Nelson, Ricky - Gypsy Pilot Lyrics

When I was a young boy
My mama told me son
You gotta keep it together
You know you're the only one

So I tried to see the sunshine
And tried to feel the rain
But I just couldn't get it together
I was feelin' too much pain

So I got myself a guitar
When I was just a kid
I played rock and roll music
And I'm so glad I did

'Cause now I see the sunshine
And now I feel the rain
And I just want to keep it together
And hope you feel the same

Now I see the sunshine
And now I feel the rain
And I just want to keep it together
And hope you feel the same

Now I jump in my covered wagon
I'm movin' right along
I'm a full fledged gypsy pilot
I'm singin' you my song

And I try to see the sunshine
And I try to feel the rain
And I just want to keep it together
And I hope you feel the same

When they claim my body
They won't have much to say
Except that he lived a good life
He lived every day

And I know he saw the sunshine
And I know he felt the rain
And he loved everybody
And he hopes you'll do the same

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Nelson, Ricky Gypsy Pilot Comments
  1. Tracy Nelson

    This song has always seemed to me my dad's (Rick's) premonition as to how he would pass away. Flying was a theme in a lot of the songs he wrote. Particularly haunting is the long steel guitar run at the end and the "crash" , which you can hear much better on the lp than here live. (That's the great Tom Brumley) The last verse: "When they claim my body/they won't have much to say/except that he lived a good life/he lived everyday/ you know he saw the sunshine/ you know he felt the rain/  he loved everybody/ and he hopes you do the same."

  2. Chuck Ranker

    Fabulous !

  3. Noldi400

    I remember seeing tis performance back in the day on Kenny Rogers TV show. Those were the days, y'all.

  4. BoZ CarSoN

    Now this song was a hit!! I have the 45, on the flip side its Love minutes zero Bob Dylan, Rick's influence

  5. Gordon Heber

    I watched Ricky on TV in the early sixties. The song perormances on the TV show where a highlight. He inspired me to become a musician. When I go to heaven I want to play in the Stone Canyon Band lead guitar and harmony
    vocals with Ricky Nelson. God Bless Ricky.

  6. neo robertson

    2 great performances here

  7. Ellyn Robertson

    Great song (always feel a little unsettled by the ending...), love the voice - and the blue shirt Rick was wearing - it has what looks like a sequinned butterfly on the back! I want one!! :)

  8. catkinson75

    what a kick ass song!!

  9. kcdonald

    This is a true great song...period!

  10. Ian Cooke

    Rick also did Love Minus Zero/No Limit and Feel So Good according to a Canadian Music Magazine I have from that time.

  11. fumetti

    Strong performance!

  12. ronfowlermusic

    Most people don't know Rick - or Kenny Rogers, for that matter - ever rocked this hard 'n' heavy! Great stuff, thanks for sharing!

  13. jeremylr68

    Excellent performance; this performance aired March 18, 1972, on "Rollin' On The River," a variety series filmed in Canada; series only last 2 seasons, and was renamed just "Rollin" in final season;

    the series starred Kenny Rogers & The First Edition; of course, Kenny later went on to major fame as a solo artist;

    Rick performed both these cuts on his "Rudy The Fifth" LP, released on October 4, 1971; so this performance was filmed in very late 1971 or possibly January 1972

  14. john meyer

    Ricky Nelson was a much better musician than he ever got credit for. Very instrumental in Country Rock.

  15. arhatyellow

    Sorry chewink666 - your memory's off. The show is the Kenny Rogers show - from the time he was in the First Edition. The guitarists are Rick Nelson's band (presumably). I agree though, a great couple of cuts. OOOps - yup, that's the future busyness man behind 'Kenny Roger's Fried Chicken'. Ha! Oh, well . . . .

  16. chewink666

    just incase some didn" t know the guy at the piano with him is Kenny Rogers...

  17. cheekygirl1972

    love it, thanks for sharing.

  18. kcdonald

    I have this one on a 45 and I always thought it was one of his best.

  19. gemgabb

    Around 1971 was when I saw Rick perform this song Gypsy Pilot at a local fair where I live. He had said that he recently wrote this and I just love to hear it. Thank you for posting this.

  20. daveedgeguitar

    A great song! Rick could make any music his own. Thanks for posting.
    Regards, Dave

  21. tsantini1

    Wow, Thanks for posting and very impressive!

    I have never seen that before and Rick was great on both songs!

  22. RayFlash

    Wow! Awesome! It's great to see the video to this fantastic song.


  23. smitty54017

    I love seeing Buckaroo Tom Brumley on steel!

  24. cesarr956

    This is amazing THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!!!

  25. Mike Eder

    Rick and Kenny at their very best!

  26. NitroManXoX

    Thanks! Would love to see a lot more videos of Rick's days with the Stone Canyon Band.. he was at this best but yet so under-rated.

    This song was one of the best written rock and roll songs that never really got air time. The studio version was over 6 minutes and one of the most under-rated songs ever written.. and written by Rick himself.