Neil Diamond - Raisin' Caine Lyrics

She spent ev'ry night just Raisin' Caine
Johnny, Bill and Joe
They all meant the same
Tried to hide that deep inside her
Lay a woman, soft and tender
Needin' someone to defend her
She was just a great pretender
Raisin' Caine
Didn't take long to make up my mind
I just had to have that somethin' fine
So I got set to make her forget
All the boys that she knew before
Give her reason to love me for
Love her till she had no need for
Raisin' Caine.
I made her know my love will always be
And in a while she wanted only me
To give her lovin' yeah, yeah, yeah
I've been wed three years
To that girl I won
And I'm proud to say
We have ourselves a son
For a name called him Caine'
It didn't take long to discover
He had fire just like his mother
But that's O.K.
'Cause we've each other,
Raisin' Caine

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Neil Diamond Raisin' Caine Comments
  1. Don R

    lost and forgotten.

  2. Thomas Linton

    "Old Dixie" The Lost Cause of slavery. Sung beautifully by a radical lefty. Ironic.

  3. nik nok

    "there goes the Robert E. LEE" refers to the Mississippi steamboat of that name...not the man.........lots of Lyrics are changed and taken wrong...!!!

  4. Flyboy Ben

    Why Joan Baez is singing this racist anthem is a mystery to me. I saw her sing it last night at a concert in New York City, as a tribute to one of the fans in attendance -- Bill Clinton. She introduced it as his favorite Baez song. Yes, it's musically a nice song. But the meaning? Yuck. White supremacists, listen up: Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee should have met the same fate that usually befalls traitors: the hangman's noose. Statues? Yeah, they were part of "Southern heritage." Adolph Hitler was part of Germany's heritage.

    Joe Sigmon

    If you think this is a racist song, you have not listened to it. It is about the horrors of war, and how it causes so much suffering to the non combatants. He lost his job on the railroad, his family was starving, and his brother was killed in the war. The people who were supposed to help with reconstruction were taking anything worth stealing. It was truly a terrible time for our country.


    @Joe Sigmon Very good reply... So true....

  5. MissLynneO

    Sadly they just tore down Robert E. Red. Democrats are tearing down not just Dixie but all of America.

    Kathy Wilson

    Ironic bc the democrats were the ones for the south and slavery, ect.

  6. Donny Denny

    Just go by what Joan's video says. She has the best version of this song!

  7. Donny Denny

    I would go with Joan Baez!

  8. Bill Kotenski

    with all the bullshit up north I can't stand the the government and taxing the shit out of us poor fucks with the liberal bullshit I'm turning south

  9. John Doe

    If you plow the fields in Virginia and find a belt buckle with the initials CSA, it is worth more than ax belt buckle or stirrup with the initials USA.

  10. Mr. Malta

    So much cavalry . . . ?

  11. S King

    So many mean people on this sight talking down about Joan Baez. Saying Helms was the greatest. I 've heard both and no one can sing this song like Joan Baez. I have heard a lot of people sing this song and no one can even come close to Ms. Joan Baez. The best singer of this song. As far as I'm concerned the only one worth listening to. And I don't give a shit with how many of you want to call her liberal or whatever other nonsence. She is the BEST in my book hands down.....

  12. Bill Kotenski

    fuck the north I'm sick of the Assholes yuppys up here

  13. Michael Bernhardt

    wo sind den die lyrics?

  14. Slant Six

    If you can, take a trip to Virginia to tour all the Civil War battlefields and excellent museums there. Walk the grounds. Plenty of good hotels, restaurants around the sites. It will be a good time you won't forget.

  15. WildFromDC

    God bless, forever

  16. Nate Clark

    Truly and insult to Robbie and Levon's hard work and research. There's no excuse for changing "I will work the land" to "I'm a working man" except that she never did learn the lyrics and nobody had the guts to tell her. "Work the land" provides an incredible visual. "Working man"? Worked as what? A bicycle repairman? That's what I'm thinking about. A bicycle repairman at the end of the Civil War. Thanks Joan.

  17. ShadeyBladey

    Absolutely fucking dreadful, grisly performance. She gets the history, the words and the tune wrong. HAT TRICK!


  18. ShadeyBladey

    What a stupid cow! An "American" folk singer, and she doesn't even know her own country's history well enough to even get the lyrics right! I am *British* and I know it was General George Stoneman's cavalry that tore up the tracks again, as a series of raids to dismantle the South rather than kill people. _"So much cavalry",_ you fucking moron! Totally ruined it for me.


  19. Jorge Mario Rodas

    Good song I see it as neutral observer and it says some good things in the lyrics. "all the bells were ringing and all the people were singing" Of course they had a reason to do it as the war was over. No more bloodshed or destruction, No matter who wins or on which side the winner or the loser one is the end of a war is always a happy moment.

  20. Confederate Girl Texas rebel

    The confederate army should have taken more of them damn good for nothing Yankees.GOD BLESS THE SOUTH.

    derek bellot

    You guys are still fighting the civil war.Wake up!It's over.You lost.

    derek bellot

    What is so great about the south?It has a history of rascism and violence.If there is a God he'd never waste his time.

    Butch Pfaf

    Millie McNamara The democrats who promoted slavery,went to war for states rights.They succeeded for states rights.The emancipation proclamation was just a way to hurt the southern economy.There should NOT be slavery so it really did work out for the best!!!


    Is this a serious post... Really.... You actually still harbor such ridiculous feelings... Time for a Shrink and some serious counseling... Enter the 21st century...


    PSSSSS, Joan Baez sang the song so beautifully and with such passion

  21. Godefroy de Bouillon

    God bless The South !!


    Thank you. It's defeat not the feed. na na na


    I think the idiot was thinking that sugar cane can't be raised back up once it's in the animal feed. But then, she'd never heard of general Stoneman, either, and thinks it was _so much cavalry._


    Doug Griggs

    Thanks, David R. I have been trying for a loooong time to figure out what that last word or two was in that line. Defeat made the most sense. A buddy of mine thought she was singing "in the field."

  23. Uplyfted Channel

    By "lyrics" you mean "pictures".

  24. Doug Griggs

    I agree fully with jack1234. Many of the graphics are WONDERFUL. Some of them show how incredibly BRUTAL the Civil War was for soldiers on BOTH sides. And also for tens (hundreds?) of thousands of private citizens in Confederate states. And of course the music and JB's singing are superb ...

  25. jack1234

    Thanks for the video-Love the graphics!

  26. maplecolonie

    Nice song. One of my 70s favorites.

  27. wayne nothe

    the group THE BAND says  " the mud below my feet "  -  Joan sings  " the blood below my feet "


    and lots of other lyrics are different

    Doug Griggs

    I can understand why The Band used "mud." But actually, probably the only time in my life, I like the change of the word to "blood." Both lyrics are great imho.

    Brayden Roehm

    wayne nothe

    L.H.L. M.M.

    Wayne Nothe - You are correct. Joan Baez said that when she started singing this song, she never looked at the lyrics. She said that she sang the words the way that she heard them. She said that she regrets that she misheard the lyrics correctly. In more recent versions of her singing this song, she does use the correct lyrics. She said it was just a mistake from singing what she thought she heard the Band singing in the original song. So, you are right!

  28. Cliff's Scale Modeling

    Translation for Maria' idol yesterday, today and tomorrow

  29. maria amelia franco

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