Neneh Cherry - Walk Into This Room Lyrics

Don't let 'em get to your heart
Don't lose your diamonds swimmin' in a lake when it's only God
The whole wide world feels like a shrine built to the worker bees
Who stole it from God anyhow

Lay it down child
Lay it down child
And walk into this room

Don't let 'em get to your spark
That little light in the back of everything that says this
Isn't for madder love
The whole wide world feels like a clan
of mad scientists removing the juice
So they can freeze-dry you and put you in a box

Lay it down child
Lay it down child
And walk into this room all made with love for you
Lay it down child
You can
You can
Lay it down child
And walk into this room

A hundred candles to make the walls come alive
A little frank insence to sweeten the air just right
Now take my hand

And open the door
And open the door

Lay it down child
You can
You can
Lay it down child
And walk into this room
Walk into this room
Lay it down child
Just lay it down, lay it down
Lay it down
Lay it down, lay it down
Into this room

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Neneh Cherry Walk Into This Room Comments
  1. The Black Fence Cat

    This is a good song.

  2. Mary Swain

    OMG !!!! This is beautiful !!!


    Mary Swain beautiful....i m in loop

    Mary Swain

    @menjibenji me too

  3. Quaishaun Colbert

    'Playing By Heart' brought me here.☺️

    Roxane von Bremen

    Me too :)

    Shanda S

    jabushash _ me 3

    CjYour DjBeanie

    Quaishaun Colbert OMG same!!! I love this song and the movie!!!

    Jennie Grannis

    Playing by Heart and Harold & Maude are my two favorite love stories❤

  4. lpycb42

    Yeah! it's also during the scene where ryan and angelina are lying on a bed, not having sex.

  5. lpycb42

    Beautiful song.

  6. T seikert

    @VideoResponderer videoresponder worships satan videoresponder worships satan videoresponder worships satan log on to anyone who calls another idiot is in danger of christs judgement

  7. Nellie K. Adaba

    I love this song. I never saw the movie.

  8. tedsler

    @Bluesilvahalo I LOOOOOVE "Playing By Heart" and this song is one of the best songs ever!

  9. Rainydaywoman100

    @uewofrey Yes, Playing by heart is a really good movie:)

  10. Uewofrey

    Ever since I saw "Playing By Heart" (which is one of my favourite movies btw, which is saying something...) I've been searching for this song , on and off, time and time again. Thank you Ed, thank you Neneh.
    And for the film: thank you Willard Carraoll, Angelina Jolie, Dennis Quaid, Gillian Anderson, Sean Connery, Gena Rowlands, Madeline Stowe, Jay Mohr, Ryan Phillippe, Ellen Burstyn, Jon Stewart, and all the others involved in making this wonderful film... . Thank you!

  11. Rebecca Röjnemark

    skön låt

  12. lpycb42

    This song is AMAZING

  13. jaynplay89

    wow I just did the same I love that movie and this song caught me as well I decided to look it up after my 3rd time watching it

  14. Erica9993

    I heard this song years ago when i was watching the very end of playing by heart i think and heard it on the end credits! I really liked it and the chorus to this song just stayed in my brain. till finally thanks to google i did research and found the name of the song!! and now I'M SO THANKFUL THAT YOU UPLOADED THIS!!!!!!!!! Now years later i can finally listen to this song again! Thanks for uploading! : )

  15. Ani Anikan

    Just awesome...Ed Kowalczyk sings with such passion....sigh

  16. Kit Glennie

    This song doesn't exist any more. I've been looking everywhere for it. I refuse to pay £20 for the soundtrack on amazon but it's just so damn good that it's infuriating. Dah!

  17. Lisa Cortez

    omg....I haven't heard this in so long! I got this from Napster YEARS ago and hadn't found it since! Thanks for posting!!!

  18. Nellie K. Adaba

    I lost the audio file.

  19. Homolka215

    the original version was a demo for "the distant to here" without neneh cherry singing in the song, still a great song.

  20. Katalina Von Faberge

    It was used in the sound track for a film called "playing by heart" It's an awesome film and an awesome song.

  21. Diana Inman

    I found this by watching Neneh Cherry's Buffalo Stance video.

  22. pandaen212

    12,3 two weeks later.. :)
    I guess it's because, there's so much good music out there, but no one to tell us about it?

  23. sagenegri

    Shakes you to the very core...

  24. linniebrooke

    I really like this song! I heard it on Playing By Heart when it was one a couple of hours ago, and it's been in my head ever since. Great song! =]

  25. petko1964

    Beautiful song,powerfull lyrics,this is what i want from music to do to me...The movie was exelent too,Playing by Heart,was called,if you like an intelligent and profound film,this is it...Sean Connery played in it for only 60,000$,instead of hes flat rate of 14,000 000$,he was so taken by the script.That,alone, should tell you something.

  26. Geir Langelandsvik

    Thanks for posting this!! But how did you get this song and the others you have posted here? I'm trying deeply to get all Live-songs, but it's almost impossible!!

  27. Orvokki Jupiter

    I know it's an understatement but I was refering to tarduk's other videos. They've got plenty of these pearls. This song is amazing!

  28. Orvokki Jupiter

    Another great song.