Nathanson, Matt - Bill Murray Lyrics

I fell asleep
Had a dream
Bill Murray and I were friends
We drove the world
From Boston to Japan
Blasting old Van Halen
And one night over drinks
Bill started crying

He said to me "Kid, of all the stupid things I ever did
You know, I let her go when I should have pulled her in"
And he handed me his cell phone

When I called you were on your plane
Moving back to Portland for the rain

I won’t only love you when you’re winning
Other fools pretend to understand
Come on take my hand and we’ll go down swinging
Let me be your man, let me be your man

A hundred days
We hiked the coast
Of Galway in the rain
And Bill said something
Late one night in Spain
And it’s always just stuck with me
"You only get one person knows you best
And it’s temporary everybody else."

I won’t only love you when you’re winning
Other fools pretend to understand
Come on take my hand and we’ll go down swinging
Let me be your man, let me be your man

I’m done with sleep
Imagined things
Cause dreams aren’t dreams
Til you wake up
So wake up
Just wake up here with me

I won’t only love you when you’re winning
Other fools pretend to understand
Come on take my hand and we’ll go down swinging
Let me be your man, let me be your man

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Nathanson, Matt Bill Murray Comments
  1. Margo Garnica

    I think this is my new favorite song of his... STILL has always been my blood racing, body pulsing... well you get the message. My before favorite.

  2. zealman18

    Does anyone feel they understand the two quotes well ("..when i should have pulled her in/he handed me his cell phone, when I called you were on a plane" and "and it's temporary, everybody else")? I just found this song and really love it but I can't figure these lines out/decide whose perspective they're from (especially, "...temporary, everybody else" part, what does that mean??) Anyone have an opinion/explanation that you interpreted from these lines? After hearing this I feel I have to discuss/analyze it with someone.


    I guess I'm stuck with the same problem. Especially the second line you mentioned.
    I think the first line is Bill telling Matt, that Bill once made the mistake of letting his love go instead of staying with her, he regrets it and doesn't want Matt to repeat Bills mistake.
    Can't figure out the second line though..


    Oh and in the part that says "when I called you you were on a plane" Matt seems to be trying to call his love but she didn't get the call because she was literally on a plane


    @Marc_Bschnsk thanks for your reply man, I didn't think anyone would. I agree with your interpretation of the first line, seems like he tried to recosile but was too late. I was thinking the second line " you only get one person knows you best " makes sense, but still confused on "it's temporary, everybody else"... let me know if you come up with an explanation.

  3. sarahpardy1212

    So many nights with the headphones on, blasting this song with a beer in hand...
    Best song I've come across in a long time.
    Brought me to a place I needed to go.
    Thanks Matt 👌😘

  4. alexsalomao

    It's a great job Matt. Hugs from Brazil

  5. calloway2109

    The most relatable Song ever

  6. murat dj

    I want to see beautiful a girl in my dream. Not bill

  7. The Big HB

    I came here expecting a fun comedy song, but this got to me more than I was expecting. Like Little Miss Sunshine in song form

  8. mizlisa19

    Love. Bill needs to join a live version

  9. bermsky

    Best FUCKING chorus EVER!

  10. SquidCookies

    whoot this was flimmed on my bday!

  11. Joar Aguilar

    Me gusta la canción y el video muchas gracias y mucho éxito 🎶

  12. Rea Rivera

    Bill Murray is great but this guy is a total ass clown

  13. Юля Хоменко

    аж заплакала

  14. Alex Di Leo

    Love the chorus

  15. Kaeci Dehnert

    haha win

  16. Ruben Jacques

    woow what a good song

  17. Merve Pişkin

    sounds like John Legend

  18. Crazy Skippy

    voice 😍😍

  19. Alain Bruno

    Good voice!


    Matt Nathanson is a talented musician.

    miguel let

    agreed 100%

  20. Diganta Saha


  21. Brandy Crystal

    "Bill Murray" is a Gorillaz song, innit? I don't care Matt Nathanson buy youtube views from *AUTHENTIC* *PLAYS* *dot* *com*


    how'd this spammy piece of shit get more likes than the original poster of this comment? oh right, cause people think it's really the woman in the photo.................

  22. Senor Studly

    I thought that was John Travolta in the thumbnail

  23. Art Fluegge

    fuckin stupid

  24. Minnie

    Okay,who keeps cutting all these onions??!🍙🔪👏👏😢😢😭😭😭😭

  25. Mike Hunt

    hpenis is big

  26. Onironius

    "Bill Murray" is a Gorillaz song, innit?

