Nelson, Willie - Last Man Standing Lyrics

I don't wanna be the last man standing
Or wait a minute maybe I do
If you don't mind I'll start a new line
And decide after thinking it through
Go on in front if you're in such a hurry
Like heaven ain't waiting for you
I don't wanna be the last man standing
On second thought maybe I do

It's getting hard to watch my pals check out
Cuts like a wore out knife
One thing I learned about running the road
Is forever don't apply to life
Waylon and Ray and Merle and old Harlan
Lived just as fast as me
I still got a lotta good friends left
And I wonder who the next will be

I don't wanna be the last man standing
Or wait a minute maybe I do
If you don't mind I'll start a new line
And decide after thinking it through
Go on in front if you're in such a hurry
Like heaven ain't waiting for you
I don't wanna be the last man standing
On second thought maybe I do

Maybe we'll all meet again
On the other side
We'll pick and sing
Load up the buses and ride

I don't wanna be the last man standing
Or wait a minute maybe I do
And if you don't mind I'll start a new line
And decide after thinking it through
Go on in front if you're in such a hurry
'Cause hell is a-waiting there too
I don't wanna be the last man standing
On second thought maybe I do
Yeah maybe I do
Yeah maybe I do
Yeah maybe I do

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Nelson, Willie Last Man Standing Comments
  1. Phillip Holt

    He will never be the last man standing even when he's gone his music will never be gone. You the man Willie!

  2. Susan Allen

    Hands down Willie Nelson’s Best, thanks Willie. We love you!

  3. Charming Billy

    Willie Nelson, the Original Shoegazer!

  4. Debbie Manos

    How can I hear Willys latest song”Something you get through”

  5. George Correa

    !Go Willie go !

  6. Lou Lou Martin


  7. Uncle Funkle

    On second thought maybe I do.

  8. patricio amenabar

    Is Willy gradually saying good by to us?

  9. Greyland Dutch

    I’m from the Netherlands, if we ever need a realistic, down to earth guy to accompany a group of people to Mars to set up a first basecamp, then we need someone with his wits and “human survival mode”, like he does.
    I like this guy a lot!

  10. c.o. savage

    It's better than the alternative. Heaven will always be there

  11. ernesto marconi


  12. Terka K.

    Oh Willie, I hate it how You can make me cry so easily

  13. Master Omega

    It’s gonna be a damn sad day when willie dies

  14. denimlady1

    God I love this man.

  15. TheElrondo

    Anyone knows how Willie is these days? He's a living legend even here in Germany.

  16. Cecilia Buchanan

    I love this song Willie! I have listened to it like about 100 times now!!

  17. James 0

    The Highway men deserve their own mountain Rushmore
    Rockin country at its very best
    J Deuce

  18. Richard Thomas

    I'm ok with Willie being the last man standing because I don't want to think of a world without him in it.

  19. Josh Phyypee

    Wonderful...... amazing

  20. margarete terhaar

    Happy birthday Willie

  21. Beau Krastel

    We only got willie and chriss left if willie leaves us chris will be the last highwayman

  22. Marcos Abacherly

    Willie.......the older the better!!!!!!

  23. Woody Hueston

    Thanks Willie // your voice is as good as ever even better !!!!!

  24. Hosea Matthews

    What do you need for a great song? Willie and Trigger!

  25. Patrick Miller

    there is only 12,000 of us left. Omg. what's happened to the world.

  26. Neil Martin

    How have I only just discovered this guy? This is so good! Hope I have hair like that at his age. 😆 In all seriousness this is great.

  27. Norbert Lausen

    By now you're not the last man Standing. but Maybe you and Kris should stay togethrer on stage.

  28. Juan Miguel VARGAS GIRON

    Great!! Quiero llegar a su edad con esa voz.

  29. Brenda Gardiner

    Great song.

  30. John Lawry

    Ace Lightning says in a few posts down from this one ' three weeks older than God', who knows , but I have to say , I do have a lot more faith in Willy.

  31. Tina Worley

    I enjoy willie and musical team songs so much...enjoying occasionally. He has a rock and roll country blues attitude.

  32. Love Unow

    Sorry but This song is hella country.

  33. Sarah Sarah

    Just love ya

  34. Love Unow

    First thought I think I'd like this song, but wait a minute, in 2nd thought I think I just love it.

  35. McFreakin Loseit

    Great Quote from Willie Nelson - "Still not f!%kin dead"

  36. Paul Wiggins

    Great drums!

  37. Dave & Dixie's High Strangeness -Sasquatch Anomaly


  38. Maria Helena


  39. Joyce Laurito

    You better be the last man standing. 🤠

  40. CaptCorleone

    Fun fact: this is a diss record. Think about it. "I don't wanna be the last man standing. Or wait a minute, maybe I do." Johnny Cash is dead. Waylon Jennings is dead. Kris Kristofferson is still alive, however. Willie Nelson wants him gone. This is the 2Pac/Biggie of our generation. He wants to be the last of the Highwaymen. He will stop at nothing to be the last man standing. Move aside, Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem, THIS is the music beef we have been waiting for.

