Netsky - Can't Speak Lyrics

I can't speak
It's not easy
When dust fills my lungs and I can't see
No way out for us, no, I can't breathe
All I can do, I am doing
Won't accept that our hope lies in ruin
I'm searching through all this destruction
For a way that our love can still function

The sky is fading from blue to black
The walls, they crumble as the windows start to crack
I try to save it, I try to get it back
I won't let this bring us down

I can't speak
It's not easy
When dust fills my lungs and I can't see
No way out for us, no, I can't breathe
All I can do, I am doing
Won't accept that our hope lies in ruin
I'm searching through all this destruction
For a way that our love can still function

The sky is fading from blue to black
The walls, they crumble as the windows start to crack
I try to save it, I try to get it back
I won't let this bring us down

I can't speak
It's not easy
I can't speak
It's not easy
I can't speak
It's not easy
I can't speak
It's not easy

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Netsky Can't Speak Comments
  1. george perry

    Why is this not on spotify 😫😫 what a fucking tuuuune

  2. Thomas Martens

    Can someone add this to spotifty??!!!

  3. MsMauz

    Love this feeling of modern retro dnb!

  4. SubKonscious Gaming

    love it! love it!! love it!!!

  5. Merlin

    to all you critics. just shut the fuck up and enjoy the music.
    if you want something better then make it yourself.

  6. lancehutch

    New or old, both are good. Netsky keep it up! but do some liquid at some point :)

  7. MixedLine

    whose voice?

    Retired Chand Evil

    +MixedLine ed sheran

    Didar Islam


    Screamarts dnb

    the troll is strong in this one haha

  8. Fernando Martín Besteiro

    Upload it to Spotify!

  9. femtoseconde

    whish to ear more from you

  10. femtoseconde

    you are a true artist, keep doing what you love

  11. Ibrahim Mussa


  12. Gollashbblash

    Generic :/

  13. CSplayer116

    aw shit this song so great :D needs to be in need for speed most wanted 4 soundtrack pls EA

  14. Mathieu Kotnjek

    NETSKY, PLEASE GO BACK TO YOUR TOMORROWS ANOTHER DAY TIMES. What the fuck is this shit. Sorry I love all types of dnb... liquid.. neurofunk.. dark.. jungle.. raggea and all but this song sounds like so hardwell stuff. lol

  15. Butterfly7069

    So goooood :D

  16. claudia whiteley

    Ugh!!! Why has netsky's music gone to the shits?

  17. gamefan6219

    This Song Is On A&F's New Summer 2015 Playlist. I heard It Today.

  18. nate lange

    Coming from someone who is a producer, this is a wonderful track...until you put your time into the production of a track you can stfu...especially the people that have no experience in this feild...period.

  19. gomerkyle

    this is such a weak track. netsky hasnt released anything solid in at least two years. he teams up with metrik and makes one of the worst tracks he has ever put his name on.

  20. Nakbom

    lol, dem people hatin at that song aint know shit about it

  21. Destamoon


  22. Multimedia95

    Oh man this is wonderful.

  23. Miranda Van Eetvelde

    Schitterende plaat!! Waanzin:-) Zo goeeeeed!!

  24. xpose8888

    I expected way better, this is rather boring

  25. William Arno

    Kool tune...

  26. Cheese

    When the song kicks in, I can't help but say "Oh my fucking god" - Sounds like it so much.

  27. Cheese

    Ok, it might not be your taste but it doesn't mean you can give this song some shit - It's an absolute tune. 

  28. Ultimate Elektro

    fucking gay piece of shit commercial trash

  29. shane petersen

    Yeah fucking tune!

  30. The Cobra


  31. Ross Ellis

    Netsky is still awesome the guy has many talents and can play lots of differnet types of music which makes him the man.

  32. Jeffrey Dc

    Liquid! Not the old netsky, but is awesome liquid, not too strong, just chilling, awesome melody!

  33. HughVideo

    This is Metrik all over. which isn't bad at all. But just sounds like Netsky had no input.


    what when its netskys drums?haha okay mate 

    Michelle Briffault

    @anticipate jordan I agree. Similar to Running Low

  34. McBaiNNN #

    Fucking awesome

  35. Jelle Tromp

    That collab tho 

  36. Linda Marin

    do not judge dudes this is DnB and i know netsky has been more great songs but this is not bad so.... is not the end of the world more good songs are cooming from netsky! 