  27. If it sounds crazy it must be

    I dream about being friends with Bill Murray too.
    Except I slime him and then later on he puts me into a machine with ectoplasma devices and then stores me in some basement with other ghosts.

  28. G_Boy


  29. Mistah flash

    Matt Nathanson and Indigo Misfit are my favorite artist


    I love Indigo!!!

    jamie screw

    Indigo misfit is dope bruh


    Who's Indigo Misfit?

  30. ABNTGeneric

    Why is this so fucking perfect?

  31. Domonic Castrejon


  32. Andre Miranda

    beatiful <3

  33. Omar Acevedo

    But have you meet Richard Dreyfus?

  34. lauren

    A while ago I saw you in San Francisco on the superball opening, back then, I only knew one of your songs. I left that show with a big fucking smile on my face, you are such a good musician, so down to earth and funny. Thanks for a hell of a concert that I will never forget. (Sorry for any mistakes, I'm not american) :)


    You got the swear words right, grin.


    TekReviews what does grin mean?


    @lauren penteado It's a facial expression. You can type + and then T and scroll down to my name when you respond. So I know you wrote reply for me.


    TekReviews oh ok


    TekReviews thanks, grin hahahah

  35. OncomingStorm

    "Moving back to Portland for the rain" is a very good line!

  36. Yeni Sopiyan


  37. RejectWoW

    Thanks for this video Matt (and everyone else who worked on it of course). It moved me to my core and made me cry beautiful tears. :)

  38. Kristi B.

    I literally thought last night before bed, "Matt needs to give us something new." I woke up earlier today and was blessed to find this beauty!! Awesome job!!

  39. Bathna33

    I LOVE THIS! I love Bill Murray ♥ ♥ ♥

  40. Chelsey Kelly


  41. Chris Ruediger

    I saw you perform this live and it was awesome. Unique video and strong message. Thanks again for signing my guitar. :)

  42. Bev Kean

    Please tell me Bill has heard it and loves it.

  43. Drew Sowell

    If that isn't actually Bill Murray calling, and I'm not saying it isn't, then is it another friend named Bill, or a friend you named Bill for the sake of the video? And if so, then who is this poser "Bill" friend who called you 7 times?

    Drew Sowell

    Regardless, great song and great video!

  44. Ed Bucher

    Great song! Very deep, poignant. "You only get one person knows you best. And it's temporary, everybody else." Man, I hope that's not true.


    Could you or anyone explain this line to me please? English isn't my native language and I don't really seem to get it..

  45. Gretchen Lineback

    Love the video and the song. favorite lyric "only one person knows you best" ❤️😀

  46. Milena Fernandes

    My Bill is you, Matt. Your lyrics just follow me every decision I make. Even that version of you singing Def leppard years ago. Amazing. Weird BUT amazing. <3

  47. CarmelFa

    This is great Matt, love it!

  48. Beej6721

    I've never met a song by Matt that I didn't like, but this one, this is my favorite! Thanks for giving it to us Matt. And great job on the video!

  49. Âtif Çhhouni

    wasted time

  50. Brittany SD

    I love this video! <3

  51. Randy Wiggins

    This is genius. Matt Nathanson, your creativity and passion for music is uncanny. Truly one of, if not the most, underrated artists of our time. Brilliant work

  52. Megan Slankard

    This video gave me the chills. I love it in every way. Good work, Matt.

  53. Delci Aguiar Da Costa

    i love matt !!!!!

  54. Shannon Bell

    Now...has Bill Murray come out to meet you yet? These are things we really need to know!

  55. MrsJenMattie

    beautiful song

  56. K Lo

    Molly Quinn!!

  57. Lily Bowan

    Always out of the box

  58. Sean Cusiter

    That was awesomely bizarre. That lead role was made for Hunter Pence though.

  59. Traci Edwards

    What the fuck did I just watch?

    Haha. Loved it though. Made me laugh. Interesting concept.

  60. WhoLetThemIn

    loved it

  61. Kyla Vieira

    Awesome video!! Thank you for making my Tuesday this much better!!

  62. Amber Leigh

    Great song one of my many favorites from the album! Wonderful music video to go with it! Hope Bill sees it and you get to meet him! Lol


    Notification Squad !

  64. chipotlepep

    Very nicely done! :)

  65. Peter

    Great video Matt!

  66. Beverly Abel

    I enjoyed this video. Especially liked the lyrics. Good message.

  67. Lydia Macaluso

    Brilliant. I absolutely adore this concept. Finally a video that truly captures the beauty of a great song.

  68. Naji Almahdi

    I have been waiting this video since I've heard the song for the first time when I got the album "Show Me Your Fangs". Amazing video.

  69. arwenundomiel23

    This is fantastic!