Nathanson, Matt - All We Are Lyrics

I tasted, tasted love so sweet
And all of it was lost on me
Bought and sold like property
Sugar on my tongue

I kept falling over
I kept looking backward
I went broke believing
That the simple should be hard

All we are we are
All we are we are
And every day is a start of something beautiful

I wasted, wasted love for you
Trading out for something new
Well, it's hard to change the way you lose
If you think you've never won

'Cause all we are we are
All we are we are
And every day is a start of something beautiful

And in the end the words won't matter
'Cause in the end nothing stays the same
And in the end dreams just scatter and fall like rain

'Cause all we are we are
All we are we are
And every day is a start of something beautiful, something real

All we are we are
All we are we are
And every day is a start of something beautiful, beautiful

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Nathanson, Matt All We Are Comments
  1. Amira Alomran

    NCIS and Private Practice brought me here....I love love love NCIS it’s so good and Private Practice is good too especially if you’re a Greys Anatomy fan

  2. josh111559

    I belive the actual lyric is bought and sold like property but love this song and like everyone else I'm here with thanks to ncis :P

  3. Linda Lee

    NCIS brought me here. Never saw the first 8 years of it. Thanks Netflix.

  4. Zaryiah Gomez

    Vampire diaries bring anyone here?

  5. Juraj Husek Game Studio

    I cry, I miss you so much...

  6. Felicia Belicia

    Private practice season 1 🥰🥰

  7. Jarrad Blackburn

    The best line in the song: "It's hard to change the way you lose, if you thought you've never won."

  8. Miss Chicken

    1x04 Family Ties
    Stefan and Elena are dancing at the founders ball

  9. Jirapron Sangngern

    from NCIS season5 I love you ANTHONY D.

  10. Merribelle Wharton


  11. Martha Evans

    I heard this from NCIS

  12. Carlito Cabanas

    I'll also state that I came from listening to it in VD

  13. Dj Asuncion

    Anyone here in 2019? This song still flows in my veins.

  14. Alexus Hall


  15. tracy thompson

    Found this song all by Lovely song.

  16. Harley Hansen

    Vampire Diaries. Stelena

  17. RoberT 79

    NCIS.. Tony scene.. good vibes ;) #Peace4Love #Peace4NCIS

  18. Miss Chicken

    Stelena dance at the founder's party

  19. Sherrolyn Bautista

    Had to find the song after watching NCIS

  20. Abid Ally

    all bcz of tvd!

  21. Tammy Rominski

    Where are.the lyrics????

  22. Michael Ashton

    Does anyone know the song in NCIS episode where Gibbs dad comes for Christmas and Mcgee reunites a child with his mum on screen pleasing Abby
    The song is at the end
    Thanks in anticipation
    Michael Ashton

  23. 河合綾子

    NCIS brought me here again.

  24. Anagha Deshpande

    Here coz of Private Practice <3

  25. Rebekah Martinez

    #onetreehill ♥️😢

  26. Jalal Alzahrani

    TVD brought me here 😊

  27. Zeoinx

    Cheer up Gibbs! We can all make it through and keep going!

  28. Brown Data Wesley

    vampire diaries brought me here

  29. Victor Cordero

    Everyday start something beatiful¡

  30. Adrian Valencia

    I heard this on NCIS also, except i'm catching up on the episodes. It also reminds me of many friends, some still here, some gone. I was a Gunny myself and the only thing about life I hate is how quick it goes, the brevity of it. And those awesome men and women who come together at one point in time to work as one. All that's left at times are the memories. If you are serving today in any branch but especially the Marine Corps - May God bless You and Thank You for your service.

  31. JamieSavko

    Priavte practice!💖💖💖

  32. Heavenboundson Liibaan


  33. BuffaloTV

    NCIS brought me here.

  34. pat thomas

    this is so beautiful. thank you!

  35. Ace Barrow

    Thank you Ncis for introducing this beautiful song to me

  36. Valeria Guevara

    I’m here from Greys anatomy 😂


    Valerie smile I'm here from private practice so samsies?

