New Years Day - Bloody Mary Lyrics

Mary Mary,
Bound and buried
Shut your weary eyes
Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary
For what you've done, you've been buried alive

She screams her voice away so she stole mine
Spoke my words but they didn't taste right
It's imitation but I'm not flattered
And she'll never matter in anyone's eyes

Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary

It's not right standing in my spotlight
You can just lay in my shadow if it burns too bright
Don't trip following my footsteps
Or you'll be up to your neck in regrets regrets regrets

You're just a patched up doll coming loose at the seams
You're just a stitched up puppet chasing someone else's dreams
A sad combination of every single idol you've ever wanted to be but you can't touch me
Have fun sleeping your way to mediocrity 'cause that's as high as you'll ever climb
I'll see you in hell

It's not right standing in my spotlight
You can just lay in my shadow if it burns too bright
Don't trip following my footsteps
Or you'll be up to your neck in regrets regrets
It's not right standing in my spotlight
You can just lay in my shadow if it burns too bright
Don't trip following my footsteps
Or you'll be up to your neck in regrets regrets

Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary

It's not right standing in my spotlight
You can just lay in my shadow if it burns too bright
Don't trip following my footsteps
Or you'll be up to your neck in regrets regrets
It's not right standing in my spotlight
You can just lay in my shadow if it burns too bright
Don't trip following my footsteps
Or you'll be up to your neck in regrets

Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary

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New Years Day Bloody Mary Comments
  1. KittySnicker

    I ADORE this song! It’s like the biggest “fuck you!”

  2. Trendy box Roy

    I love when she yells that verse. It just sounds so amazing. It all wounds amazing but the yelling parts just complete me.

  3. Loser club

    I will literally shout this out while playing this, surrounded by candles and mirrors, just with all my hatred towards this world. 😈

  4. blood skeleton

    Bloody mary

  5. Alpaca O Doom

    when you realise that the person making this video is standing in her spotlight

  6. mkg 21

    Me when someone wears something that I have too.

  7. Lizmary Hernandez

    NewYEARA DAY Ashly ❤✌😍😍😍😍

  8. Lizmary Hernandez

    NewYEARA DAY BloodyMayrLyRics☺😊😁😂😱😍💙💚💚💀✌👱

  9. Merdith Campbell

    Lmao rebel over here, I turned off the lights and closed the door and sang this song at the mirror. Nothings happen yet but I hope something does.

  10. Prince Of Halloween

    I love NYD, but I've always found this song to be a bit immature. Thinking someone is imitating you and then writing a song pointing fingers at them and making a big deal out of it is handling it much less dignified than simply brushing it off.

    I'll give it to them though, that the title of the song is pretty clever, calling her Bloody Mary to imply "She's so much like me that it's like looking in a mirror". Kudos to them for that at least.👌

  11. filmy kulinarne

    Tu najlepszy przepis na kotlet de volaille

  12. Ariel Burrow

    I'm glad they made up and all but knowing this is about one of my friends, it still pisses me off.

  13. Kryssee Katastrophe

    Dear Taylor Swift, this is how you do a revenge song!!
    Sincerely a NYD fan hahaha

  14. satan

    reminds me of juliet simms

  15. mkg 21

    What's funny is that my boyfriend likes Stitched Up Heart but not New Years Day. Like, wtf?

  16. Sue VanityCat


  17. Sunshine

    awsome song tho

  18. Sunshine

    omg on the AD i saw logan paul .0. [ i think]

  19. David Sherman

    My mom calls me Olivia.

  20. Darkness Light

    That moment when you realize that you're singing this near the bathroom mirror ...

    Ryan Medd


  21. My Chemical Kaulitz

    This is great! No matter who it's aimed at, it's still a rlly good song

  22. polette arriaga


  23. Mijaミヤちゃん

    Damn! I love this song!

