Nathanson, Matt - Giants Lyrics

I don’t want to see the wires in the circus anymore
I wanna dream and make believe people can fly
I don’t need to be reminded what it takes to kill the fun
I got a head full of sharp knives.

Yeah, it’s easy to get colder and it’s easy to forget
So meet me when the lights dim
We can wake up every morning, we can set ourselves on fire
We can do it all again.

The world don’t speak for us. They lack the confidence
Yeah, we’re only hearts and bones and blood.
But we are giant. Giants

The walls are closing in
We climb and they descend
With nothing but the clouds against our skin
We are giant. giants

I want to roll around the darkness, til the darkness goes away
Til the television finally tells the truth. You know,
Everybody’s scared of things that they don’t understand
And all the living they don’t do.

It’s easy to get colder. It’s easy to forget
So meet me when the lights dim
We can wake up every morning, we can set ourselves on fire
We can do it all again.

I’m done trying to fit in
And be half forgiven
For things that I never did

We’re more than what scares us
We’re final and fearless
We’ll dance where the ice gets thin

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Nathanson, Matt Giants Comments
  1. Joseph Murillo

    i love the song

  2. Freelancer S645

    Dancing in my underwear. 😂😂😂

  3. Ign Guud

    why theres a kkk family on the cover?

  4. Tiberius Lamar

    Giants ‘10 ‘12 anyone ? Just me?

  5. Tiberius Lamar

    Giants ‘10 ‘12 anyone ? Just me?


    Thanks American Airlines

  7. michael orr

    Show me your fangs ,not afraid!! !!!!!!!!!!!!we are giants !

  8. michael orr

    What inspired the cover ?
    Dig the song very inspirational!!
    God likes it !!!

  9. Suzanne De Herrera

    who needs coffee!

  10. Manda T

    Help! Lol i work at tj too and there is this song that places every once and awhile and it says something like “go up in smoke with you” or something like that lol I can’t thing of it or find it! Smh

  11. Lisa

    Luv this song ever sense I seen him at BushGardens 2017.

  12. Kenneth Blake

    Wow this a fucking hit. Probably would have heard it if not 4 my love of the wsop. Great fucking song matt

  13. Did Ur mum

    Dude I thought that was the KKK for a moment

  14. Cleber Paixao

    Only 155k visualizations????

  15. henkkazor

    Why are there KKK members in the picture

  16. Jack Powell

    Roblox ninja warrior


  17. aracely p

    SPHS 2017 💕✨✊

  18. Scott Slack

    Love this

  19. Polar Iced

    100th like!!

  20. DarkSoul76

    Awesome song!

  21. zFreme

    roblox ninja warrior

  22. Analise McCornack

    This will soon be #1

  23. romaniaforfree

    We make the game umpire! nice song!!!!


    will kassouf is the man!!! Awesome!!!!

  25. Enrique Zacur

    9 high like a boss

    Aaron Walden

    So good lol

  26. Kieran Calder

    I rate this song, thanks WSOP 2016 :D

  27. Miroslav Pantaleev

    Some say Gordon Vayo is still folding


    i laughed so hard at ur comment... ty... lmao

    Joao Lopes

    HAHAHAHA..... we are poker!


    Best comment ever! :)

    Aaron Walden

    Miroslav Pantaleev bahaha

    Aaron Walden

    Miroslav Pantaleev best comment ever

  28. I_Created_U

    **me first time i hear it in a WSOP episode** - Meh. So cheesy!
    **me second time** - I NEED THIS SONG. NOW!

    And here i am :)


    Geee can't stop repeating that song! Between 03:01-03:36 it's just pure beauty o_O

    Aaron Walden

    I_Created_U hahaha exactly the same as me!!!

  29. Shadow Wain

    William Kassouf !!

  30. Peter Lavoie

    I can't stop listening to this WSOP awesomeness

  31. Serber

    Oh the guy from American Pie (Laid) now in WSOP nice xD


    THis song goes out to all the trump supporters taking on the NWO lets fkn take this country back commonnnn!!!

  33. TheGodOfPez

    Poker? This song? Both awesome.

  34. NC Rocket

    They play this every morning at my school

  35. Cali4nia Dreaming

    WSOP 2016!!!!

  36. Jason C

    I love poker


    nah! u love money!

