Nelson, Ricky - Let It Bring You Along Lyrics

The darkest house is a lonely house
The warmest house is my song
And if it makes you, all but happy
Let it bring you along

The sweetest room is a lady
The softest tune is goodbye
Is she real or just an image
Dis she leave satisfied

The life you lead is uncertain
How long has it been since you've heard hello or goodbye

Streets are filled with many people passin'
My eyes they are closed but still you hear them cry

The darkest house is a lonely house
The warmest house is my song
And if it makes you, all but happy
Let it bring you along

Silver and gold are treasures
To many people this is why they've dared the tide
The thought of fortune pulls them through tomorrow
Is it worth the feeling when you fall into her eyes

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Nelson, Ricky Let It Bring You Along Comments
  1. John Pastirchak

    Rick Nelson's music was sorely underrated. He quietly helped to build the soon to come pop phenomena of Country Rock which gave us The Eagles, Flying Burritos and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. God, I miss him.

  2. Stephen A Love

    Thanks for the comments for Rick and my song "LET IT BRING YOU ALONG" We recorded this is spring 1972 and the listed backing members are not correct! In the studio was Rick Nelson Tom Brumley, Patrick Shanahan, Stephen A Love and Allen Kemp.

    Ian Cooke

    I met you in SF when we were both seeing Rick perform at The Stone.  One of my favorite SCB Songs!


    Stephen, what’s the message of this song? It would be nice to hear it directly from you :)

  3. quantumthunder

    Finally got around to looking for this album/cd. Like this song.

  4. maragret Downs

    Great Song xx

  5. Joseph Darmanin

    Great song RIP Rick

  6. morgan evans

    A true legend. Great song and album. Sad he left us too early. Rock on Rick................

  7. William Walker

    Great album!

  8. sailho48

    One of the greatest rocker at all! So sad, when they all went off in the damned plane crash in the 80's. What great songs have never been written since then !

    Kenny Dobbins

    There are still great songs. You just have to look and Ricky is the 3rd best singer of all time.

  9. Ricky72246

    Simply a great rocker...should have gotten air play....oh and Randy Meisner was on this album as well....

  10. Darrell Turner

    I have the original Album .. still in great shape .. I bought it when I was in grade 8 ...

  11. Nina Garcia

    I checked this song and it is in my cd Garden Party one of two Rick Nelson cds I recently bought.