  24. Salem Black

    i like her voice

  25. LuluSaurus

    sounds like get scared so much

  26. Juleahn Hale Sumalinog

    O YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Phoenix Baby Bat


    Dria Monroe

    Almost four years later.

  28. king_ BOSSGamer

    amo new years day❤❤

  29. hide away


  30. Cara Antoinette

    I really do enjoy this band but 0:24 to 0:32 sounds a little bit too similar to Sound Effects and Overdramatics by The Used.

  31. tomfooleryx517x

    get over it. . stitched is better than you Ashley. , mixi doesn't even mention you. . she has class. . you. don't. .

    Salem Black

    its not about mixi..

  32. MoosePirateEmmi

    Do you people realize that there is a ton of bands doing the same thing.
    NYD is not an original , how many bands before them did the same stuff? dressed in the same fashion had similar lyrics? Really?? you're in the same genre of music. what did you expect??

  33. tomfooleryx517x

    mixi is way better and has so much more class than this. . girl. . smh..

    Indigo Madrigal

    ya that's why you're here on NYD's video 😂😂😂

    Quincy Quinn

    +Indigo “LoveWayIndigo” Madrigal literally Nyd gets more views, more fans, i love both bands but nyd is better in every way in my opinion

    Christian Almanzar

    They are about to tour together. Bad blood is gone now.

  34. tomfooleryx517x

    you got your ass kicked by stitched up heart. . finally free.. eat their dust, , you don't even have a song that compares to it

  35. isaak mathias kroezen

    that song was awesome

  36. tomfooleryx517x

    hashtag #teamstirchedupheart

    XAmerican GloryX


  37. tomfooleryx517x

    Finally free.. stitched up heart.. is better than any song you ever released. .

    Nathanael Rose

    +tomfooleryx517x That's really fucking random.

  38. Patka Skorupa


  39. Roman Terry

    I must be working too many hours....never heard of this cool band.

  40. Isabel. exe

    My favorite song ♥

  41. agizzy23

    My favorite song.

  42. jazzie spades

    good sing new years day and I am a big

  43. Elizabeth Brigham

    note to self: never cover any of their songs

    Emma Lenhart

    this isn't about covers, it's about how a few years back another band started doing the exact same shit ash this one....

    Ashannay Davis

    +Emma Lenhart ooo oooo ooo explain with details please !

    XAmerican GloryX

    +the divine dave supposedly Mixi from Stitched Up Heart stole Ashleys style, but they're good friends now.


    @XAmerican GloryX Really? That's interesting

  44. emma r.

    Just to let you guys know, this song is NOT about Maria Brink, I have no clue where that came from, but Maria and Ashley are friends from what I know of. And I think this song WAS about Mixi from stitched up heart, but Mixi and Ashley are pretty good friends now, Mixi does have a voice that is similar to Ashley's, mixi used to have half black half blonde hair, and nikki used to be in stitched up heart, but again, I'm not positive if this was about mixi or not, but I don't think we should be assuming things we don't know. Just appreciate the song, and the band, because they're amazing, and super nice people :)

    Richie Herlinger

    +Two Nerdy Girls People are saying it's about Maria Brink because a couple people have said that Ash posted on Tumblr that it's about Maria, and then deleted the post. I also have a friend who says Ash told him personally during a conversation once that it was meant to be about Mixi because in the past, the 2 had some issues with each other. And Mixi has even posted on a couple occasions over the last couple years that she felt she was a bad person and wanted to change...which I think she has...I didn't know her back when all this was going on, but I know today she seems like a genuine sweetheart, I've met both Mixi and Ash, and I had a MUCH better experience with Mixi than I did Ashley. Not saying my experience with Ash was a bad one, she just didn't seem to wanna talk much and seemed like she was in a not so great mood, which is understandable with all the crap bands have to deal with on a daily basis, I don't expect them to always be in great moods.

