Nelson, Ricky - Life Lyrics

Life, go on without me
Take it and you'll see
It doesn't matter
Life, I know what your game is
You take it and trade it
For another
Life, before you're over
I want something to show for
All my trouble

Time, come on in
I see you're back again
Where you goin' now
I thought you'd know somehow

Life, if you keep goin'
I'll try to throw in
A little love
Life, I can't do without you
There's something about you
That keeps me goin'
Life, I don't wanna stop now
I've been through so much now
Because of you

Tell me life
What are you here for
Tell me life
I wanna know more
Tell me life
What are we here for

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Nelson, Ricky Life Comments
  1. Jimbob

    Excellent compilation of Rick's life. Ricky was my sister's and my favorite, growing uo in the 50s and 60s. I don't know if he's included in the Rock Hall of Fame here in Cleveland, but he should be. Someone needs to check that out and if he isn't, then nominate.him and start a campaign!

  2. Sara Cole

    Thanks for the post.

  3. johnnyboy lovin life

    One of my favorite of ricks it shows his writing ability that was sadly overlooked.

  4. Chloe Hughes

    Is the last picture him and Helen?? (Please say yes cause that is too adorable and there aren't many pictures of them together!) <3 lol


    @Chloe Hughes Yes, it is.

    Chloe Hughes

    @jesmelric OMG YESSSS!!!!! THAT JUST MADE MY DAY! :)


    @Chloe Hughes Glad you enjoyed :)

  5. Janet Hare

    Heard this on the radio in the late 60's TWICE and fell in love instantly. It was on an album that evidently wasn't for sale anywhere and was never ever to find it anywhere until the internet and I was in my late 40's.  I still think it's absolutely beautiful.

    Janet Hare

    @amorelle hill Forgot to mention - the guitar is stunning, too.


    I bought the LP in the UK in 1972, and still have it. I'd say that this song and Song For Kristin are his 2 best on the LP.


    The LP is entitled "Rudy the Fifth" and I bought it here in the U.S. Back in the 70s. So its around.

  6. JoJo EarthGirl

    I love this one..!!

  7. JoJo EarthGirl

    Yes, he was very underated by the industry...His fan still love him...and give him his dues...

  8. jesmelric

    @pitou878 That is from a 1967 episode of Malibu U. I'm happy to share :)

  9. pitou878

    1:23, What is it from? =D
    Thanks again for your videos!! <3

  10. jesmelric

    @tenniscollector I agree, I think Rick was very underrated as a songwriter, and had a very long and versatile career.

  11. tenniscollector

    I never thought of Elvis "Life" being gospel song. Rick's "Life" single version is but one example that he was much more gifted artist than what the critics gave him and his music credit for. He suffered throughout his career with the comparisons to his friend Elvis. EP never wrote introspective songs such as "Life" or "Garden Party".

  12. jesmelric

    @nina1823 Wow you are right, it is a gorgeous song. Gotta love Elvis :)

  13. Nina Garcia

    Yes, please check out Elvis Life, it's a beautiful song.

  14. Nina Garcia

    @tenniscollector Elvis song Life is a different song, like a gospel, in fact it is included in the 3 cd Peace in the Valley Complete Gospel Collection. I also like this song by Rick, it's a pleasant song.

  15. jesmelric

    @tenniscollector Glad you enjoyed, I will have to check out the Elvis single, my husband is a big Elvis fan :)

  16. tenniscollector

    Oh how Wonderful to see/hear this lesser-know RN song given some recognition, with beautiful lyrics.
    Thank you for the upload. I have the "Rudy the fifth" CD (1971 album that features the song) which contains a different mix (basically overdubbed with flutes but still nice). Rick's friend, Elvis Presley also had a single called "Life" out in 1971 worth checking out. Thanks once again !