Ne-Yo - I'm Sorry Lyrics

Momma I'm sorry
You know I never meant to hurt you, no.
But I'm in love with the boy next door.
Momma, please understand
And momma I'm so sorry
But I don't think that I can let hem go
I'm in love with the boy next door

[Verse 1: Candice Jones]
Starring at your picture
My vision is blur
My eyes are feeling petit
With every word.
They're trying to tell me
I'm only a kid and that I
Can't be in love
I don't know what it is.
And they keep trying to confince me that you ain't no good for me
(You're to young to know, baby, just let it go.)
And they just won't accept what we are
And what we can be
(So this letter reads)
Momma, please understand.

[Chorus: Ne-Yo]
Momma I'm sorry
You know I never meant to hurt you, no.
But I'm in love with the boy next door.
Momma, please understand
And momma I'm so sorry
But I don't think that I can let hem go
I'm in love with the boy next door

[Verse 2: Candice Jones]
And I know that she
Thinks that I'm young and naive
Don't know what's good for me
Think of your future
She says with tears in her eyes
(Don't throw away your dreams)
About loving some guy.
Momma please have more faith in me
You didn't raise a fool
I'm gonna stay by ya said though I know you don't want me to
So this letter reads.
Momma, please understand

[Chorus: Ne-Yo]
Momma I'm sorry
You know I never meant to hurt you, no.
But I'm in love with the boy next door.
Momma, please understand
And momma I'm so sorry
But I don't think that I can let hem go
I'm in love with the boy next door

[Verse 3: Ne-Yo]
Nothing I can say to
Make you feel the way you feel
But finally I found the love
That I know is real, really real
And I ain't gonna give it up
Not for nothing
I ain't gonna give it up (noo)
So momma won't you please understand the way I feel,
Please understand!

[Chorus: Ne-Yo]
Momma I'm sorry
You know I never meant to hurt you, no.
But I'm in love with the boy next door.
Momma, please understand
And momma I'm so sorry
But I don't think that I can let hem go
I'm in love with the boy next door

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Ne-Yo I'm Sorry Comments
  1. 朱永強

    Remember when this came out and everyone freaked out thinking neyo was coming out?

  2. Syabonga Dlamini

    Knock knock 2019

  3. hannah akan

    Take me back to these days 🖤

  4. Sumit Pandit


  5. Talia Seays

    👀💓💓💓💓💓🔥neyo. Is. My. Sweet. Heart.

  6. Mary Kes

    Am in love with this song

  7. Danielle Noriega Lee

    Thursday April 26 2018 and i am still listening to this

  8. Chérie Beaudoin

    still listening ❤️

  9. shanice monica

    Like if youre listening to this in 2017 👌🏾

  10. Liebe Dat

    21/02/2017 from Vietnam

  11. SwatchQueen xx

    listening to this at 16, and now at 23. man oh man life has changed.

  12. Andreia Caitano

    nostalgia 😍

    Senhor Burns

    Andreia Caitano É isso que estou sentido neste exato momento.

  13. evelin dano


  14. Maira Laskou

    <3 <3 <3 still 2k16

  15. Junior Silva

    amo todas

  16. Rosolina Mare


  17. Afagahsh Dfagshgd

    nice one ,I love de song @ mama am sorry.

  18. KiraCherry38

    2016 bitch still nice song to listen to

  19. Arron Webb

    Not Ne-yo Feat Cristal Q its Cristal Q Feat. Ne-Yo

  20. Airakaz

    i miss these days ...

  21. 4phandrad

    I wish that i could just lie

  22. Fawn McCloskey

    I'm sorry for putting my hands on you again

  23. Fernando Pereira

    Lov this song !!!

  24. alexsandra neyo

    i love this song

  25. sierrababiiee

    What does he say at the end? "No, I ain't gona give it up, noo. So momma won't you ____________________________. Momma please understandddd!" PLEASE help a brotha out

  26. Shoko Shichida


  27. Kostas Lek

    I'm from Greece and love your songs Ne-yo ! ! !

  28. Sanu Wolff

    2013 NOT old!!! I love this song

  29. Alex Camargos

    cade o audio?

  30. vidfreak91

    2013, this song pop in my mind outta nowhere.

  31. Nicole Ramirez

    listend to this in 2007 & still listeing to it song still goin strong !!!! but back in 2007 guys were more caring nd didnt hurt as much as they did miss those days

  32. Ferdi Uysalowsky

    2012 ? I'M STILL LISTENING IN 2013 !!! ;D

    Trabzonludiana 61

    Ferdi Uysalowsky Vay be, we're listening in 2k17

  33. Juarez de Souza

    This music is with Brandy

  34. Lexly

    Brouuuuuuuh, nothing in common, but I fucking adore your profile picture ;)

  35. Lexly

    I'm always living in 2012. & I swear, yes, you're right I'm a bitch.

  36. Rodrigo lopes

    this is it


    no ur gay fuckface u just dont know good music when u hear it....u must still be a boy grow up and listen to some good music in ur life!

  38. kidrauhl swaggie

    And me in 2013 :3

  39. Dafina 22

    Alexa Mills And i 2013 ;D

  40. tashalee20001

    This is great

  41. louy

    This One Is Fake the Original is with Ciara

  42. Clara Mae Henson

    dont insult the gay community, we dont want the jerk.