  41. Braiden Richardson

    Willie Nelson wants to get the victory royale

  42. Adan Lopez

    Love the music

  43. Kathy Barrows

    I have loved you for 40 years !! Ain't nothing changed !!

  44. bobbo rosso

    wait he's still alive

  45. Josée Larose

    Amazing voice!

  46. Clown Crack

    Sounds so young

  47. Caleb Grill

    I hope this man lives to be 110.

  48. Magik Maker

    Here is the last man standing... even if he is standing with snoop dog!! The only man to out smoke him XD

  49. tine de laaf

    👍. Mooi dank je

  50. Joao Reis

    Cannibal corpse guitarist?

  51. j.d. thompson

    Hate to tell you this Willie, but you already are.

  52. Elizabeth Gates

    Willie! You still got it!!! God Bless you and yours...

  53. BeerGutBilly

    He really is one of the last legends of country still alive

  54. Mako Reizei

    Cruel Cruel world must I go on....

  55. BB Palmer

    Willie is a prophet, not from this world.. a true master of his craft, better yet a God

  56. ghislaine robichaud

    Amazing that men!!! love you Willie Nelson ♥

  57. TORO//SOUTH//DIEGO 1904

    Not a fan of country but got side tracked into this man Willie...tip my hat to you old man keep pickin that guitar Mr. Nelson ....respects from San Diego California

  58. Crohns Golf

    Can we just admire how perfect this song is and what the lyrics really truly mean (yes they can mean different things to everyone) however what I get from this song is a really deep message from willie, he is tired of his friends passing so he doesn't want to see anyone else pass (which means he would have to be the next to go) so then he second guesses himself cause he doesn't want his friends to feel the pain of him passing so now he would rather them not go through that and wants to be the last one left so he feels all the pain and his friends won't truly a great song.

  59. The Great Bastardo

    Willie Nelson you fucken dad Put u up there with jj cale in my music education...wish he'd met ya Willie Nelson...yas probably woulda gotta long real good!!

  60. giorgio gava

    as I said ,I love you Willie,your voice,your music

  61. Elizabeth Soares Zhalouth

    Meu deus, Willie tá cantando tudo isso ainda? Tá novinho em folha! Que monumento da música!!!

  62. Shane Henson

    Who said marijuana was bad for you

  63. João Batista

    85 years and continue being a LEGEND! This guy is a peace of EUA

  64. Steve Garvey

    He still sounds the same. If he wonders why he outlived his friends, it's the weed :-P

  65. Antonio Jose Jimenez Hernandez


  66. Bartholomew

    Freakin' enormous ears, fuckin' hick country-western goofball Satanist

  67. Anne Gwinner

    superb ...cheers from germany!

  68. Confused Kiwi

    keep rinsing him you yankee scum

  69. Jimmy Martin

    He's really 146 freakin alien. JK. 50+ years rock on!!

  70. Ila O.

    So Great! Jeep it that way

    Ila O.

    No: bloody Keys on the board! Should've been KEEP!

  71. fredly71


  72. John Dozier

    Awesome Willie!!

  73. Roberto Zanetti

    What a class, guys!

  74. charles burke

    One of the greatest there will ever be

  75. Bayan1905

    They joke about Keith Richards living forever, well, I think when Keith Richards goes, Willie is going to roll up his ashes in a joint and smoke them.

  76. Lorraine Thompson

    Wow! Willie just continues to amaze me. This has to be one of my favorite Willie albums. He has what no other country music legend has. Thanks, Willie Nelson, for providing such awesome music for my lifetime!

  77. 24327355

    As a Brit ....AMERICA Treasure him....We don't get to many Greats these days...2-3 year wonders then gone......This Folks...THIS is what a Real Legend is.......You lucky Bastards.

  78. Bohemian Hempress

    Where are more men like Mr. Nelson?

  79. Bill Campbell


  80. Adam Moe

    Smoking some Willie Nelson reserve last man standing while listening to this song hahahah

  81. Brian Dixon

    Love you Willie best guitar picker I know even still

  82. glenster20

    Saw Willie back in 1999. Met him after the show and what a really nice guy. Great show. He played for 3 hours.

  83. Cody Evans

    You fucking giver Willy.

  84. T Davis

    What you must do to get to heaven:

  85. John Klassen

    85 I hope I make it that far? not!

  86. Something Bad

    This man is an icon. My brother joked about "On a scale from zero to Willie Nelson, how much marijuana have you smoked?"

  87. Andrew Niemi

    your talented willie

  88. Makenzie Boyd

    Weed is why you are standing so get hight

  89. PopulationMusic

    You've grown so much Willie, like you have to be the longest band ever

  90. Risa Miner

    ooh yea good song


    Last of the greats, hope he lives to 💯

  92. John Fortmann

    sorry willie i wish you needed more ideas lol

  93. John Fortmann

    all you wold have to do is post and im not the last man standing

  94. John Fortmann

    im a champion of you tube woooooooooooooooooooooo give em a good rick flair

  95. John Fortmann

    hell im the last mand standing on second thought maybe i do this is fun willie

  96. John Fortmann

    start a new life that sounds fun