Never Shout Never - Fifteen Lyrics

Just the other day
She was a little girl
Taking over the world
With her smile.
But just the other day
I saw that little girl
Taking a tongue down her throat
By a boy that didn't give a damn

That she was only fifteen,
That she was more then willing
To take a chance,
To find romance,
To grow up fast,
But I know she is so much better
Than to give it all away to the first guy,
First try,
First lie,
First goodbye.

Just the other day
She was a little girl
Taking over the world
With her laugh.
But just the other day
I saw that little girl
Taking her time with him,
And I can't say I've ever been so proud.

'Cause she is only fifteen,
That she is more then willing
To take a chance,
To find romance,
To grow up fast.
But I know she is so much better,
Than to give it all away to the first guy,
First try,
First lie,
First goodbye

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Never Shout Never Fifteen Comments
  1. Candy_Cane Cat

    2018? :3

  2. Rachel Saunders

    Lmao 2018

  3. Alternative Chick901

    Damn , I'm turning 16 Saturday ...

  4. Fizza Syeda

    Dear Maulana Qamar Syed Hasani, we love you even when you were 15....happy birthday 🎂 to Baba

  5. Quin Senpai

    Hi babeee,

    i’ll start off by saying HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAY!🎉🎊 and iloveyou so much, i miss you each and every single day baby 💕😔
    too bad i dont have that much to give but myself, and im such a headache 💔😰
    hey, take care always okay? i cant wait to reach our dreams together ❤️
    thank you for always being here for me, thank you for accepting me despite bein a total dickhead and douchebag 😔
    hey, you’re always on my mind baby 💕
    please take care always :’)
    my baby is gettin older and older~ dont forget about me okaaay? 😘
    you are my everythiiiiiiiing!!! ❤️ i hope you stay, Stay 🙈🐶
    always be here haa? be here til the end of time, til our hairs turn white and visions slowly fade, just know na andito ako when you need me 💕
    thank you for helping me get through tough times, i just really, really really loveyouuuu so much babyyy 💕❤️ we’ll get married pa haaaa! 🙈
    di na talaga ako makapag-antay 💕🙈
    we’ll paint, bake, drive and do all sorts of crazy stuff 🙈💖
    let’s go through this storm baby, the rainbow is waiting for us 🌈
    ILOVEYOUUUUSOMUCH!! and happy birthday, my love 🐶💖💕❤️🎉🎉🎊 you deserve the best out of life 😘😂

    Quin Senpai

    hey, jgh

    sry i didnt get to leave a message, sinamahan ko lola ko sa hospital, nagpacheck up ng lalamunan haha. naging rapper kasi kagabi kakasermon sakin 😂

    iloveyouu baby, and imissyouuu sooo fckin much already 😭💔
    i guess it’s too late to tell you not to overwork, pero take short breaks ha? eat on time and drink wateeeer, stay hydrated my love~

    Quin Senpai

    okay babyyy, here’s my gmail

    [email protected]

    Quin Senpai

    hey babeeeee,

    iloveyouu soo soooo damn much, dont overwork okay? imissyou agad 😞💔
    anyways, please eat on time and stay hydrated babe 😘
    also, can you pleaaaseee pleaseee PLEAAASEEEE not overwork like you always do? take short rests 😙
    take care today ❤️

    Quin Senpai

    take care~

    Quin Senpai

    hey babeee,

    take care today okay? iloveyouuuu so much 😘
    please dont overwork and eat on timeeee! imissyou 😭

  6. Camra

    Does anybody think the chords sound like hey there Delilah?

  7. abby sharp

    ok I’ve been waiting SO LONG for my 15th b day just so I can high key relate to this song

  8. Speedpigeon Productions

    this is still my favorite song

  9. Gamergirl137

    2018 and i’m still coming back to this song

  10. timmy


  11. Nathalie


  12. Katie Jennifer

    When you're fifteen and you have you're first boyfriend but he sends you this telling you he won't be that guy....WTF DO I DO

  13. Sara Jackson

    My sister showed me this 4 years ago on my 15th birthday

  14. Rhyan Eisloeffel

    wow, I remember when this came out, I was 19 and I was that girl in ninth grade, falling for anyone who complimented me but now I am married to a wonderful man, the love of my life. to all the fifteen year Olds, take your time, you'll find someone one day.i promise you'll be treated like a queen but take it slow.

