Nazareth - Woke Up This Morning Lyrics

Woke up this morning, my dog was dead,
Someone disliked him and shot him through the head.

Woke up this morning, my cat had died,
I know I'll miss her, sat down and cried.

Came home this evening, my hog was gone,
People here don't like me, I think I'll soon move on.

Now somethings happened, that would make a saint frown,
I turned my back and my house burned down.

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Nazareth Woke Up This Morning Comments
  1. DR RooT BeeR 78

    This is the way it should be! None of today’s dumb gay music

  2. Richard Gray

    Can't help banging my head to this

  3. Jean Yves Awashish

    Waaa ,,,toujours bon,,nazareth,,,👍👍👍👍

  4. barry ross

    My first car came with their 8 track

  5. Davo gifman

    For a great Rock-N-Roller{ Dime-Bag-Darrell} <:::::::::::::::>~~;;;"" ------>

  6. Frank

    WOKE UP LAST NIGHT, AND MY GIRLFREIND WAS MAKING MAGARITAS......(and my pet lizard was in the blender).....(OOPS).!


    Holy moly!!!

  8. Andy Wimberley

    Listen TO that music. You can't beat it!

  9. Robbie Bob

    Whent to their concert in the 80s at Kamloops B.C and still listening to them

  10. Leif Berg

    Fuckin' Eh !!!

  11. Davo gifman

    Perhaps some of the last Delta Blues white Slide-------- around.
    No Offence.

  12. jack dahl

    Makes me feel like the hellraiser I was back then!!!!!

  13. Mackenzie Diehlmann

    an old outlaw biker showed me this tune

  14. My Future Mistress

    Montreal 1975. with RUSH as backup.

    Sean Wilkinson

    That is a dream concert if I ever heard of one.

  15. Edgar Martinez

    I love Nazareth

  16. Robert Nieten

    I remember in '75 or '76 i saw Nazareth open for Black Sabbath.


    CLAERWtwre beCH Clgaary, iron butterfly wwith naz 1978

  17. Steven Mincey

    I miss the old rock ‘n’ roll

  18. Aj Sayies

    Third song I learned on electric.

  19. Charly Maher

    I'm still rocking to Nazareth since the early 70's! Best rock and roll band EVER!

    wsl ving tsun

    I was with ya till u said greatest band ever lol that will never get took from the greatest rock n roll band ever, the rolling stones, now 2nd I can be ok with that lol jk

  20. Shawn Farris

    I fucking love this band!!

  21. John Timmins

    Roll and roll baby, love it or die

  22. Glen Munro

    that was my dog

  23. Geraldine Spencer


  24. Richard Lewis

    Okd school bone crunchin rock,

  25. Julio Cézar Prestes De Souza

    Quem nunca sorriu e sofreu escutando Nazareth

  26. Kevin Weisenburg

    If you don’t move to this song,your fuckin dead.

  27. Filip B

    Anybody else here in their 20s? Or just me?

  28. Expresstur Bh

    Nazareth= Fodazareth

  29. rrrandy59

    Krank this one !!!!!!!!!

  30. Derek Sayers

    Pissed my dorm right off cranking this

  31. Colnando

    Such a great band! Fantastic music, so many good ol tunes!

  32. Klaus Bärbel

    The best Time

  33. AMYAS Seek Truth

    I fucking love this!!!!

  34. ThePr8head

    Just goes to show no matter how awesome you are not everyone appreciates your talents!

  35. Mario Barboza

    Rio, 05.10.18

  36. Los Brakon'eros


  37. randall scott burress

    not my favorite but i'm not going to put a stick up my butt like those 153 losers?

  38. Dalton Parks

    It's 5:30 am happy labor day 2018

  39. Andy D'Agostino sr

    Ye they will not let you say anything on the Best song of the Nazareth but all of them are good.

  40. Connie Williams

    okay love this song far out right on

  41. Angelito Adriano

    One of my favorite... of all time.

  42. Gavin Lawrie

    long live roknrol

  43. ну я типа тёма что ли

    Manny Charlton's riffs forever!


    " woke up this morning " Rock in Roll at it's best !

  45. steven clark

    Play it loud and enjoy,simples.

  46. duff brown

    If you listen to this song it is an electric old country song Just love it awesome

  47. Mechelle Komanetz

    KICKS ASS!!!!!!

  48. Mechelle Komanetz

    Nazareth is badass!! Grew up to this stuff!! Always time for Nazareth!! Whoop whoop

  49. Richard Terry

    I saw Nazareth in 1978 there was a lady carrying a meater she said it was the loudest band her instrument ever recorded she said it was 72decibels past what it takes to lose your hearing. Lol rock n roll

  50. Alan White


  51. Robert Wilson

    The bad boys of Rock. Rock On!

