Ne-Yo - Do You Lyrics

Maybe this decision was a mistake.
You probably don't care what I have to say.
But it's been heavy on my mind for months now.
Guess I'm trying to clear some mental space.
I would love to talk to you in person.
But I understand why that can't be.
I'll leave you alone for good I promise.
If you answer this one question for me.

I just wonder,
Do you ever,
Think of me,
Anymore, do you?

First off let me say congratulations.
Heard that you just had a baby girl.
If she looks anything like her mother,
She's the prettiest thing in the world.
Swear that I'm not tryin' to start no trouble.
Tell your fiance he can relax.
I'll leave you alone for good I promise,
There's a question I just gotta ask.

I just wonder,
Do you ever,
Think of me,
Anymore, do you?

I know what we have is dead and gone.
Too many times I made you cry.
And I don't mean to interrupt your life.
I just wonder do I ever cross your mind?

I just wonder,
Do you ever,
Think of me,
Anymore, do you?

I just wonder
Do you ever
Think of me
Do you?

I just wonder
Do you ever
Think of me
Do you?

I just wonder
Do you ever
Think of me
Do you?

Yeah, yeah, yeah

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Ne-Yo Do You Comments
  1. dee d

    🥴😫here debating if i should try and get in contact with my ex from 6 years ago 🙈 ive been thinking about him so much recently but the past is the past i guess timing is everything 😢

  2. hilda ngano

    I miss old ne yo

  3. cathrine mutawusi

    i had to listen to this song...damn Neyo is good

  4. 【W】【a】【v】【y】 【J】

    Who else just listens to throwback songs randomly in their bed for the nostalgia

  5. Nathalia Karoline

    this song break me down ;(


    Hello do you have fb or insta?

  6. Pius Muchira

    … …😎…✌️…

  7. DOTcalm614

    One of the greatest, truest but saddest love songs that you'll ever hear! This resonates with anyone who has ever been in love and lost that love! #ibelieveit #2020ClearVision #remainblessed #bookOfJones🙏🏾 😭❤👑✌🏾

  8. listereen nn

    Waittttt I swear that’s the dude from Cassie long way to go !

  9. Jalisa Shanice

    Listening 2020 💓

  10. Marcus Andrews

    I just lost my angel my love 💔 and I'm heartbroken. I love you so much baby

  11. Lecteur public

    HOLOLOOOOOOO... Lintro toute cool et le démarrage de la beat box par surprise ça m'a fait décoller d'un sseul coup! Bien joué les mecs

  12. kyle bartholomew

    2020 in the house

  13. Championofgames26 _

    Who is here with me in 2020 I really miss u not sure if your thinking about me😭😭

  14. Evilyn Camyli

    2020 ❤️

  15. Michael Nyagei


  16. randomgirltv

    Still sounfs good in 2020

  17. Fernando Pereira

    Canções lindas fais sentido amei estou amando minha eterna namorada ti amooooooo 😘😍😍😍💏💑💖💞💖💖

  18. HIKEEM Muhammad

    I had a wife that about nine years she left me for another man five years later I end up another sister we end up having two babies and getting married and moving to Florida but I still wondering do my ex-wife do she ever think of me anymore I sure do think her all the time

  19. Vítor hugo Santos

    Do you!!! Good music , who is listening 2020

  20. Franciele Silveira

    2020 ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  21. Wanderson Landy

    Cdd 2020

  22. Claire Were

    Good old days!

  23. Damian Rodriguez

    Damn I'm a pretty big Ne-Yo fan and could've sworn I knew all his big hits but how did I not no about this one

  24. Pedro Nascimento

    Quantos BR, em 2020?

  25. Claudia Goncalves

    Época boa agradeço a vizinha por repetir esse charm várias vezes pois não tinha onde ouvir na época

  26. Moses Malebye

    2020 ... going through what's this song is all about

  27. Radhames Sanchez

    Perdoname Nicole..mi primer amor.

  28. Kevin Dickerson

    Getting closure and being used sucks still listening 2020

  29. Кулимова TV KZ

    2020 ❤️

  30. Frank Nankep

    always loved the lyrics of this songs

  31. Wellington Martins

    2020 like 👍

  32. Patricia Oliveira

    Melhor música ❤

  33. mas. k

    Anyone listening to this in 2020? Songs like this need to come back.

  34. Adebisi Silva

    *Fazia muitos anos q eu tinha escutado essa música!*

  35. Alexandria Dyer

    It’s 2020 and this song been stuck in my head for weeks 🤦‍♀️

    Alexandria Dyer

    Got stuck on another song then back to this 😁

  36. Andresa Cristina


  37. Ann V


  38. Jecar the Handyman

    I want to dedicate to my ex its everything that is happening now but then again i dont want to bother her 🤯

  39. james howard

    Hope do you ever think of me

  40. Gisele Acocella

    31/01/2020 😍

  41. Ramel Brown

    Fire 🔥🔥song

  42. Fbjx 300

    Who here 2020

  43. Mussa Mohameddy

    2020 still listening who else

  44. Ava Hillman

    Anyone else realize he's left handed

  45. Please Subscribe to YouTube BkzReaper

    Answer this one question for me... Do you ever think of me anymore.. do you?