  43. Chelsea Arias

    ur gay

  44. Nada Abdulaziz

    OMG vary nice ;'(

  45. Nada Abdulaziz

    I like it

  46. Evandson Monahan

    Teu pai é gay!
    Your father is much gay! ;).

  47. failmaster dente


  48. Ted 11

    2013 i will hear it again<3

  49. tupaciverson

    i'm listening to this.. in this fucking year..i'm crying like a baby.. and i'm a boy.. but girls doesn't wants good guy they want that man that broke theyr heart.. yes..

  50. SamsishaJJ

    Aaaaaand 2012!! :D

  51. Mizz Hulle

    Shut i cry or not :'/

  52. Lexly

    Oh damn ok :) I just thought you were retarded because I'm on my profile picture x)
    Same for me, I listened it in 2009 roughtly and then came back in 2012 , feels stupid but always like it x)

  53. asunaa

    I knooow!!! Used to listen to this jam way back so many years ago!!! Still love it :D <3

  54. Lexly

    Even if my name is " StoryOfOneGuy " I'm a girl ahaha :3 . & this song is freaking beautiful :3 ♥.

  55. asunaa

    hahahah!! man i love this song <3

  56. Lexly

    Good to see after to didn't come a few months that my comment is in top ones :')

  57. Dennis Lopez

    and me 2013(;

  58. LILKOOLJ25

    OK so it this her or ciara cuz sumbody got they video's wrong!!!

  59. Tee KayCee

    Was it 2012 8months ago?

  60. TheVrainz

    2011? I'M STILL BANGING IN 2012!!!!

  61. NarutoTheLegend

    Wtf! 11 Mio Klicks? I listen to this Music for the first time with 200.000 klicks.. Well done!

  62. Lexly

    @xXsingerdonXx And me in 2012 ;D

  63. henk jansen

    Banging This Always ..

  64. RedKing Ryu18

    this has me cryin alil but ill just keep listenin toit until i fall asleep and then ill get up and listen to it over 3 more times

  65. Isabel Mota

    still jamming diz n 2012!!!

  66. MrMobsterking

    Any Chance someone can drop an Acapella version and the instrumental to this song? i need it big time .. respects and if used credits go to you and your channel will be advertised on the mrmobsterking channel

  67. Shaquilla Murray

    He made the song for a qirl.

  68. KuRDoB0Y

    @messias120 good for u:)

  69. Behazin Khosravi

    Im so sorry my friend :( im sorry for using you ..

  70. Wodson Azevedo

    simplisment, PERFECT

  71. Abbii knowles

    havnt heard this song is ages and it just made me cry :'( just becuase of the bad times in my life when i would listen to this :'(

  72. Liza C

    he is a legend but a love that legend xxx

  73. FrostBite Studios

    sounds like the beat is going "black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow'lol but.....anyways awesome song luv it :)

  74. Kano

    this song should be in top 20 on mtv top charts

  75. Alexis Madarang

    i love ne-yo <33 ;)

  76. PhuNky

    Visit this guy's profile and songs... /watch?v=Rf-rUlxc-nM He's good... He deserves to be noticed. If anyone can, help him get noticed and seen. Thank you.

    Thumbs up pls for others to see it, maybe someone cares.

  77. 2437Lakers

    Cute kid singing!! Subscribe!!!

  78. Sto kams

    Ne-Yo Gay ?? NEVER

  79. Uthau Tourist tv

    Pshh really yall saying Ne-Yo gay? Lmfao. SMH!
    Even if he was i'd still love him.
    Haters fail.

  80. Sabrina Moore

    i could care less if he gay or not, i aint doin him soooo it really dont matter. As long as he keep puttin em out im happy! Wat who he layin pipe to got to do wit da fact he makin good music?....jus sayin

  81. Ro LaBreeze

    i got faith in dude buit y he singing it at all if it is a female in da song...jus let her sing it all all nd ujus sing adlibz

  82. MsTrace2000

    looove it

  83. MrMobsterking

    NeYo Is Legend

  84. Clare Mason

    :( This song Makes Me cry.
    But hey, Neyo Is amazing! :']

  85. ahmed badraani


    more than me :D its true but i wont envy him,the dude got voice

  86. The DarK Knight

    ne-yo is a man ....and no one can say more ....

  87. thewolfkingskeeper

    i Love You Jess. Im sorry i fucked up bad. Im so so sorry

  88. Alexis G.

    love yu kiara.. im sorry.

  89. Ali Saribas

    337 people are justin bieber and his family

  90. Amina Hima

    all the i'm sorry comments are from guys....should tell us something ladies ;)

  91. Borbala Kiss

    it's will be funny if neyo gay... hahaha


    if yall dnt realize dis is da gurl cristal q song n neyo is jus featuring...he is da guy she is inlove with so he is not gay listen 2 da song first

  93. Nikko0o0o0o O0o0o0o

    @fernanditoization YOUR GAY!

  94. Li Le

    i'm sorry.. too.

  95. Li Le

    i'm sorry..

  96. Nick Leathers

    @TheYpsigirl I think I know the song you're talking about.. It's called "I Think It's Over" or maybe just "It's Over" but I can't find it on youtube

  97. Brittany Jundt

    @TheYpsigirl That sound slike an R Kelly song..

  98. Nick Leathers

    people hate just because Ne-Yo is talented enough to write from a female perspective