivates me, makes me grab my strings to jam.

  24. Elena Stahlhut

    Love love this song xox

  25. lucy davey

    i could watch him all friggin day. What a man.

  26. Katrina aka Ali

    Saw him at Morecambe Festival 2016, thought he sounded great live and had a good rapport with the crowd. Great song, what a line "when I'm with you, I feel like taking on the weather." Would definitely go to a Newton gig, exceptionally talented guy.

  27. Cristina Lourenco

    lovely song... thanks

  28. Mark McDougall


  29. Philip D Joshi

    Now this is a different level of guitar percussions

  30. Jamesonsix19

    It is so cool how he uses the guitar, I've never seen anyone do it quite like him.

  31. Rasul Ismailov

    this is the shit!!!!

  32. Matt Crawford

    Most incredible craftsmanship in a guitar I've seen yet, Benjamin Guitars have really outdone themselves this time.
    And an awesome song to go with it, honestly prefer this to the album version, it just seems like original Newton which the sound of this guitar just brings out soooo well (minus the electrical buzz lol)

    Awesome, can't wait for more!

  33. Eric Greenwood

    amazzzing mr newton :) keep on going !! love your music so much....:) x

  34. Bobby Love

    Can't wait to see Newton live

  35. Kayla Anderson

    I think this song helped save me. <3

    Strawberry Bleach

    It saved me three years ago,. I had completely forgotton about this song since then, Came across it tonight and brought back all those sad memories, even though they were bad, Its just crazy to think about where you were 3 years ago Vs where you're at now, makes me feel happy as hell

  36. Maj84

    Wauw!! I love that new look 😍😍

  37. zed42able

    This is beautiful.

  38. Stephen Houston

    I want that guitar. Couldnt play it..... still want it.

  39. Danceswithzombies

    New stuff sucks balls

  40. Daniel Woodier

    I've written a tab for this song if you're interested.


    +Daniel Woodier man, thank you! your tab sounds spot on!

  41. Moggy

    anyone got any ideas as to what the tuning is? :)

  42. nomore breath

    by fat the best version of the song!

  43. Neil Henry

    Well that's hit the spot!! Beautiful Newton--than you!
    What an awesome guitar....I had no idea that these exsisted. How do you supose to make a make shift on with your standard elctro acustic? Can it be achieved?

  44. Rob S

    Guitar with Midi built into the body, and sub octave (or more Midi?)?! Benjamin is an absolute genius...

  45. JayBird

    Saw you at Oslo! What a terrific gig! You are awesome, and so witty as well... Seen you before and will certainly be seeing you again, life permitting XOXO


    i like this one better that album one

    david hickey

    same, more organic



  48. Dingbatthe1st

    Nick Benjamin must feel very proud when he watches this - the man is a genius!


    +Dingbatthe1st p.s. all those sounds from one guitar, no backing tracks - awesome, or what?

  49. Chloe Harmer

    omg seeing this played live w this guitar was probably the most magical moment of my life I'm like the heart eyes emoji rn but more of a heart ears emoji

  50. Mosh Man

    I like it, too bad there's a grammar mistake, you cannot say "me and you" - its "you and me"
    But whatever.

    Daniel Woodier

    It's actually "You and I" if you really feel like being pedantic.

    Mosh Man

    Like I said, "You and I" is more common, however, it doesn't make "You and me" not true.

    Mosh Man

    wow. that is really mature.

    Mosh Man

    oh, my bad, i was reading that wrong :)


    *hits bong* chill out man, it's art

  51. Michelle Quinn

    love love love love. so happy that uv brought out a new album iv always been obsessed with ur older stuff..☺

  52. Leanne Cameron

    And I thought you couldn't get any better ... a more mature sound and it's awesome!

  53. Jordan van Beem

    Anybody have the lyrics to this? Would be much appreciated! :)

  54. Elysia Jarman

    Newton is just perfection

  55. Heiko Bloemers

    love it a lot!

  56. vashti music

    Effortlessly excellent!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!

  57. Sandy Johnson

    Newton is love! Newton is life! this is incredible, never fails to impress 😊

  58. Xavier Ralph

    its coming tomorrow, who is that a benjamin because i love the guitars he uses????

  59. Charlee Reeves

    Brilliant song and it was released on my lil girls Birthday so extra awesomeness.. Got to love Newton for he rocks. :)

  60. yaboiskinnypenis

    This is unique, even among your own work. Not bad, just different.

  61. Daniel Dobbs

    Killin' it. I can't wait for this album.

  62. Declan Reeves

    Fantastic song, sent shivers down my back. Can't wait to see you (again) in Leamington on wednesday! Hope to hear more new songs there

  63. ruth burton

    Enjoying all my birthday love and excited to be going for some human love tonight xx

  64. Cristina Lourenco

    Amazing, thanks

  65. kernowrock555

    Wow! That's a unique new sound Newt! .. A little bit of oriental in there... loving the chime sensors on the guitar...scooting off to order the new album NOW! :) Great Stuff !

