Netsky - I Refuse Lyrics

I know you want to leave me
But I refuse to let you go...

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Netsky I Refuse Comments
  1. Sophie Murfitt

    I know you wanna leave meeee, but I refuuuse to let you gooooo!!

  2. monstersince

    happy new year Liquicity

  3. Gianni94


  4. Kale Clelland

    such amazing memories made

  5. Melody Moon

    Beautiful 😊😎😋

  6. Connor Sallis

    Try dealing with a mentally Ill Alcholic partner who loves you one minute and hates you the next....can really relate to this song

  7. Shinobi026

    the music and video are so powerful. i feel like these are my own memories.

  8. CoDLegenDz81

    I know you have opinions about this tune but i refuse to care enough to read them 😏🤗 JK such a Classic

  9. awake

    Love this

  10. one love music

    Wow this is powerful !! I love it 💙💙💙

  11. EWOLNZ

    Back in 2019. RIP liquid

  12. applebug

    2019......this classic❤

  13. daisie b

    I can almost smell the cow shite 😂 but that voice tho ❤

  14. A ndreas

    Daga kotowaru

  15. daniel müller

    Smile for a week!?

  16. Junk

    Sat in isolation in school back in 2011 headphones in staring out the window at the summer sky madness how this song takes me back to that

  17. Kelvin Smy

    This was the one back in the day

    fond memories flooding back and raves i forgot about lol

  18. Aimee Thomson

    ..refuses to be in with liars

  19. Erik S

    still refusing to let it go / 2019


    weronika gradzinska

    there will never be another tune to top this, period.

  20. Save

    Piano Max!

  21. Josh Rein

    This song really makes me think to the good old days <3

  22. A2C Music

    This is and always will be a emotional tune man driving in the twilight unreal .

  23. Wizard Maori

    Netsky truely was the liquid king in this era, forever will be my teen memories!

  24. Funker

    2019 old lovers ❤❤👂

  25. Nexus

    Sad music what? Nostalgic netsky it's a god

  26. Screamarts dnb

    he wrote so many classics back in the day , this one hits the feels and nostalgia so much

  27. Paul Usainov

    Aw thanks Netsky. Beautiful piece in my heart

  28. John Dosh

    One of the best songs ever in music history.

  29. Britbong

    I'm still here in 2019. I refuse to let this song go. If you were alive and kicking in the rave scene whilst this music was fresh, hows life been these past 10 years?


    Honestly, time has flew by. I can't wrap my head around that I'm over 30 and with different responsibilities in life. 10 years ago, everything was much simpler...

  30. Georgie Kardashian

    i'm 16 and i remember my brother showing me this when i was about 8 or 9 and im back here today almost in tears

  31. Kenneth Hockett

    2019 & still refuse to let you go!!!😎😎😎

    Dane Brass

    basically came here to say the same thing, haha!

    dj harsh

    Still rinse this now

  32. Kale Clelland

    Reminds me of mw2

    Nathan Coates

    Kale Clelland probably because this song was released around the same time as MW2

  33. ?qube

    Oh man I remember when this came out!! ANTWERP BELGIUM REPRESENT

  34. Christopher Conrad

    This is huuuge! Dammit man...

  35. Ashley Mitchell

    Still listening now I refuse to let this song go

  36. Lester Hunt

    2019 still good tune

  37. Michael Simperl

    mix this with calibre - old flame.
    thank me later.

  38. Its Zavoh

    Two thousand and fucking nine

  39. Rosa Mosqueta

    this was our song when we got together. now after seven years he broke up ... and i listen to this song again 😿💔 i refuse to let him go

  40. Chandler A

    Such a good song

  41. Liquicity

    ❗️📣Did you know there is a Liquicity Festival this summer? Liquicitizens and artists from over 50 countries come together to celebrate Drum & Bass music. Three days including campsite near Amsterdam. More info:

  42. MyKey2 FinancialFreedom

    Raise Your Hand If You Kno This Came From The Group "The Temptations - Ain't Too Proud To Beg"

  43. Moscow never sleeps


  44. Chilled.

    2019 Love this music

  45. Master Creepy

    My sad story?

    I'm depressed.