  15. Potater Tots

    My boyfriend told me to listen to this song. About our relationship. I think I'm gonna end up sprawled up on the bed in tears if I ever think what I'm thinking now...

  16. génesis sheila

    TBT 😭 I use to listen his music when I was in high school . I even went to his concert ❤️ oh memories.

  17. Jay K

    i hate the fact that this song describes my life

  18. Alexia Thompson

    Story of my life!

  19. miyas_on_cloud9

    throw back to when I was 15 and would cry my eyes out to this song

  20. Jasmyn Torres

    I'm 15 🌸💁🏻🌸

  21. Bellona Canino

    im 15 and gave my first kiss to a guy who didnt give a damn, but then a few months later, i found another guy, who im willing to take my time on for.

  22. Haley Lynn Deveau

    omg I was only 15. I got my heartbroken by a guy who didn't give a damn. who used me for things I didn't wanna do. this speaks to me so much

  23. ahleetzel

    it's my 15th birthday and the boy who I used to love sent this to me today...

    Mara Avilés

    That´s very sweet of him :33
    Hope have someone who this to me xD

  24. Noah 'VintageWeedKiller'

    I'm young, and songs like these about mistakes are gonna really help me succeed. thanks NSN, means a ton.

    kim amiel rivero

    Ycrad CradCrad no. have sex at 15. its nice

  25. izzy sham

    I think this is the most touching song i've heard all day

  26. Summer Page

    <3 This....

  27. Robbie stewart

    This is the Christofer I like, I like their older music

  28. Brooklyne Wright

    love this song

  29. NotSoAmazingRhea

    25 people who don't have a heart

    høpe błurryfacə

    26 Now.

    Sarah Tevyaw

    28 now heartlessness is rising

  30. izzziyboobearr jordan

    Brb crying bc how accurate this is

  31. Mia Lanese

    This song never really connected with me until. I was just a little 15 year old trying to find romance...I hate that I was so naive

    izzziyboobearr jordan

    SAME ;~;

    kim amiel rivero

    Mia daniel u had sex at 15?

  32. Jazzy Murphy

    literally in love with this song

  33. Christianthekidd

    Never shower never xD

  34. Emilia Jane

    I'm fifteen❤️❤️

    Savannah Parsons

    I was 15 when this came out 4 years ago lol


    @Savannah Parsons dito lol

    NNA Madicinal Industries

    +Savannah Parsons i was 16 when he got big lol those were the good days

  35. Karen Rhein

    Ill forever have a love for this song 

  36. Jordan

    crying with love for this fuffin song!!

  37. Katie Haugen

    I was that girl.. That naive freshman who fell for the popular, tall, blonde, blue eyed senior.. For the lies, and the pretty words.

    kim amiel rivero

    Emily Katie and u had sex. smh

    Mia Lanese

    I commented this 2 YEARS 17 now lmao. But that's really inappropriate to ask someone.....

  38. Ashley Mcclelland

    I love this song <3 personal romantic moment ^_^ c:

  39. Maddie Zuberbuehler

    This song is emotional. But it hit me hard when my brother emailed this to me after his bestfriend cheated on me

  40. Like a ma'am

    "Cause she is only 15
    But she is more than willing
    To take a chance
    To find romance
    To grow up fast"

    That's me..;-;

  41. Emerson Hawks


  42. AmberAndersoncovers

    i've went through this just this summer... i thought he liked me... so i snuck out and spent way more time with this boy then i should of

  43. calista m

    At the beginning they put Never Shour Never it's shout not Shour

    Madison Sanders

    they corrected it with a box thingy

    calista m

    Ohh im on mobile so i don't see those, but thanks for explaining it to me

  44. Madison Coates

    Why is everyone sharing when they lost it? Seriously that's not what YouTube is for. Anyway this song is amazing and it should be longer

    Noino {Half Sayian/Female/Time Patroller/18}

    We have the freedom of speech (even if it's typing) so we can put whatever we want.

  45. Ella Nunamacher

    im almost 15 but explains what happens in most relationships i know not all guys are like that but most girls including mysef goes for guys like that

  46. angelica hernandez

    Sorry, brb im crying >.<

  47. chinks

    I wonder who he's talking about in this song who ever it is is very loved this song is beautiful LOVE IT


    @Dayla_dopeshid He wrote it to his little sister

  48. mia mcmuffin

    I love this song it explains so much to some girls

  49. Arlette Neumayer

    Awww ima cry

  50. bonnie grossi

    im 15 right now and yeah oops xD Im the exact same way but without the marriage

  51. Dakota Dobbs

    Omfg why is NSN so perfect?