    Enrique Zacur

    Why not both?

  37. Trev Walker

    world series brought me here! England! will kassouf!


    if norman chad thinks you talk to much, there is a 100% chance that you talk too much.
    he was ok with him for a few days, and even defended him, but holy crap.


    bro kassouf is a dick with a capital D !!!

    Trev Walker

    they are all dicks at the top the only ones i really like are andy christoforu and Michael Ruane

    Tornado Freaks

    Will the thrill is done ! Wow what a way to go out!!!!

    Kenneth Blake

    He shoulda knew griffin had him dominated nobody talked back in a hand til then wanted too see will go the distance

  38. marky147

    Took me until the 5th episode, but I love this song now #WSOP2016

    Francois Hamel

    took me till day 7 lol

    Boogie Thug Rose

    took me til episode 10 to search song

  39. KD_Sport

    WSOP 2016 brought me here

  40. JoMammaSmurf

    Here because of 2016 WSOP!!!

  41. Steini Pétur

    This song just grew on me, at first I was thinking Why on earth would you replace the previous song and then It sort of just grows on you episode by episode... I guess they are going to rotate a new song every year..

    Tom Hiom

    Yeah I had the same feeling about it. But then I also had the feeling of it growing on me with last year's too, and that ended up being one of my favourite songs of the year!


    I liked Matt Nathanson's music before this song was featured, but Best Day of My Life - American Authors is still my favorite WSOP song!

    AoS H

    variety is the spice of life

  42. demmy hype

    wsop brought me high and low for this song

    Glenn Watson

    So difficult to find... I had to learn the lyrics and Google them


    Same Glenn, trawled the internetz for hours then decided to watch another WSOP episode and googled the lyrics :D Great song!

    Thảo Dương

    I just searched youtube for "wsop 2016 song" and it's there :D

    Glenn Watson

    Finally they have fixed YouTube :)

  43. Ante

    Very nice song , thx WSOP 2016

  44. JIm T

    thank you wsop 2016 for another ear worm

  45. Rui Semeano

    WSOP here, too! :D Good song

  46. ExcisionHD

    WSOP ME :D

  47. Tom Hiom

    WSOP song 2016! :D


    Thank You! :)

    A Tague

    they always pick really good songs


    +Tom Hiom Thanks for the infos! Awesome. I think Best Day of my Life symbolizes the most the WSOP in my mind, but the best song yet is this year's one as for me!

    Andrew Joros

    or you mean horrible songs

    Kenneth Blake

    Love this song as the wsop theme

  48. phyera

    Am I the only one here after watching WSOP 2016 Episodes? :D

    Peter Lavoie

    took me five minutes to find the artist! this song is contagious


    WSOP baby :D


    WSOP should change the main song every year, so we can discover more often talented jems like Matt!

    Sergio Cousso

    Me too! WSOP 2016!

  49. Dawnia Parisek

    saw you for the first time at Foxwoods last night and I am in love with your music and you. Thank you for such an amazing show

  50. hearts1700

    what's with "The Strangers" album cover get up? **shivers**

  51. Sara Campbell

    My 3 year olds favorite song after she saw the picture of matt and me on my mirror. Love him!

  52. Amber Moxcey

    Am I the only that thinks this sounds like 1D?


    saME!! I heard it on the radio a while ago and thought that it was "Walking In The Wind" because they sound so similar

  53. Ashley Till

    Absolutely love it! The music is amazing and the lyrics are so well thought out! Definitely my favorite song.

  54. jodie skye

    did a dance to this song at NYCDA! (new York city dance alliance)

    Lori Betty Guerin

    I was there! I love this song and the combo we did to it!

  55. LAnn Dunlap

    Beautiful lyrics, joyous, full of life and this.

  56. lallena12345

    We aré practiceing this song in our classroom

  57. Linden Tyson

    what did you do?!?! Good Lord Matty Boy. THIS IS AWESOME.

  58. The Piano Novice

    Matt Nathanson is incredible. That being said, Aaron Tap deserves serious props for this song. His high harmonies are gorgeous!

  59. Ashtyn Emerson

    Pandora brought me here, and am glad. This could possibly be my new favorite song!

  60. colleen starkbell

    Fun Paul Simon nod.

