Nelson, Willie - Something You Get Through Lyrics

When you lose the one you love
You think your world has ended
You think your world will be a waste of life
Without them in it
You feel there's no way to go on
Life is just a sad, sad song
But love is bigger than us all
The end is not the end at all

It's not somethin' you get over
But it's somethin' you get through
It's not ours to be taken
It's just a thing we get to do
Life goes on and on
And when it's gone
It lives in someone new
It's not somethin' you get over
But it's somethin' you get through

It's not somethin' you get over
But it's somethin' you get through
It's not ours to be taken
It's just a thing we get to do
Life goes on and on
And when it's gone
It lives in someone new
It's not somethin' you get over
But it's somethin' you get through
It's not somethin' you get over
But it's somethin' you get through

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Nelson, Willie Something You Get Through Comments
  1. Trey Mitchell

    im a 16 year old born in 2003 i used to hate country but in 2012 i started listening to willy and all the other country writers i lost my dad an im going through tuff times right now please pray for me....

  2. Have A Great Day

    Nice .....😊👍👑

  3. Linda Hollingsworth

    sad song I lost my husband a year ago this song is so true

  4. rita4206

    Thank You Willie.

  5. Stay True

    I miss you've missed so much. I've become a good man. Thank you for all u taught me.

  6. Big Apple UB

    Thank you for your unique magic, Mr. Nelson. Life is better with you.

  7. aus Blue

    beautiful willie******************

  8. JoeD60

    WTG Mr Nelson.

  9. jg b

    Is it just me or does Willie get better with age?

  10. Ana Luchetta

    Very good!❤🇧🇷
    God bless! I am from Brazil, I like you a lot, Willie!

  11. Cars Thor

    This was my grandpa’s favorite song and he passed away recently

  12. Kat Brinson

    Oh Willie...sigh❤️

  13. Carolyn Barney

    JUST SAYING '...❤❤❤👣🕊🌎🌬🧭⚓🗽

  14. rj R.

    This nigga is God

  15. Virginia Cliff

    Willie just keeps getting better with age, I grew up Willie and love him more each day. This song brought back memories of my husband, who passed away 16 years ago in February. Thank you, Willie, for the memories.

  16. Sandra Gibson

    My Son died by suicide Dec.24/2018.  This is the first time I have listened to a song and it meant so much.  Glen and I shared a great love of music.  Thanxs Willie.

  17. Margaret Jefton

  18. Ivy Silk

    Beautiful song, always loved Willie's songs.

  19. Teresa Posca

    Amo, amo

  20. Lynne Allan

    Love you tube. Get to hear some of the best music from all over the world.

  21. bc9655

    Willie thank you for over 50 years of greatness! Your songs ring through my heart and I share it with my children for the rest of my life! I hope it never fades with the next generation. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!

  22. WandaWanda Huff

    My world did end when I lost my boys!

  23. Helen Boula

    How pathetic can one person be and I'm probably one of the only people that really truly knows this he does love his our living his double life yeah happy New Year Willie

  24. Jeff Mowatt

    Just fantastic

  25. Felicia Carrington

    Tears a falling the worst pain is getting. Your heart broke by, a narc this pain, takes away, ypur joy.Someone lied and wallked out.

  26. Mathew Sahr Nyuma

    Willie is very unique and realistic. What a legend. You will live more than 100years for giving us joy.

  27. Cliff Dawe

    Isn't that the raw truth?

  28. Jacqueline Hubbard

    Lost my soulmate of 48 years, always been your number one fan but this is the song seems just for me THANK YOU

  29. jolenemayi


    You will lose someone you can’t live without,and your heart will be badly broken, and the bad news is that you never completely get over the loss of your beloved. But this is also the good news. They live forever in your broken heart that doesn’t seal back up. And you come through. It’s like having a broken leg that never heals perfectly—that still hurts when the weather gets cold, you learn to dance with the limp. Anne lamott


    I don't know why it says donate above what I shared. Please ignore it.