  37. Escervescentefeliu

    Every Netsky song is better than the last one
    love his liquid funk!

  38. LadyMOGOLLA

    mňamky mňaaaaam :-P amazing guys ;-) !! 

  39. The Zapper

    reminds me of his epic mickey remix

  40. Lucas M

    Saw this shit live a few weeks ago in D.C., it was amaaaaazing! Netsky live is simply brilliant. Live keyboard, can you hate on this?

  41. James Mcgregor

    Terminator 2 end theme song :)

  42. Joey M

    Good stuff here!!

  43. David Mazí

    Netsky. Please dude. DO NOT accept invitation (well, do not accept money for it) on the biggest DnB festival in Europe, Let It Roll in Czech Republic. This liquidgaycommercialkindofdnbsong is fucked up :(

    Jeffrey Dc

    Liquid is awesome, so stfu! Ok its not the old netsky, but the liquid genre is growing! Chill out music is getting popular: deep house, liquid, all the re-works of tracks on thesoundyouneed! Thats what the crowd wants, just relax, so perfect tune mate

    David Mazí

    well, i guess you have been never on LiR. And i love liquids....yes, it's getting popular, but it doesn't meen beeter than couple years ago


    Seen him 2 years ago at LiR and it was pretty terrible :/

  44. fromthe603

    this is really good

  45. Retired Chand Evil

    how did these two manage to make such a shit song


    Lmao xD
    Way to voice your opinion.

  46. Billy lockwood

    this is great

  47. Gaspar Dip

    Listen Storm Clouds or any other good song from Netsky from the 2009-2012 period. Now listen this. You have your answer.

  48. Elmo

    Not bad, but it's bad for netsky, his songs used to be absolutely unique
    That's more generic, not bad, but generic and not his style. I hope to hear more of his usual style in '3'.

  49. Nostri

    the vocals don't  bother me
    and the rythm is perfect

  50. erisgudajunge

    A little too clean for my taste

  51. Jonas Verle

    "old" Netsky or "new" Netsky, doesn't matter.. I like every song he made so far!! 

  52. Luis Martin

    Gran cancion,netsky es muy muy bueno!

  53. Panne

    Netsky + Metrik = Sub Focus.

  54. Destroic

    I can't hear the bloody hipster haters over this wonderful masterpiece by metrik and netsky, or should I say the prince William and Kate Middleton of dnb xD


    If the "bloody hipster haters"' opinions aren't good enough for you, I can do with something more objective: "Running Low" and this song were classified as Pop in the iTunes store when they came out, which pretty much sums up how the entire community feels about Netsky's newer releases.


    @Schindlabua In general, Netsky's quality of tracks has sucked lately. This and his last single sound pretty similar. I don't think he worked with them like he did his other tunes.


    @Destroic rofl :D

  55. Haydn Greenwood

    this has to be, without a shadow of a doubt, THE best dubstep release of 2014

  56. Majestim Official

    why the fuck are u all whining??? cant u appreciate the melodies and sounds that make people feel good? everyone knows that both of these so talented artists  can do better, but it still touches me bcause i cant see these artists make music without any soul, im a producer myself, and its logical for me to produce some mainstream bangers for people to enjoy, for people to dance to, it is not a bad tune by any means, just give some credit to the artists and dont judge them by one tune

  57. Bass Unity Music

    Yes! Just want I want to hear 😍😍, people PLEASE message or email me and give me good music like this so I can upload to the channel

  58. Jaap van Hamond

    The amount of hate in the comments of ukf uploads absolutely disgusts me. If I were them I would have turned the comments off long ago. 

    Cool tune btw, not a huge fan of it but that's ok, I don't have to be :) I still look forward to future ukf uploads.

    Majestim Official

    ikr, the tune is decent, in a club, playing this tune, everyone would be happy, if people want completely meaningful music, they shouldnt look for it here, 

  59. Simon

    Everyone just wants the old netsky back and wants to be accepted, Except for Tom, Tom doesn't give a fuck and really enjoys this awesome music. - Tom.