  61. Stef A

    LOVE this so much matt can't do wrong ever ever ever... he's too perf

  62. Ms.ukulele

    This is a perfect example of when a song understands you. Thank you for sharing your lovely creations with the world. Please never stop. After listening to two songs I have found my new favorite artist.

  63. Madison Rene'

    This is so much different than some of your other songs, but this one is amazing. I love the beat and can't wait hear the whole album.


    "The world don't speak for us"  <3 Love matt!

  65. Dana Facchine

    MATT THIS IS INFECTIOUS. God your music just slays. and you just keep slaying with every new album.

    Ani Studios


  66. Brett Cameron

    SO SO SO good.

  67. Ted Rood

    The good news is October isn't that far away....the bad news is the closest show to St Louis is 220 miles away in KC!

  68. Chantelle Sharrow

    Seriously, such an amazing song!! I couldn't be more excited to see you perform in Toronto in October!! Thank you for yet another fabulous song! :D

  69. Pattyk isagun

    Possibly Matt's best ever song, just amazing! Had a shot at lyrics:

    VERSE 1
    I don't wanna see the wires in the circus anymore
    I wanna dream and make believe people can fly
    I don't need to be reminded what it takes to kill the fun
    I got a head full of sharp knives

    Yeah it's easy to get colder
    And it's easy to forget
    So meet me where the light's dim
    We can wake up every morning
    We can set ourselves on fire
    We can do it all again

    The world don't speak for us
    They lack the confidence
    Yeah we're only hearts and bones and blood
    Oh but we are giants, giants

    The walls are closing in
    We climb invade us in
    With nothing but the clouds against our skin
    Oh we are giants, giants

    VERSE 2
    I wanna roll around the darkness til the darkness goes away
    Til the television finally tells the truth
    You know everybody's scared of things they don't understand
    And all of the living that they don't do



    I'm done trying to fit in
    And be half forgiven
    For things that I never did

    We're more than what scares us
    We're final and fearless
    We'll dance when the ice gets thin


    Jae Amagna

    Awesome job! I hear the lyric in the chorus as "the walls are closing in, we climb & they descend"

  70. Brvanden

    I LOVE it the first time I am hearing it! I wasn't sure about Gold in the Summertime, because it's such a different sound, but I dig this one for sure. 💙

  71. TheMusicman1945

    Matt... Thank you for posting this song today... You are one of my absolute favorite artist and I love every song... I had a really long and shitty day and seeing that you posted a new video/new music after so long really helped.... the song is beautifully amazing... thank you

  72. enigmaren

    Matt is truly a stellar song writer. Love this.

  73. Kimberly Thompson

    Bravo sir.

  74. Vanessa Adamski

    AMAZING song Matt!  Damn you just get better and better don't you??  Can't wait to see you October 4th in Ferndale!  I've only been there once to watch Men of the Strip so this ought to be interesting.  lol

  75. brandireads

    And just when I thought I couldn't be more excited. SO STOKED. Thank you, Matt.

  76. Aimee Jewell


  77. Richard Creencia

    This is the perfect song to build hype for the new album. I didn't think I could be more excited for Show Me Your Fangs, but I was WRONG! Amazing song Matt!

  78. amybhutchison

    I adore this song. I have not been able to stop listening to it. This album is going to be amazing! See you in Georgia, Matt!!!

  79. Polly Cat

    Thanks for your brilliance, your music and being you! Saw/heard you first last week in Ridgefield WA. Hope to see you again in the fall! ps... Fabulous song... definitely see it getting a lot of airplay at AT&T Park! GO GIANTS! GO MATT!

  80. Eric Smith

    Instant favorite! Can't wait to see you in Ferndale Mi!

  81. Jen Loiacono

    well, this is going to be on repeat all day. well done sir.

  82. Renea Kestel

    Magical Lyrics Once Again!

  83. Ashley Borer

    I'm loving this song!! I can't wait to hear the rest of the album!!

    Indie Guy

    @Ashley Borer me too ash

  84. Shana Cohen

    Your music makes me happy and so do you ❤️ see you in Boston in the Fall!

  85. yourxworstxflaw

    Your new stuff is always immediately relatable to me. Love it so much❤️

  86. guitargoddess82

    I love it. Beautiful song Matt. Can't wait until Oct 2nd to hear the rest. 😘