Neutral Milk Hotel - I Hear You Breathe Lyrics

I hear you breathe as you sleep through the morning
And the sun cracks through winter's wind
Screaming out an effervescent warning
That all that's true is sure to end

But won't you peel your pies to the TV screen
Won't you read me your articles from your boring magazines
Which fill the spaces with your lipstick screams
Well that's all you ever gave, that's all you ever gave to me.

Sinking like a stone in the water all alone
You will not find me
Your reflection is the only sight you'll see
A heart that has no memory
For all your tears they will drown you
And sink you for one million miles
And when the fear of life has finally found you
And crushes you inside the ocean tides
My ship will be sailing by

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Neutral Milk Hotel I Hear You Breathe Comments
  1. clawpuss2

    why is this gem not on Spotify? Grrrr!

  2. hmmphsammy 2k12

    Jeff never ceases to amaze

  3. Isis Bianco

    it may never stop hurting

  4. helenHeller01

    This is so haunting and lovely. Can not get enough.

  5. Silly Pider

    I love this song, it's so simple and beautiful.

  6. Mike Dorfman

    It makes me sad to think that so many people have never heard this song. I think it's the most beautiful thing I've ever heard.