  46. BTK clown

    Just so i dont sound like im late to the party, im on a proper weekend comedown vibe rn, ive know this track for a while 😂 but can people suggest similar tracks, vocals and chill bass but will still give you the "i smell shit" bassface.

  47. Gareth Simmonds

    Me and my best friend found this song together when we were younger, 5 years later we now live on the other side of the world. This song will always remind me of him. Love you brother x

  48. Paul Usainov

    These drum and bass songs really kept me together through my earlier years man :-)

  49. Ghost 896

    9 years! This song aged well cause its still my favorite!

  50. N0S3RR_ G4M3PL4YS

    What about 2018

  51. Mario / iVazanity

    Anyone else on a nostalgic trip wondering why time is running so fast?

  52. MrIlija123456

    This is still amazing ❤ love you all 😘😋

  53. Lastman Standing

    One of netskys best liquid Dnb tracks before he turned gay and sold out !!!!

  54. All women are Queen


  55. Danny Smith

    Netsky 💯kills it every time 🔥

  56. ross bolwell

    how the he'll did this get 4 million views, Netsky ain't even that we'll known compared to some artists

    Ian Smith

    banger!!thats why bud

  57. Radu Diana

    2018 >>

  58. ChronicGamingHD


  59. Nguyễn Mạnh Dương

    beautiful song

  60. Yamil A

    2018!! but I refuse to let you go !

  61. schuessler -

    back then when everything started, i feel so damn old. where is all the time

  62. K'aman'Tur

    The single best track. Forever.

  63. Payne dnb

    I got a call from the police about my dad. I put this record on right away. Sure enough they came and told me he was dead. I'll never forget that moment and just knowing what happened.

    Gareth Simmonds

    RIP to your dad

  64. Black Tatts Only

    2009 the year of dnb

  65. samwelch1928

    OH MY GOD !!!! all that needs to be said !! #2018

  66. Tanno


  67. AlluuX

    old but gold

  68. richard lockey

    It's about the high contrast early days now that's a producer of high quality

  69. stevenewinghead

    so much prefer this version than the shockone remix


    stevenewinghead I love them both for different reasons. Chilling at home, this version. DJing on stage, the shockone remix kills it.

  70. Dan Townshend

    I prefer the faster mix, at
    still a good tune :-)

  71. Nick Adams


  72. Jay

    Such a shame that Netsky primarily creates and spins garbage now

  73. LoadsOfPetrol

    jesus christ, this reminds me good and carefree times, friends, parties, my first gf, troublefree life :)

  74. Pablo Escobar

    My dude Netsky been holding it down

  75. Haaz

    still a banging track!

  76. Green good guy

    Daga Kotowaru

  77. Dr. Strange

    Old Netsky > New Netsky

  78. De onzichtbare bootmobiel

    Holy shit, came back to this after listening to other genres for more than 5 years. I've never experienced nostalgia like this.

  79. naught101

    Decent track, but those lyrics are a bit rapey...

  80. -Rage艾

    ??? Aonde é que eu estou

  81. Mateusz Has

    I like it miusic netsky🙃🤣🙃🤣🙃🤣🙃

  82. Serge Voluntarist

    tfw you refuse to let her go

  83. Grendel

    The theme song for kidnappers.

  84. Matthieu

    Where are songs like this at today?

  85. niteryder84

    Still smashing it in 2017!!

  86. beatsbyNAIVE

    personally i like the shock one remix more

  87. guido7095

    2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 best years on youtube, back then when everyone was struggling to make their viewers happy.... man it's not nostalgie, it's melancholy

    simon jones

    The Golden Years.


    for me it started 2008 when this channel was opened:) but yee..... such good memories

  88. Azh_

    Old Style > All


    We were so trippy

  90. Nick Y

    Much love for everyone out there that still sees the beauty

  91. Lewis Dawson

    Til I die will love this tune.

  92. Liquicitizen Rabbit

    Simply the best tune of Netsky, i still listening this since many year <3

  93. Simas Kazenkovas

    There's always a semi-boner in my pants after listening to this song

  94. Axel Forsberg

    I refuse to let you go, Netsky

  95. Alexandre Coquete

    Netsky why did you refuse this musics from yourself, you shouldnt! Cant you ear your own songs?

  96. AvailableHealer

    how can i refuse to let her go?