  66. Ruff AsToast

    Was that little shimmer at the end of the solo on purpose, I sure do hope so.

  67. Patrick Clinton

    Absolute Tune!!!!!! You the man Newton!

  68. Rob Croydon

    Hey, when you played with this amazing guitar tonight in Liverpool I initially thought your were pulling our collective legs... and that someone else in the background was making the extra sound...but after seeing this I now believe you! Haha... What a brilliant night in Liverpool, I'm glad we made the journey from were all brilliant tonight...the new material reminds me of Paul US rock/African pop type stylee! AMAZING! Thanks!

  69. Malcolm Hayden-Smith

    he's come on A LOT! yeah I like this song! x

  70. Patti Ruiz

    We need more Human Love in this world. Pretty song, vocals, and guitar.

  71. ruth burton

    A fantastic song the world needs more human love xx

  72. sstauby

    Now I'm even more excited to hear the rest of the album. Can't wait to get my signed copy. Love the song!

  73. Elías Pinet

    I feel like this would be amazing to listen while being high

    Huw Owen

    it is :-)

  74. wildicepick

    Are they midi triggers on his guitar? (the points he hits)

  75. wildicepick

    Awesome! :D

  76. The Human Pube

    Thank you Sam.

  77. Dan Farmer

    omg!! going to see newton tomorrow.... soooooooo Exited!, what guitar is it?

  78. zab666

    Yeah, please do a video about your new guitar setup!

  79. Zsolt Homonnai

    oh man, wasn't it a big surprise? and a pleasant one, i might add. a touching song and video. what kind of guitar is it, anyway?

    Andy Peacock

    +Zsolt Homonnai He has custom built guitars as far as I know

    Microphones inside the bodywork to pick up the percussive stuff.
    Also spot the new addition of the metal studs that seem to be acting as 'pedals'?

    When he hits them they create the 'chime' sounds.

    Really quite ingenius!

    Zsolt Homonnai

    +Andy Peacock thanks for the info


    +Andy Peacock They're all Nick Benjamin guitars (Lewes, UK) This (as far as I know) is his first electric built for someone. The metal studs I'm assuming are midi percussion sensors? I think I remember something about there being individual pickups for each string so you can get a whole load of stuff going on! Probably more going on in there too!


    +TheBlueMarsupial Nick also built a Telecaster-Shaped guitar that Ryan Keen tours with, but nothing else as magical as this

  80. Brantius Riximium

    Very, very good. Excited to hear the whole album.

  81. ruth burton

    Another tease from your new album and loving it so far xx looking forward to seeing you and your wee band on Monday xx

  82. matebary

    is this extremely custom Benjamin guitar? so custom that its not even on available models? Amazing song and guitar.
    Edit. Ok, you really need to say something about that guitar, these bells when you hit metal spots? wtf? Please explain!


    +matebary "the guitar has 5 sensors that you can use to trigger any sound you like via
    midi, plus two selectable bass string pick ups that go through an octave down unit in addition to being a normal electric guitar with custom Lindy Fralin pickups"

    Chris Rodz

    +TheBlueMarsupial SUPER AWESOME!!!


    They appear to be triggers. There's one just underneath his little finger on his picking hand too, which is how I presume he's getting that snare sound. Bloody clever!


    What guitar is that?


    +CORKALOT A special one Nick Benjamin made for him (Same guy who makes his acoustics)


    Oh nice. Thanks for the info! ^.^


    +CORKALOT From NB "the guitar has 5 sensors that you can use to trigger any sound you like via
    midi, plus two selectable bass string pick ups that go through an octave down unit in addition to being a normal electric guitar with custom Lindy Fralin pickups"

  84. Danny Gruff

    Too good. I was sat at my computer just shouting 'BEHAVE!'

  85. matthew reilly

    going to see you in edinburgh tonight! can't wait :D

  86. tycho

    Oh wow. So this guitar feeds through a bass amp and a regular amp at the same time and has percussion stomps built in? Next level one man band machine!

    Joshua Muir

    Yeah it has two inputs as well, one for the pickups and one for the internal microphone picking up the precursive sounds!!!!!!

    Tom Sharpe

    Thought it was some sort of midi trigger?

    Joshua Muir

    Tom Sharpe yeah sorry, your right. Each of those dots you can give a midi sound to

    Tom Sharpe

    Joshua Muir no need to apologise :)

  87. Besso0

    New stuff! :D

  88. Sophie Lodge

    Gorgeous, so good to hear new stuff!

  89. Emily Le Her

    I'm working tomorrow night when you play manchester and I'm gutted c': this is great though