  30. marta nika

    Wow this is the first time ever hearing this song and it is a very beautiful melody .

  31. Megan Noelle

    A song we picked to play at my daddy's funeral October 22 of this year. October 18 is the night we lost him. October 21 would have been the day the doctors told him he was going on the lung transplant list. It hurts like hell. I will forever miss you, daddy.

  32. Kevin Michalski

    I lost my mom when I is 15

  33. Used Abused and Misunderstood

    Love this song . God bless you Willie.

  34. Bonnie Johnson

    The people who didnt like this are dumb and they will regret it one day the devil got to them i love this

  35. Jacqueline Green

    I lost my mum and dad many years ago, and it's so's not something you get over, it's just something you get through.

  36. Danny Jarrold

    This song is something special ! So is Willie ! Thank you 😢

  37. Paris Bloom


  38. Irish Gram

    This  song is so perfect...

  39. Patty Richardson

    Love this song! Thank you, Willie! 💙

  40. Martha Sampson

    My son is gone over a year now. My heart still brakes again every day

  41. Walter Andrews

    If someone doesn't think that is a great song they have no soul.

  42. Sean Conner

    It is now my life's journey to track down and bitchslap the 668 idiots who disliked this video.

  43. LoveTech

    For me, this is his best song. Still touching, every time.

  44. Connie Bishop

    I lost my son in 2006. He was 28 and I still cry. Thank you Willie for this song. It touched my heart ❤️.

  45. Genevieve Hansen

    2019 I dedicate this song to my friend Kathrine and her Tim💙

  46. Suzanne Pamperin

    Lost my husband 2 yrs ago in January. I Listen to this song at least once a day. Thanks Willie. Always have been a fan and this song just fills my heart!

  47. Marci Anne

    Love this song so much,
    beautiful <3 <3 <3

  48. Katherine Reed

    Willie has a way of speaking from the heart which seems to apply to everyone's life at some point. That is a timeless, talented county star in my opinion! He will always be great to me!!

  49. laurie ruccatano

    I miss my son... Joey I love you

  50. Judy Bailey

    I lost my husband after 53 years in 2018. This song has meant so much to me. A long time Willie Nelson fan, this song has brought me comfort.

  51. Jeff Lipinski


  52. Michael McKay

    With all that Willie has been through in his life, just to smoke pot he had to fight his hole life within our system of Society...He has such a great voice and all his music has meaning behind it.. He and his Son is Great

  53. IntLaw01

    This song helped get me through my divorce. Bless you, Willie.

  54. George Correa

    This song 🎶is beautiful sung by a living legend. I just could not hold back the tears from flowing.

  55. WandaWanda Huff

    Mr.invader you are correct.j u st as good now as ever. Magnificent.

  56. B F

    Wonderful Willie Nelson, love from Germany

  57. neon moon

    This song was uploaded on my birthday...and ironically its excatly what I needed to hear.thank you wille...

  58. Lisa Marie Simmons lll Oathkeeper

    [email protected]

  59. ginny reuwer

    It's Not Something you get Over, It's Something you get Threw, Love This Beautiful Song ♥

  60. Regla Girl

    I love it... his choice of instrumentation, the sound of his voice has been getting better and better, though he just really sings now....🎶💕

  61. namikaze walid

    those dumbass who thumbs down , just respect this man which he gives a lot to music and still
    giving not just music but art.

  62. diana gazzola

    No truer words.

  63. Lisa Marie Simmons lll Oathkeeper

    TWITTER @LisaM_Simmons_3
    [email protected]

    Lisa Marie Simmons lll Oathkeeper

  64. opeendaginmaart57

    Bless you, Willie. Bless you, sensitive musicians. This is exquisite, sublime and transcends the 'country' categorization.

  65. Dill & Scott

    Wow! Still one of the VERY best singer/songwriters ever!

  66. Just Some Guy

    Is that James Hetfield's son on guitar at 0:36, lol?

  67. Crystal Waters

    Willie you make country cool😁

  68. Mighty Joe the security guy

    now thats country music!!!

