Nelson, Willie - Bad Breath Lyrics

Don't ever complain about nothin'
Before we can walk we all gotta crawl
Halitosis is a word I never could spell
But bad breath is better than no breath at all

It's okay to say "Hello" to me
But don't get too near if you don't wanna fall
And don't think you'll love me if my breath melts the wall
'Cause bad breath is better than no breath at all

I've been a-puffin' on this and a-suckin' on that
I got feelin' a thousand feet tall
The closer we get, you'll have to agree
That bad breath is better than no breath at all

I been talkin' to the man in the mirror
And he smells his diet is rot-gut alcohol
But it's better I guess that starvin' to death
And bad breath is better than no breath at all

I've been a-puffin' on this and a-suckin' on that
I'm feelin' a thousand feet tall
The closer we get, you'll have to agree
That bad breath is better than no breath at all
Yeah, bad breath is better than no breath at all

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Nelson, Willie Bad Breath Comments
  1. Eliene Costa

    God Bless your life Wiliie Nelson

  2. Jimmy Goode

    I have bad breath :( this is the first time I’ve smiled about it :)

  3. Akos Dobson

    Amazing, thank you

  4. Peg Scott

    , Peg Scott says you keep me going really


    Was at farm aid 2 in texas.willie came out as the sun rose at 6am.stationed at ft.hood.181 chemical co.what a day. What a year.where did the time go.wonder how many pushups this 54 year old can do today.still in shape so I'm thinking a boatload.

  6. joao antonio silva fraga

    Este Violão e Simplesmente uma Relíquia que Som Maravilhoso 👏👏👏👏👏Brasil

  7. Habib Rehman

  8. Merlin


  9. Courtenay Gilliard

    Wise! I wish you to stay healthy and creative like you do now. Your music is a blessing. I find comfort in your humor and wisdom. I'm happy to know you surrounded by your family. Your sons are a promising legacy to the country music or to whatever path they may choose in their artistic lives. Stay with us. I wish I were in Texas...Signed: Old fan.

  10. joao antonio silva fraga

    Will Nelson 👏👏👏 show as Músicas Brasil 👍👍👍👍

  11. Paul and Gail

    Well said Willy ..great tune!

  12. VeeVeeVeeV

    Indeed Willie!
    I’m sure many people think these lyrics are humorous.... but they’ve likely never had trouble breathing!
    Amazing, as always Willie!! xo

  13. Quentin Fernandez

    Super track and stunning lyrics and the backing musicians are equally brilliant

  14. Hayseed1976

    Willy you bring a smile to my face. Puff puff give. We love you. Keep on keeping on.

  15. Terri Godfrey

    I can't believe Willy made a song about

  16. Jpunkabillybay D.

    I feel ya dude!, I'm a sk8boarder with 3 knocked out half rotten teeth from sk8ing. Lol, And I've been told countless times I have the worst breath. But I'm an 8 so I guess bad breath brings me down a few. LMAO!!!!!!! Love ya Willie Nelson!!!! Best shit ever.

  17. John Speier

    why so serious?

  18. Marlene Mejorado

    Love you my heroes of highway not forgotten and never will forget not forgetting Christopher

  19. Asha Rozier

    Go willie

  20. Uncle Funkle

    Well ain't that the truth love ya Willie!

  21. Dennis Sanders

    Sounds like waylon music

  22. Lennie Volle

    I really LOVE seeing you guys recording in the studio & I really LOVE your smile Willie @ the end of this song!

  23. Rooster Cogburn

    Still has it after all these years

  24. reddog30110

    Ive puffing on that to Willie always will.

  25. Brian Dixon

    He sounds just as good as ever for those of you that don't like GFY

  26. Johnny

    Willie Nelson ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  27. Trenton Allen

    Would all of I guys want willie nelson to guest star in the show My little pony friendship is magic

  28. John Fortmann

    you beat me every breath to the pucnch bab bad breath was better thank no breath at all

  29. Gypsy Wagon TV

    Look forward to that one. Great artist!

  30. Lennie Volle

    Willie Nelson, I just got to take this opportunity to say that not only are you, my favorite musician. You are so cool, funny, good looking and one of a kind. Your forever fan ~ Lennie Sue Volle *

  31. Fredy Sánchez Alcarraz

    grande NELSON

  32. Russell Rogers

    he can sing about anything your the best ever lets poff poff pass hell yah


    You are the Best of the Best. I have always loved your style and wisdom and wit!!

  34. Luis Gustavo Ferreira

    About the main theme of his newer album, I think Willie is starting to understand he's getting in the end of the line, and it is kinda sad to hear the most songs of this album talks about death. But is also a celebration of his life. Willie, we love you. Always will

  35. Helen Boula

    346 205 9475 Houston tx

  36. joão paulo

    Willie you really simplify, even the lyrics, simple but wise, its a shame Society likes to complicate things up hoppe heaven is close and hell over populated so you stick around for a while, with all respect

  37. yoricks217


  38. christy lowery

    what is he talking about sucking on

  39. John Fortmann

    the found db cooper i guess
    they are selling the book anyway lol

  40. John Fortmann

    HELLoops caps was on hi oh bad bad breath i agreee and the closere we get hell yeha

  41. Noora

    I love it <3 <3 <3

  42. cowgirl 001

    willie nelson you are my idol I love all your songs been listing to you since I was 5 years old my dad always listened to you up till he pasted away.. Love your songs

  43. Beatriz NANOTILLA

    “A bad breath is better than no breath at all...”

