Neutral Milk Hotel - Bucket (Organ Version) Lyrics

Shadows on my wall
They creep and crawl on through the night
They dream of waterfalls
Catching small, bright streams of light

Life can be so weird
A bucket full of tears
But it's all right
I've seen the light
And I've still got time to fly away

Shadows in my dreams
They're painting scenes of time with you
I'm hoping all these things
And strength it brings will see me through

And life can be so weird
A bucket full of tears
But it's all right
I've seen the light
And I've still got time to fly away

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Neutral Milk Hotel Bucket (Organ Version) Comments
  1. Christopher Schelberg


  2. charlie

    this fucking sucks ass

  3. sofabouvier

    I weep for love lost

  4. Neutrally Nonsensical

    Does anyone know which member is playing the organ here ?


    Either Jeff or Julian I would assume.

    Maxwell Whitaker

    It’s Jeff, this was a solo project before Julian and everyone else joined. He played all the instruments

  5. Neutrally Nonsensical

    I love it.

  6. brickman409

    And life can be so weird a bucket full of ... tears?
    huh, kind of makes more sense than bucket full of fear

  7. churchvan

    I'm so high. This has gotta be my favorite song

  8. TheOssumPawesome

    What a gem. Ty buddy

  9. positive juice motel

    Good find. Love this version of it.

    Benjamin Wheeler

    say i do concur

  10. Kyle Strucke

    i smell a redditor

  11. Ben W

    I fucking love this song.
    Note how in this version Jeff sings 'A bucket full of tears' rather than 'a bucket full of fear

    Benjamin Wheeler

    wtf am i supposed to do with this useless ass note?
    way to make the naive waste paper cuz you like to use lame sayings that mean nothing like "note how" and variations of. Think of the fucking trees man

  12. doctorsinatra


    cool, done and done. :)

  13. john smith

    @doctorsinatra just use, the best image hosting site. send me the URL in pm.

  14. doctorsinatra

    pm me your email if you can or i'll find a free pic hosting site, doesn't really matter either way. :)
    (sorry, haven't paid much attention to youtube settings/features aside from posting some vids)

  15. john smith

    @doctorsinatra i couldn't find it either lol, yeah man, send it to me if you would be so kind lol

  16. doctorsinatra

    k, edit - didn't see a copy right off the bat (checked first couple pages of google image) so if you can't find a copy just let me know and i will gladly send you a copy of the image file.

  17. doctorsinatra

    oh! sorry, not enough coffee. it was emailed to me by the friend who sent me the song with some stuff. no guess as to whether he took it or just got it from the internets.
    wish i could be of more help! out of touch with trader or i'd just email him. i wouldn't doubt a google search would land you a copy of it though.

  18. john smith

    @doctorsinatra you didn't say where you got it from lol

  19. doctorsinatra

    I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure this pic was from a private show in Athens at someone's house. (no I didn't take the pic and can't say for sure who did, sorry) :(

  20. john smith

    where did you find that picture?

    Benjamin Wheeler

    up yo butt and around the corner

    Oliver Dreyer

    Did I just witness a murder?