    TD W

    I met her in 06 or 07 at warped, came across them accidentally, and went to their booth and she was there signing stuff so I got a poster and was just get my poster and move on and not bug her and she started up a conversation with me and was delightful, I fell in love with NYD that day, she was super sweet and totally chill, but that was also before anybody knew who they were

    Richie Herlinger

    @Tristan Waggoner Everyone I know says Ash is very sweet, and I believe she is...but the day I met them (Warped tour last year) was probably just a bad day, because I believe that there were some internal issues in the band at the time, because none of them seemed to be in a very good mood, none of them were really talking or anything, I got the feeling that they didn't really wanna be there doing that signing that day, and I know not long after, 2 of the band members left the band, so I probably just met them at a bad time. And I didn't let that sway me, I still love the band and their music and look forward to my next chance at seeing them.

  45. angel of darkness

    Bloody Mary Bloody Mary Bloody Mary, I Love this song and this band their so creepy and awesome I'll never stop liking them

    Lizmary Hernandez

    Bloody Mary NewYEARA DAY 😊😀😀😈😆😱

    Lizmary Hernandez

    @Icyangel 05 NewYEARA DAY Bloody Mary

  46. Larissa Clemente

    Blood Mary!!!!!!!!!

  47. We Are

    J'adore cette musique <3 *-* "Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary" J'adoooore

  48. Taryn McCormick

    The beginning sounds like the offspring give em hell.

  49. Its Rampage

    Is this song about Maria Brink or Mixi!?!?!??!, I'm confused .-.

    Richie Herlinger

    +Page Lomeli From my understanding, it was meant to be about Mixi because apparently the 2 of them had some issues in the past...but they have since put those issues behind them and the 2 are now friends.

    The Emperess Mira

    Def not Maria

    Christian Almanzar

    Well New Year’s Day and Stitched up heart are touring together.

  50. ImGhostly

    So I heard that this song is about Maria Brink from In This Moment?? Lol I'm not sure f that's true though, just what I heard.

    Motionless Burning Bodies

    Lead singer or Stitched Up Heart

    King Jacob

    So basically this song is A diss track?

    DarkShadow _

    King Jacob yes but they’re good friends now :)

  51. Asya Stokes

    Awesome song

  52. Sierra Jones


  53. Ashannay Davis

    I am gonan recite this sogn to anyone who fucks with me at school ;D

    Motionless Burning Bodies

    I love the way she screams "I'll see you in hell!"

  54. Laila Aljanabi

    This song is my life bye

  55. shyann green

    <3 luv this song

  56. Trena Walczak

    Have fun sleeping your way to mediocrity cause that's as high as you'll ever climb...I'll see you in HELL <3

  57. Marcus Pulido

    Apparently this song is about Stitched Up Heart, mostly towards Mixi (their singer).Apparently Ashley thinks Mixi is copying her style.Personally I love both bands,I won't pick sides.

    FallOutBananas /

    Are we just gonna ignore the fact that someone said this song was for Maria Brink?!

    Ariel Burrow

    They made up, thankfully.

    JuLizmary Hernandez Medina

    NewyearsDay LOVE

    JuLizmary Hernandez Medina


  58. Dave Lospinoso

    this band has been stimulating my senses in the most awesome way over the last 5 years,,,, with this album they earned the right to be called consistent. amazing musicians, amazing singer, amazingly diverse writing. paramore needs to take their studio musicians and get off the stage to let new years day remind us all that guitar solos help the singer, get a quick rest before the finale of a song. -Dave lospinoso Ortley beach NJ

  59. lexi crawford

    this is a good song

  60. hailey pickett

    I love this song, and this video is awesome! Great job on it!

  61. Sergio Negrete

    Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary 

  62. Denysse DVS

    i love it so much!!!!!

  63. julio cesar

    Awsome song

  64. Alondra Delgado

    Love it

  65. mackadoo lamy

    Chris is right. This is a GREAT band, along with MIW

  66. Tracy Michaels

    Love it so much. 3333

  67. EVtrnr chris

    Love this song and this band :3