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Netsky Detonate Comments
  1. kortisin

    I plugged this into a speaker and turned the bass all the way up...

    now im homeless lol

  2. gabel -1

    Minchia che potenza netsky!!!! Bravissimo!!!!

  3. Gio

    Instant classic. Finest of the creme of the crop. Eargasms, everywhere. Funner to listen to than shooting fish in a barrel of monkeys.

  4. Josh Birss

    This is definitely my favourite Netsky song! So much wow!

  5. Barron

    2017 anyone?

  6. NorteK

    goosebumps always at 1:54


    same here !

  7. Skysnipervic 76

    Did you now that netsky is from belgium like me

  8. Stefano Cassio

    Been a while... but always good to have a bit of netsky to make your day better

  9. film art


    Marcin Kaczmarek

    O tym samym pomyślałem jak usłyszałem ten kawałek pierwszy raz ;-)

  10. Dominik Kasper

    Love it

  11. Jokeri

    underrated stuff

  12. Raddy P. aka Velo

    Nightcore doesn't exist!!! Hey, anybody make it or I'll fuckin' die!!!

  13. Andrzej Smajek

    Mistrzostwo świata

  14. merzibow

    this is such a legendary netsky piece.. Oh my lawd its good!

  15. Cintia Vasquez

    Found my old iPod and heard this song and damn I love it


    Cintia Vasquez sameee xD


    Love that soothing flute in the shredding Basses!

  17. kieron holmes

    Hard af

  18. Emmanuel ESTEBAN

    Thanks Phantoml0rd :D

    Youtube User

    +Emmanuel „z0reN“ ESTEBAN This skingambling idiot?

    Emmanuel ESTEBAN

    Why "idiot" ?

  19. Jarryd S

    PETEBOSS sent me~

  20. Isaac Blanc

    One of the best albums I've ever heard

  21. M4ko

    1:55 :D

  22. Hospital Records Patient

    the tune 1:55 is so amazing!! It reminds me of lord of The rings ❤

  23. ???

    This is one of the heaviest songs I've ever heard from Netsky 

    ListerStorm I

    Its very good though imo

    miguel gomez

    So damn good

  24. Tiago Macedo


  25. shahinsoccer

    isnt this the same opening as Metrik - Between Worlds?
    Love this though

  26. Bogdan Ionita


  27. Timo Ahlgren

    Skynet - netSky

  28. giannidellepizze


  29. Lean Deer

    well I'm off to go listen to the 1hour version.

  30. chlasma

    best tune from him imo
    ...1:55 -pure love =)

  31. TheBlackstoOrm

    Sinon comment ca se fait qu'il n'y ait pas encore de message en rapport avec Antoine Daniel? :o

  32. Boris Hagemans

    Thats funny because officialy it should be on Netsky 2. Friend of mine has Netsky 2 with Detonate on it, so dont know what you have?

  33. Boris Hagemans

    Nope its on netsky 2.

  34. Boris Hagemans

    Yeah its on netsky 2.

  35. LightfingersKlepto

    This album is tight I gotta dig it up one of these days

  36. CamPlays

    This is the official picture for the netsky 2 deluxe album, he shouldnt be complaining, finish him.

  37. bcmasur


  38. Team Botchef

    I will have you know it was consensual. :P

  39. Kurt Van Eyken


  40. KEBYKepoW

    LOL actually the first time that "YouTube recommends you... "
    Helped me :P

  41. TheYurikeeProject

    He left the stage, making us believe the show was over.
    everything went to black, which is how i knew it wasn't over, or the lights would go on to show you the exit.
    2minutes of silence later, he gets back on stage, quietly, suddenly, out of the blue, they start playing this track.


  42. Jarno Lippens

    I listen this about 100 times a dat lol

  43. DnBJonas

    It's on Netsky 2. Deluxe version has it aswell. I think RedPandamonia means that only the previeuw was released when Netsky 2 album was about to come out. But it's 100% sure on Netsky 2 album. Awesome song btw.

  44. giannidellepizze

    dai che scende al magnolia chezzo

  45. killian janssens

    i have 1 and 2 here next to me
    this track is only on the delux edition

  46. Teh0wnageVidz

    first track he made that isnt gay!!! GRATZ

  47. itzUchiha

    Anyone who watched this as a virgin no longer is a virgin.

  48. TeNNoX

    + EPIC = Detonate !

  49. TeNNoX

    EPIC + EPIC = Netsky !

  50. tibor van barel

    weeral een supergoe nummer van netsky da NI herkend word ...

  51. Mats De Winter

    so DAMM gooood song

  52. Ash Ketchum

    i did
    it was totally fuckin awesome :D

  53. YUME Collective

    This has a Pendulum feel to it...

  54. Euphorica

    omg what a drop i really wanna hear this live i know im gonna go crazy netskyyyy........

  55. tybe ukki

    netskiiiii <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 :3 d[-.-]b

  56. Michal Laskowski

    I have been proven wrong lol woops must've overlooked it the last time i was looking at the album list, thanks.

  57. Michal Laskowski

    Not being a troll or anything but its actually on Netsky 2 (Deluxe Edition). The Original is much shorter and does not include this song.

  58. MetalLover

    this song gives me the feeling that i can control everything.
    FUCK YEA!!!!

  59. Mame dio

    i saw him live last week and it was the best concert i have ever been at it was just insane

  60. Mame dio

    fuuuuuck yes man!

  61. Máté Ellenberger


  62. vAStoPL

    miażdży mUzg!!

  63. klarca vskova


  64. great C

    Full version is awsome !

  65. Maxim

    why Netsky 2 ?

  66. VadenPS4

    Echt bednkt! <3

  67. Ward7onPS3

    This one isn't really liquid though :d

  68. Christopher Gustavo Moreno Bazalar

    Drum and bass + liquid = Netsky 2