Netsky - Drawing Straws Lyrics

What we're gonna do right here is go back

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Netsky Drawing Straws Comments
  1. Strategy Plus

    Wuba luba dub dub

  2. Nayra Torres Galan

    olaa... aphrodite-'''------

  3. dansantan278

    try this with a subpac

  4. Josh Birss

    Get Get Get Get Get Get Down!!

  5. applebug

    Sick!!! Banger....underrated

  6. Anticipate


  7. Lord Baltic

    yeah i thin i heard it some where can you name the track?
    sorry bad for english

  8. emanuel0831

    This sounds exactly like Aphrodite. d:

  9. Synbad

    if it was a "cheesy hit for kids" it would suit you just fine. This tune is the definition of d'n'b, dont like it stop complaining and listen to something else

  10. Zayn Hayes

    Thats some shitty sub bass

  11. jaba22ful

    fantastic song more of this funky vibe netsky!

  12. kona

    no the album with it came out on hospital records was out last year

  13. achmed motherlover

    omg i have heard this song months ago, and it is only out now in hospital records? x_O

  14. achmed motherlover

    69 likes in your comment ahahaha

  15. Januš lukáčová


  16. beukie710

    I really am a great fan of Netsky, like I know (and like!) either the old and the new style. I think his second album is really awesome and I'm wondering why everyone is so negative about it. Of course, I understand you might perfer liquid, but hey.. This doesn't make the new songs bad, does it? :)

  17. Mark Robins

    Prefer older netsky

  18. My name is Earl

    thats what this shit is bring back the old netsky everyday

  19. Connor Barth

    thats some proper fidget dnb!!

  20. Trystan D'n'B

    Rock Werchter 2013!

  21. Magda Faruga

    POLAND! <3

  22. Michele Anesi

    One on the biggest track of the album!! SUPER BASS!!

  23. IcyWind

    I believe the reason people are saying they don't like this song is probably cause they've never been to a drum and bass party. I aswell thought that everything that wasn't liquid sucked, but after i've been to several dnb parties trust me people when I say that this is the kind of song that makes people dance like crazy

  24. HRTZ 33

    I can jam the fuck out of this. I honestly expected something different from Netsky, this is different for him/amazing!

  25. AaronLee

    Anyone else fondly reminded of Extreme-G 2's soundtrack?

  26. Dilbravishlah

    Nice tits.

  27. oEvoh

    Its that jungle feel with newer Netsky it.

  28. OMack1892

    WATA TUNE! Braaap!

  29. ZeeHodge

    Absolute tune! That old school jungle feel

  30. wannabetheminority

    there is no way out dude! welcome!

  31. clearyxxx

    He used to be amazing..signed to hospital turned completely shite mentioned above all stuff for kids..This tune is a real improvement..Nothing like starlight , i refuse etc but shit at least it will get a dancefloor of actual adults moving :D

  32. Alexei Bradshaw

    My favorite track off the album. Great Jungle/liquid cross to this one. Nice1

  33. AkMachx

    I'm a huge fan of Netsky and I didn't like this song.

  34. Juste Juju

    Yeah Netsky ♥

  35. Little Space Case


  36. Little Space Case

    This is my favorite Netsky song!

  37. Blaylock1988

    This is like the ONE song from this album that I didn't like. Everything else was very good though.

  38. JulKa

    wnazgul has a point, look at Prisma , Secret Agent, Lets Leave Tomorrow, Come Alive, Come Back Home, Escape, Everyday, Give & Take, Young & Foolish, Your Way and many more awesome tracks and those tracks are what Netsky is all about :) this one is just some empty thing that london Electricity or Danny Byrd would make for hospitl podcasts or sets...

  39. Brian Graves

    Love it.

  40. fso

    fucking love this song!

  41. Yoneger24

    Why is it being release so late??

  42. azertyuiop4671

    dat bassline

  43. Nettik

    1080 snowboarding of nintendo64, thanks to that game i love liquid

  44. CYMANITE - Production & Remixes

    meh,was expecting something better.

  45. Naki-kun

    this is not rly classic, but old school y.

  46. Arthur vallina Griera

    niceeee song !!!

  47. David D.

    not really. 2012

  48. TheParsnipGuy

    one of the few good songs from this album

  49. lolizorz


  50. TheQwertystyle

    Personal favourite of the album :)

  51. Gin

    jungle break

  52. Mars T

    I like this style more from him

  53. HyperNationMusic

    My favorite from the album definitely

  54. ttlharkema2

    Pretty old song :p

  55. Oggy2295

    why are people bitching about this, stop playing it through your skullcandy headphones...

  56. Hansy

    What? über cheesy hits for kids with an dnb beat?

  57. wnazgul

    I honestly expected more from netsky :/

  58. Joachim Nys

    Netsky, really?

  59. adamaka

    I think he prefers "Netsky".

  60. joeywaaa



    Netsky :)

  62. Free The People!

    3rd me mon

  63. Sil de Graaf