Nelson, Willie - Me And You Lyrics

Turn the sound down on my TV
I just can't listen any more
It's like I'm in some foreign country
That I've never seen before

So come now here to think about it
What in the hell are we goin to do?
Cause after all is said and all is done
It's just me and you

It's just me and you
And we are definitely outnumbered
There's more of them than us
Just when you think you made a new friend
They throw you under the bus
So it's just me and you
It's just me and you

I had a friend I used to talk to
We used to both sit on the fence
But anymore I can't relate to him
'Cause he ain't got a lick of sense

So now I just ask you the questions
But I'm the one I'm talkin' to
The world has gone out of its mind
Except for me and you

It's just me and you
And we are definitely outnumbered
There's more of them than us
Just when you think you made a new friend
They throw you under the bus
So it's just me and you
It's just me and you
Yeah it's just me and you

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Nelson, Willie Me And You Comments
  1. Leave A Message User Is Offline

    Old age looks good on him.

  2. Mara Karetsos


  3. Wayne Hoffman

    We saw you years ago in Charleston West Virginia. Your sister played the piano. She had beautiful hair and a beautiful sound.

  4. Steven Toth

    It was such a pleasure to see Willie in Georgia.
    A concert I’ll never forget. ✌🏻

  5. Bettina Lehmann

    Our Willie is the Best !

  6. lisa venus


  7. melba winkel

    Quit throwing WILLIE under the

  8. melba winkel


  9. Marcus Brown

    PS Willie Nelson was the first celebrity I ever saw I was working at the Salt lick in 1975 I asked my boss is that Willie Nelson he said no go back to work

  10. Marcus Brown

    The eleventh commandment Thou shalt not touch trigger except Willie

  11. Helen Boula

    Is that like when you through Helen under the bus and her two babies just checking.

    Helen Boula

    Oh I forgot you do know how much I hate you don't you Willie ? Of course you do how could I be so stupid. Merry Christmas 2019 LOL what are f****** joke.

  12. melba winkel


  13. P J

    Just heard this song yesterday for the first time. The songs lyrics are so simple and so relevant. Especially today. I've been feeling this way for awhile. This country and world has gone bat sheite crazy. Nobody seems to have any common sense and are completely unreasonable if you don't share their opinions and views. I know I'm old but I have a few friends that feel the same way. I can't wait to retire and stay on my land and avoid all the crazies.

  14. Anne Marie Jahnigen

    Love this man and his music

  15. Randy Reed

    Willie Nelson is such a great man he has such good inside as to what's going on in the world I love this man so much I've seen him twice a concert truly is a legend in this world God bless him

  16. Mike Simpson

    I asked my dentist when he was going to retire and he quoted Willie Nelson, "What do you want me to do, give up singing or playing golf?"

  17. karen bowen

    Go Willie! Tell it like it is! It's just me and You...the rest of the world's gone crazy...

  18. Debbie Razavi


  19. Garry Kakoske

    I like it. Good to chuckle once in a while.

  20. Morning Glory

    It's just you & me 🎶 Love you Willie 💕

  21. KruNosLaV Lucky Star

    No one LIKE Willie !!
    Such precious person

  22. Lisa Marie Simmons lll Oathkeeper


  23. ClawingBear Wade

    ive got your bsck, just ask

  24. steve austin

    King Willie

  25. Mara Karetsos

    Découvrez une MUSIC!!!UNIQUE!!!

  26. James 0

    Hey Willie great show too short,Allison Kraus was awesome
    That other band not so much. Thanks for coming to Toronto. See you next year we hope,mean time keep on truckin.
    J Deuce
    RNR Toronto Canada

  27. Victor Kunga Oesal.

    #AMEN, To You SIR!.

  28. Jimmy Wollman

    I would smoke a fat 1 with you willie

  29. Kimberly Marcozzi

    Totally relevant today more than ever.

  30. alta pape

    love that baby

  31. Kimberly Marcozzi

    Such a great song for today's times.

  32. Maria Von Borstel


  33. Hello Hello 2019



    Hang in there Willie.

  35. G-man

    You know he's talking about trump supporters.

  36. Mara Karetsos

    Wonderful song🎸🎸🎶🎶🎸🎸⭐️⭐️⭐️🎸🎸🎸🎼🎼🎼🎼

  37. Donna Marie Pszoniak

    Very True "" Willie everyword of this Song """ 🎶🎶🎶🎸🎸🎸

  38. Hello Hello 2019

    So Good Willie Nelson 😘🎶🎶

  39. sandra Ferrington

    So true

  40. Tango Bango

    Hell, not even “me & you” anymore with Ol’ Merle gone now. Hang in there Willie.

  41. Nina Swer


  42. Pablo Alfonso de Uruguay

    Very good, Willy!