  52. Glenn parent

    plus the earth -is flat

  53. Alkyoni Bleka

    Can somebody tell my why there are dislikes?

    Charlie Brown

    Some people just don't have a clue what good music is.

    Kevin Chase

    @Charlie Brown They have no class or couth, simple as that.

  54. creator

    The scary thing is, Trump is an egomaniac Narcissist. That is scary to people. He doesn't care that the chinese guy killed his family!!!!
    Trump doesn't care about the fact that this Asian guy killed his own family.

    Trump is a crazy psychopath.!!!

    Paul Bucket

    I dont think Trump is playin guitar on this one...back to your mommies basement

  55. Trevor Grynol

    Coolest popping pinkie riff EVER!!!!!

  56. mike awrey

    Before there was AC*DC....there was Nazareth. They even asked Dan to replace Bon Scott...he turned them down! RRHOF for sure. They need to get this one right.

    Chris Varga

    Whats rrohof like why dont you just call it stick a finger in my bum and like it club but whats the abreaviaition for that

  57. steven clark

    Always loved this masterpiece,no nonsense,kick arse rock n roll.

  58. Allahisgay Mohammedthefalseprophet

    Woke up this morning. Wp åttaåtta vm

  59. leslie easton

    And they call Rap.. Music

  60. Glen Myo

    When "I woke up this morning my dog was dead" n that really happened, fuk man he crawled 2 da fuk'n Bush n laid himself out, I woke up this morn'n n your not there I might as well died

  61. Roy Tallow

    Woke up this morning to Nazareth song !!!

  62. Joel Campbell

    Rock n roll will live forever!!! This is what we were meant to do! Rock all day and all night long my brothers and sisters.. A top ten on my list.

  63. Fred Spencer

    They need to play alot more on public radio .loves it

  64. GRILLBUOY101

    nothin chills me out better than spinnin some naz and doin jaegerbombs on a fri night

  65. Kim Hoefer

    T-95 all day.

  66. Car Sed

    Gostei muito de música
    Linda canção


    Now that's what u call a darn awesome band. "NAZARETH". Your awesome. I love all your music. Wicked wicked I tell you. Good dancing song.

  68. Callme King

    Grand masters of rock n roll best on the planet

  69. Tony Martin

    Ok now that's really bad day / dam fuk

  70. Alex Sam

    In the ass is better

  71. Alex Sam

    I'm fucking gay and I love sucking dick

  72. Charles SWAG


  73. vanessa field

    Good song .....and nicely toasted

  74. randall scott burress

    She is Gone?...I just miss the dog?

  75. randall scott burress


  76. Bambi Pardis

    Cuz my son Robby s says all they say is don if a bitch laughed

  77. Bambi Pardis

    Yes it does like a man losing his dog of a weak baby boomer that fist is dead get mad not finding it don't hit me or break things called human bullies not accepted by other men you don't know they are but are in new white 4wherl drives


    Anthony saying best here we love this shit / happens fuck it still rolling n rocking. Feel it

  79. john clark

    Mean machine band !

  80. Dale Wildey

    Drank a shitload of beers to this song

  81. Rebecca Maurice


  82. Roxanne Bruce

    wake up Orville his favourite songs it's on now then show time party on all the way give me hell yeah

  83. Roxanne Bruce

    wake up Orville his favourite songs it's on now then show time party on all the way give me hell yeah

  84. Gene Phillips

    One of the best bands I've ever seen live and I've seen a few

  85. ton amaral

    Música muito boa...

  86. Julie Wadsworth

    Still fantastic today

  87. Wally Reed

    This is classic 70’s Blues/Rock. Love that slide guitar! Oh, baby!!!

  88. Joe Karkut

    79 idiots stopped by.

  89. Kim Hoefer

    Transparency when the cats show up.

  90. Hill

    Woohoo! Cranked it on my new ear buds! 🎤👍🏽🍻🍻😜 Awesome! Nazareth! 👊🏽✌🏼️🍻 Thanks for the Post👍🏽😎

  91. ronnie hobbs

    Bad ASS

  92. Andi01 Privat

    One of the best songs, i ever heard

  93. Rod Boudreau

    Very underrated band

  94. Michael Ingram

    awesome song the first time i heard this song so terrible and sad about the dog

  95. Mark Lethbridge

    35 years later I still love these guys

  96. Brent Witham


  97. Abe Penner

    this band truly is fantastic to say the least

  98. Chris Belanger

    One band from over yonder, the way hard rock music business was mean to be handled. we don't need no stinking agent's or manager, the amount of accessible music born out of a hand full of hard working guy's clearly tells me that if I made rock music as well as Nazareth does I would be worthy of a middle name also, hard working rock and no one surely works harder than me in this business!