  44. Beatriz NANOTILLA

    Impressive! A living legend. Cheers from Spain.xx

  45. Toni Cipriani Blackwhite


  46. beatleme2

    La Bella 830 Folksinger strings on that 'ol acoustic sound so good !!..oh and the song and Willie singing it ;:*)

  47. Alfredo Lopez

    el mejor abuelo del country

  48. Dubblebubble Fresh

    Willy i have great rhythm guitar skills. Great song ideas. Wouldblove a chance.

  49. Jerry Ellis

    Anyone know how Willie is doing, hope he's feeling better

  50. Carlie Orsini

    Divine inspiration is the finest of all ! With gratitude I say thank you for sharing your talents with all! # Gratitude 💫💯
    - tc ✨🇺🇸✨

  51. Bárður Örn Bárðarson

    Great song, great album, great man - Thank you Willie

  52. Alan Malcheski

    better than good breath too, i reckon. Can't strip paint or kill insects with good breath...


    Willie Nelson cover Everything That Glitters (Is Not Gold) - Dan Seals ...please T T

  54. warren jones

    Love You Willie !!

  55. Eli's Whatever i feel like doing

    Happy late birthday Mr. Nelson!!!!!

  56. Marco Martini

    God bless this man!

  57. PAP3RMAN 732

    Willie Nelson is so cool. I hope he sticks around for awhile.

  58. Eric Monaco

    Wow its 2018 And hes still doing it

  59. eriq gislason

    LOVE IT!

  60. yoricks217

    This one goes out to all the shittalkers

  61. Leahcim Nworb


  62. PHs PALACE

    He gets better all the time. Superb song.

  63. Matthew Eitzman

    Smoking weed will cover that up, Willie.

  64. Geno

    I ask myself "will I be as good a man as Willie when I attain his age?, " I can in no way question or criticize him.......just admire who he is and what he is. God bless you Willy and thanks for the many hours of entertainment!

  65. themindoftwister

    Willie Hugh Nelson - there will never, ever be another!!!!!!!!!!! Rock on FOREVER!!!!!

  66. Old Dog City Pound


  67. waynelac

    excellent song

  68. Appalachian American

    Happy birthday Willie Nelson April 30 love this classic Willie humor & common sense

  69. lazylad 90

    Love it 👍👍👍👍😁😁 another brilliant song old Willie boy.

  70. The Mix Club

    Love it..Willie your the best.

  71. Koko Lee

    So I'm down

  72. Rose Phillips

    Loved it !!!!!!! Lol

  73. LOXOSS

    Soy el único comentario en español jaja???

  74. Trucking Annie


  75. Oriliyacris Perera


  76. sina mumuta

    That is right ha ha

  77. Jason Lee

    I'm not worried about getting old; because of Willie...

  78. Pat Campbell

    Willie is one of a Lind. There will never be anyone too replace him. Just like Johnny and my favorite mettle haggard. Love them all.

  79. Rob Driggs

    full 30

  80. Maureen Oaten

    Fantastic song love it will I Nelson

  81. Shelia Adams

    I have loved Willie from when his sister was with him. Best ever and heart touching. Thank you and God bless.

    bob miller

    His sister still handles the piano most shows...

  82. RitaAnne

    "Bad Breath is better than no breath at all" True indeed..I love Willie..

  83. Genivaldo Silva

    Sou um amante da música cowtry

  84. Victor Guerrero

    Always nice to here your songs thanks

  85. marc Thysebaert

    Super -super-super

  86. Marcblur

    Happy Birthday, Willie!

  87. Saw wil

    !!!!!Willie hook up with 'the dead south'.

  88. Dave jones

    Willie said we keep coming back til we get it right, for those of us who will be coming back for a longtime, listen and remember, if you ain’t done it, seen it, felt it, or lost it, you’re just singing a song. Willie sings his life, he is the master.

  89. janet warner

    ~AwwwwwwwwwwwOooooooooooooooooooU!!......Luv u willie!

  90. Blake Smith

    Happy Birthday willie , good to know me and you got the same birthday

  91. Linda Green-Smith

    You don't sugar coat things Willie like Broke Back Mountain, you sing what everyone thinkin' I love you and want you to live and sing for ever, you are the bad ass of country thru n' thru...x

  92. Ruth Boykin

    LOL, I agree with you, Willie!

  93. Jessica Hutchinson

    Happy birthday Willie! Self deprecation is sexy as hell! Love you! Here's to many more wonderful years! 🎂

  94. Juan Camacho

    James Hetfield on guitar.

  95. Christh Linarez Peralta Linares

    You're Awesome Willie Nelson
    Your music 🎷 its magic 💫

  96. Trond Hynne

    Happy Birthday Willie!

  97. 異差虎武江戸

    Jesus bless you Willie.