  52. ITriez2BeFunniz

    Almost fifteen. Lurve this song :D

  53. TiceDoesMinecraft

    honestly, I cried and I'm a guy *I dont even know why!!!*

  54. Alicia Arquette

    You just made me cry... Thank<3

  55. iva jaunders

    This song is perfect<3 wish it was longer

  56. Alicia Arquette

    Night he showed me this song and I cried so hard because its everything he's trying to tell me...

  57. Alicia Arquette

    Alright... So I've been pretty lost lately with alot of losers hittin on me and stuff. Being 15 I of course couldn't really say no when my brothers bestfriend almost raped me. He forced me to do stuff with him and I hate it for it. But he's attractive so he gets away with it. 4 weeks later he did the same thing to my bestfriend. I stared going to church and I met this guy. Just last

  58. Destiny Chantel

    The first verse

  59. delaney tuttle

    HAPPY 15TH BIRTHDAY TO ME i have seriously been waiting 2 years to listen to this song and be 15.

  60. Hannah Tinker

    Six people don't care that she's only 15

  61. Jasmin Flowers

    Who the freakin hell could dislike this!!

  62. Victoria masterson

    Aww I think I might have this song on at my b'day party next year on my 15th :)

  63. brecheese109

    You know you spelled shout wrong right

  64. Screamingdissonance

    Awww, wish you happiness. <3

  65. Aimee Brennan

    I like the acoustic version better this sounds a bit too smooth, I think it's cos I heard the acoustic first

  66. Maggie McCloskey

    this song makes me cry

  67. Denisse Paola

    is this song inappropriate to put on a quinceanera slideshow?

  68. Beca Calderon

    is this song inappropriate to play at a quinceanera?

  69. kylie keller



  70. Salem Owens

    I cry so hard listening to this song :'(

  71. Heididldidldidleee

    The ONLY problem with this song is that it's way too short.

  72. kayla pfistner

    i lost mine a month ago and looking back i really wish i wouldve listened to this song because the guy pressured me into it and now i wish i wouldve waited for the one that i would actually be willing to give it too... Girls you really should wait unti you find that one guy who is willing to wait till you are ready..

  73. Jasmine Liz

    heh xD yeah i wish i could show this to all girls! one of my friends is pregnant and she is barely gonna turn fifteen, and she's not the only one i see with a belly walking down the halls.
    im fifteen and i would never ever be willing to give my love to a boy
    not until im 100% sure he's The One; one that i'll be willing to marry

  74. maddie anderson

    My little sister hates nevershoutnever but I showed her this song and she cried<3

  75. Chloe Tomlinson


  76. elva torres

    He should be more popular

  77. Dominique Brewer

    Love. I just can't this is just my song. I can't. Idk. It just makes me wanna play bmo next to the fireplace. ..

  78. Hannah Tinker

    I never said I was proud of it

  79. Nightvale Resident 298

    Is that really something to announce?? It's not good to lose it that early, you're not emotionally mature enough to deal with it. Not really something to be proud of xx

  80. ILiekTrenz

    Never Shour Never?:c

  81. IAweSome24

    spelling, helps alot

  82. Tyler Dickson spelled the name of the band wrong!!! how do you do that???

  83. Hannah Tinker

    I lost mine at 13

  84. DJ traks

    RD, Mah nigga
    And really, 15 isnt a good age to not be a virgin, thats too young, even though Im hypocritacal, seeing as I lost mine at 14, I feel a bit ashamed. Really, thats something that should wait until later in life, around 17 or 18.

  85. misstolen

    Stop slut-shaming. They are there own person they can do whatever they want.

  86. Logan L

    They have some slow songs

  87. jayjay m

    there band haves fast songs. they should make slow songs.

  88. Chealsea Regehr

    Explains so much about my life.. I wish i could take everthing back..

  89. makailey grossman

    i love this song :)

  90. shay star

    lovee this song,!!

  91. Jessica Russell

    He's talking about sex... He's saying that his little sister said no to having sex with her boyfriend and he was proud.

  92. Destiny Barrera

    hes so amazing ♥(:

  93. Autumn Drew

    i am exactly this girl..