    This makes me miss relationships. The ups and downs and the making up.

    I dedicated this song once, make me better with fabolous, and with you by Chris brown At seperate times the individual laughed about it.

    I never dedicated a song again.

  46. Leilanie Lingen

    Here in 2020 🔥🔥

  47. TheKing7Mills

    4 years that I had the same story. I am glad I healed. But this song will always be related to that lady. I am good and so does she in the choices she made. That's what's important

  48. Camilla Araujo

    Choro toda vez que escuto essa música... E nem me lembra ninguém. Kk 2020.

  49. CanOnlybeRee

    breakup song alert

  50. Merci Merc

    Get it Neyo. Fire 🔥 in 2020

  51. Marland Maclin

    Wow 🌋

  52. Woz992

    the pain in this song thooooouuugggghhhhhh

  53. Jonathan Appiah

    Am here 2020

  54. Cloud Lexx

    Still soooooo beautiful

  55. Cloud Lexx

    This was REALLLY me & my brothers shit

  56. Tifrock Levi

    Still my Jam😜😜😘😘

  57. Shaaban Namanda

    This song never goes old even in 2020

  58. Jhamers Pinheiro

    2020 e eu ainda ❤ essa musica .

  59. Eugenia Agard

    In 2020 having a flashback. Who else is listening? I just wonder....

  60. Israel Cruz

    2020 n still loving this song!!!

  61. Aieliaria Abarca

    Thinking of one person only, 💞

  62. Allan Benavides


  63. Glarel Merilland

    I'am Haitian🇭🇹🇭🇹 stil here in 2020👍

  64. Emma Jones


  65. Emma Jones

    .....left 239

  66. Emma Jones


  67. Lovemy Family

    This song Gave me Herpes

    Alexandria Dyer

    😂😂 wth

  68. Shaquana Patrick

    Really feeling this song right now💔😢

  69. Pedro Machado

    2020 e eu ainda venho aqui, saudades dos velhos tempos

  70. Kim Jay

    I feel you sometimes that happens to me and I try to make it right but it never does

  71. Francesca Shade

    The two of them favor

  72. May Davis

    Any one listening in 2020?

  73. Kay Clincy

    2020... Heavenly Sunday

  74. David Hendry

    Still 2020

  75. Patrick Senat

    They don't make hits like this anymore. 😢

    Claire Were

    I know right? :(

  76. Vitor Celestino

    2020 alguém??? Foda demais esse cara!!🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  77. Rae Rae

    So YOU DO not sleep, TELL ME Why? Pls stop telling me you can't talk to me, YOU are my KING. You are THE only thing I talk about the ONLY one I want IN my FUTURE. I reiterate this consistently SO that the DIRECTION I will be going IN will BE KNOWN. And YOU know YOUR the ONLY thing I think OF at ANYMORE. I am going to start looking for rental properties probably soon. Why R U never sleeping? Never mind if I know you I know why....XxX

  78. Tayna costa

    Alguém mais assistindo em 2020 ? Deixa o like ! 🙂

    Adebisi Silva

    *Claro meu amor!*

    Karol Rod

    Essas músicas são clássicas, não pode faltar em festa nenhuma, só os melhores não as deixam morrer.

  79. آٻړآھڀم اون'بپۼصہۧون گہۣۚلامہۣۚي يہۣۚوسہۣۚوس

    I'm going to you

  80. Iesha Tyler

    2020 we made it baby!

  81. Barak Kassa

    2020? ❤️👇🏾👇🏾

  82. ndedi dalida ngoh

    2020 anyone. Still hits hard

  83. rico pesos

    This model stayed in majority of his videos they had that natural chemistry actually thought they was really dating she is so fine and beautiful though always wonder whats her name

    Alina Delatorre

    Rico pesos i think its rosa acosta

    donita vann

    She was on a TV show called The Game. Google the cast.

    donita vann

    Tae Heckard

  84. Breonah Dixon

    Still listening in 2020 🥰

  85. Watch Me


  86. Mugiwara-No-Shanks

    Still here 2 O 2 O

    This song is so underrated

    Michael Bull

    I think neyo in general is hella underrated as an artist

  87. poto 113

    Who in 2020?

  88. Amanda Maia

    2020 ❤❤❤❤

  89. Det 313

    It’s time to hit the gym and put the stress into these weights

  90. Det 313

    I could never love again. Heart is too fucking torn.

  91. Ranada Reeves

    Jan 3 ,2020 still listening

  92. Trevell Collins

    My favorite song by him exes always can't get they're mind off us

  93. shelby caine

    My ex had baby on me he stay so they could be a family I think they're still together but I'm not for sure he always trying to see me now so I got my answer to he do still think of me 😔

  94. glen munami

    Anyone, 2020

  95. emzitodemob

    Started off 2020 reminiscing... Still slaps!