  43. geoffrey ponsford

    must be willies birthday around now HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILLIE although you can give me a few years yet .give us all a few more .

  44. Dorina Holden

    I just love this song , it is so great , great voice . Here Iam listening to it again . I listen to it all the time. He is the best yet...

  45. Mara Karetsos


  46. Thomas Kirchner

    immer wieder tolle Musik von ihnen, Grüße aus Deutschland

  47. Hector Sanchez

    The best contry muisic !!

  48. Raegan Cowles

    Great job Willie. You will always be one of my top favorites.

  49. Dorina Holden

    I could listen to this great song of Willie . He is so brilliant and he is still young . I love him . He is the BEST !!

    James 0

    He is a legendary performer for sure !
    J Holden
    Toronto Canada

  50. Dorina Holden

    He is ssssssssssoooooo good. I just every song Willie sing.....

    James 0

    He is one of a kind!
    Toronto Canada

  51. Rafael Granda


  52. Joyce Laurito

    Yes what in the hell are we going to. Keep loving and sing. Praying helps a hell of a lot

  53. Peder Svensson

    Newer stop sing Willie .❤️

  54. Rachel Fein

    The one and only. Love you so much Willie 💓💕

  55. melba winkel


  56. Rosemary Garcia

    Reminds me of SOMEONE😇😇

  57. XxsumixX Trax

    How can anyone DISLIKE his music? Like, are you mentally stable orrr? Willie Nelson is a beautiful person. 💕

  58. Cindy Sakian

    3 things get better as they age, weed, wine, and Willie.


    Come to Branson Mo. or St. Louis. Love You Willie

  60. Shari Crocker

    I totally agree, willy, let's smoke a joint.ha

  61. Emmanuel waya

    He sings his songs great

  62. John Wilkes

    Great song.Have seen Willie several times,he is super John Liverpool Uk

  63. Tina LaBelle

    Bettina Limdert LaBelle loves you Will;Booger Red.

  64. Emmanuel waya

    Willie has no equals

  65. Cesar Monteiro

    beautiful! Brasilian idol!!

  66. kevin coons

    a living legend still making new music . i met him at woodstock 1999

  67. Defaul Setteen

    Democrat. Spit. Unsubscribed.

  68. BroGamerA7X

    finally something that makes sense these days

  69. Mariëtte van Aert

    Yeah.. country!,,

  70. Emmanuel waya

    what the hell are we gonna do

  71. Jeremy Tower

    I cant express my love for Willie enough. Thumbs up.

  72. Wd B

    The man echos my sentiments in his song.

  73. Makayla Plano


  74. Audiohipster

    Forever music ... who makes that anymore? Willie ...fur sure.

  75. Carolina R.

    Willie 🙌🙌🙌

  76. Roselinda Hernandez

    me and you my friend

  77. Lorraine Thompson

    Love Willie and Trigger!

  78. Jan Wallen

    Your the best!!

  79. Shandra Beck

    Marry me Willie!!!

  80. Blues Rain

    Me and You..................

  81. R. S.

    Good song write. Great one.

  82. Venita Sheppard

    Yep forever the king of country...😍💝😘

  83. Lan DeNunzio

    If I have to knock down every not-for-profits arbitrary math; I will and I will retire with FULL PENSION BENEFITS! Pat Mosley at the Indiana Department of Child Services!!!!!!! That is a guarantee. I will knock down every arbitrary math at DCS.

  84. Lan DeNunzio

    Let the nonprofits causes rob someone else Willie Nelson not US!

  85. Lan DeNunzio

    I know what I am going to do, Willie Nelson, I am going to let the nonprofits, churches and the nonprofits healthcare rob someone us and not us.

  86. Speck

    Hey. I just saw a Willie Nelson concert yesterday.

  87. Lennie Volle

    Willie Nelson, Still listening, watching & following!!!~ my friend

  88. Lan DeNunzio

    What the hell is the bus and transit system going to do when gas and oil goes up to $5.00 a gallon? Willie Nelson. The world has gone out of its of mind, Willie and so it is just me and you.

  89. Red House

    So now I just ask you the question but I'm the one I'm talking to Classic Willie :)

  90. Tean Rooks


  91. Lan DeNunzio

    Mark-up the interest rates just to get rid of the Homeowners Association of all types Willie. The world did not make a lick of sense when HARP was introduced by Clinton and Gangrene eye of Newt and Obama saving Private Ryan.

  92. Carol Noguera

    too super !!

  93. Patricia QUEVA


  94. Thomas Mellor

    Hey Y’all hopefully y’all are all good. Been a fan pretty much my whole life . It’s been a long time, thank y’all for all the wonderful beautiful music . For ever listening your friend, may God Bless

  95. beatleme2

    I feel that way when i see CNN or Msnbc ABC .. great " true" song Willie !!

  96. janet warner

    Yahoo!!!......Luv willie!