  69. 애비

    I love this song. Some people that record songs on an app or other ways usually tend to not really feel the emotion in the songs and can't relate to them. My dad's fiance passed in 2017 and he relates to almost all the songs he records

  70. Keith Rodgers

    Wow, no words. :)

  71. Gypsi Minion

    I am not sure if you remember me I threw a couple of hat pins on stage in Jackson Miss in 84 I think. It was a Texas oil well and a Jack Daniels bottle. Then I stood on the bumper of your bus an your eyes got big as saucers when I peeled my shirt off. I ask the cop to not notice. Your body guard dude wanted to hire Moon right there cause he scared him. Well when he didn't take the job I left his ass in a rest area in Louisiana. Anyway hope you still have the pins only thing you didn't throw back in the audience. I was the one that yelled and you said oh yeah we got a Texan in the house. My life could ha been totally different today. Instead of watch it rain in my bathroom. Best concert of my life thank you hun

  72. Ester Quinonez

    Someone in my grieving class recommended this song to me. I lost my son 14 weeks ago and this song hit me deep in my soul. Thank you Mr. Willie Nelson for giving us a beautiful song.

  73. Ray Gayton

    Thanks for putting into words what I feel most days. All of my family members are gone. It's hard not to weep when I hear this song. I miss them so much. Bless you all.

  74. WandaWanda Huff

    For my Big bro who lost his wife a week ago in Titusville fla.I love you howard..

  75. bob green

    At 216 I finally found the "peace" you are trying to say; Thanks!!

  76. Branch

    I wished I had herd this song 20 yrs.ago when my wife passed---I truthfully understand the lyrics...took sum time..but this song rings good truth....
    Thanks and be loved.

  77. Maribeth Spence

    Wow beautiful song beautifully done by a legend

  78. Michael McKay

    We have all lost someone in our life time. This is the perfect song to remember those you lost...Life is short

  79. Vittorio Ghelli

    Always awesome voice ! <3

  80. Wise Owl Intuitive Services

    Its like he wrote all of his music knowing I would need it when my mom passed. She loved Willie and always called him her daddy! When she passed recently I have been playing many songs and they all sound like messages from her.

  81. Victoria Perkovic

    " lover" updates story I knew when spoke with/parents and mom warrned me "witch" long story

  82. Sacha Pecor

    Thank you for this song 💔💙

  83. Henry Skedel

    Figured I be farther along by now 3 years ago today l miss you n luv you Mama

  84. Henry Skedel

    Living it now today was 3 years for the luv of my life. Miss you Mama rip to we see each other again.seems like it happened yesterday

  85. Me, myself and I

    Take me with you....... Please!

  86. johnparkway

    Thank you Willie for this. My sister died last week. We were best of friends. Someone sent me the link to your song. It's been very comforting during this very difficult time of loss.

  87. Kat Shotz

    Amen. Gettin through for 12 years now. You never get over.

  88. Angela Short

    THANK you forever Willie Nelson , Especially for showing how to be a loving dad and for using your gift of song to help us get through , ani angela nz messenger AROHA NUI Endsoftheearth

  89. Melissa Jackson

    Mickey Raphael. best harmonica player in the world but can anyone tell me who's on the steel guitar?

  90. ginny reuwer

    ♥ its not something you get over, but its something you get thru.♥ oh How Beautiful this song is.♥

  91. Annette McDonald

    Between Willie and the harmonic, I can’t stop the tears. Willie, you’re like fine wine! Keep singing!

  92. Amanda White Fields

    Oh😍 Thanx Willie ⭕️ Love ya so much!!!

  93. Kimberly Marcozzi

    Still trying to get through.

  94. James Utley

    Dam onions 😥

  95. Constantina La Fontaine

    I have absolutely no words to say how much your music has touched my heart.
    You are a true legend & I love you.

  96. Norma Johnson

    I have been going through this for nearly a year. And I wonder if I will ever get through...I miss my husband so very much   . It will be a year August 17, 2018...