  60. Nu Aspect

    Im a 17 year old producer from Bristol, UK, all my Tunes are free on my channel and soundcloud ! , just recently finished a Drum and Bass remix of "Collie Buddz - Blind To You"!

  61. Michel Ange

    Metrik and Netsky are D&B geniuses... this is a bit generic and boring :/

  62. Infernodnb

    This may be generic but I still like it

  63. Mathias Kuchenbecker

    Hmmm .... sounds like the very most of all the other pop dnb songs. Not my thing, but it´s Netsky. He never made any other thing, than pop songs.

  64. Wout S

    Only 5million times better then Running low :o
    This is the real Netsky ^^

  65. Martin Bunker

    I very, very, very rarely dislike a track, but this is beyond dull and I expected so much more out of these two.  It just doesn't go anywhere, doesn't build up, doesn't drop. It's flat and soulless.

  66. gzagzagenius

    Netsky should make an album named "wasted talent" and put his face on the front cover...

  67. llorTA toN

    NICE TUNE FRED V AND GRAPHIX, i hope these guys do more tunes like in this album "Recognize"

  68. Robert Field

    Good song imo

  69. Paul Welsh

    absolutely timeless vocals and sounds

  70. venom

    cant download it?

  71. TheGrandmasterfro

    took a break from dnb, what a great track to come back to. Sounds like the old school mixed with a bit of electro

  72. Olivier Morssinkhof

    lol all these hipsters whining their asses of

  73. James Rourke

    Yawn. I thought netsky was more original than this

  74. ://about:blank

    Hopefully the vocals make the difference

  75. Chompsky

    I assume this is a different Stealth to the guy who made stuff like Homage and Nanite?

    Mike Castle

    +chazzerman286 This is the Stealth that goes by the name of Shaun Smith.

  76. Your Mums House

    What a fucking tune to be released on the day my daughter was brought into this world

  77. Anthonie C

    This song is Alright, i've heard better tunes but it's not bad

  78. AugmentDJ

    #NewFan of Stealth's! ..~> Blog'd -[ ]

  79. kieron holmes

    Netsky beats are major

  80. TnBDelta

    Netsky + Metrik = WINNING.

  81. Steven -Stevie G- Truran

    only 1 note that makes my tactile transducer shake :(
    on the other hand on Storm Clouds it hits every note

  82. Creeper Dubz

    wow, nice track! 2 of my favourite DnB producers (or prodigies) in one!

  83. Cat

    OOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMFFFFFFFFFFFFGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (before listening to song)

    Not the best song ever, but it's alright. (after listening to the song)


    @***** hello again Lloyd

  84. Dekadenz

    the vocals saved this tune

  85. Nicholas Ferreira Araujo

    I'm not here to advertise, but for everyone who likes the Liquicity channel (I do too), search for Liquiddnbftw, they post some very good tracks too!

  86. RσƁxƝιƓнƬ

    its alright...ive heard ALOT better, kind of feels like ive heard it 10000000 times before and im bored of it after first listen

  87. Hyblock

    I like the 'old' netsky too but I can't say I don't like this. I'm listening all day to this :D

  88. Victor Nilsson

    Great tune, lovin every bit! 

  89. Mrjohnnyp

    its boring 

  90. Hydr8

    Haters..haters everywhere.

  91. Greedy Sheedy

    Decent! I like all forms of DnB and although I prefer Netsky's earlier stuff, this is better than any of the pop shit on the radio, so I can deal with it.

  92. kananks kanakaks

    wheres your problem? massive positive vibes!:)

  93. AreMal

    so classic

  94. Nate Broke

    Last time it was Futurebound & Smooth, this time it's these guys. Fucking awesome

  95. Igor Kolesnikov

    c h e e s e

  96. MrS4TURN9

    This feels slow or something. Try listening to it at 1.25 speed, a little too fast, but better. Still not good though, there's just nothing going on and the vocals aren't good enough to carry it.

  97. Lindsay Hands

    If you don't like it, listen to something else.
    Please the entire comments section is too negative.