  37. Vertis Hall

    I came here also after hearing this beautiful song at the end of the episode from NCIS. Very moving!

  38. Shirley Acero

    I want to feel this way one day

  39. Vlad Cojocaru

    ALL WE are ALL

  40. March Hare

    Ncis brought me here

  41. Oswin Oswald


  42. Marleena Bock


  43. M_ Radcliffe

    heard it first in NCIS and then in THE VAMPIRE DIARIES GREAT SONG!

  44. Vlad Cojocaru

    All we are is all we are, tell you someone you love before it's too late

  45. Wom Bi

    Yes, NCIS brings us here S5E2 .. I was sad for Tony for loosing Jeanne but he made a good choice and he got a pretty gilr from Ziva.

  46. Nicole N

    bro everyone here from NCIS and I'm here from the vampires diaries lol


    Nicole N I'm here from private practice

  47. Federico Rosso

    Great song

  48. Anisha Ahmed

    Got this from NCIS Season 5

  49. Andy Brough

    tis what it is beautiful, and ncis fan as well lol

  50. WhateverWu

    NCIS brought me here : ) Beautiful song, hard decision.

  51. Eve Howarth

    Heard this song on The Vampire Diaries Season One Awesome Song

  52. Andy Brough

    we all get there in the end

  53. Mustiplayz

    One tree hill ,vampire diaries and Ncis


    Game Player private practice!

  54. Melina Skowronski

    Um there's no lyrics I don't really care just thought you should know that the description says "(w/ lyrics)" but there's no lyrics

  55. Chloe Beech

    Am I the only one who came here from TVD and not NCIS...? Guess so

  56. Clifton Jamison

    I'm a new fan,thanks to reruns of NCIS

  57. Anisha Ahmed

    Here from Ncis. Season 5 and now it's season 14. Wow.

    Omega Wolf2154

    Anisha Ahmed more than 310 episodes

    Omega Wolf2154

    Anisha Ahmed it's amazing

  58. iara olmeedo

    Came from Vampire Diares

  59. Paulette Perrin

    Yes NCIS brought this beautiful song to me too

  60. BrainBabe63

    The lyrics in line 3 SHOULD BE "bought and sold" not "buttons sold"!

  61. paula merseburgh

    OTH brought me here in 2016

  62. Alex Smith

    Am I the only one here because of Women's Murder Club?!

  63. GhastlyGrimnir

    NCIS has clearly influenced a lot of people listening to this. oh and one tree hill.

  64. pat thomas

    what a beautiful song! first heard this at a coffee shop and it's playing now here. thank you for your work! namaste

  65. Jennifer Michaels

    Fell in love with this song when I first heard it on Vampire Diaries. I just heard it on One Tree Hill and I fell in love all over again. 💙💙💙💙💙

    Matt Brown

    I just hear it on OTH (one tree hill)

  66. seonghwa please step on me

    The vampire diaries,,,,

    Chloe Beech

    FINALLY! I've been looking through the comments waiting for somebody to have come from TVD

  67. Kevin Ndoho Macharia

    NCIS brought me here too... beautiful song
    end of dreams
    appreciating everyday things instead of unseen tomorrows

  68. Antiah Thornton

    Heard this song from The vampire diaries and I've been in love with it ever since ^^. The guitar sounds really pretty and his voice is so smooth and calming

  69. mrs spiritwolf1954

    same ncis also brought me here as well, such a beautiful song and loved the episode of ncis called family.

  70. ng t

    I really love this song!! I also heard this on NCIS. I love this song and NCIS!😍

  71. Xelric

    I think it's "bought and sold", great job though, nice void!

  72. Andrea

    NCIS brought me here from the season 5 episode 2....title of episode is Family


    me too. I remembered this song watching NCIS and I wanted to gfind it again

    2AM, BABY!!

    Rip kate

  73. Ciará Castex

    heard on men in trees 😍 thanks

  74. jenny phillips

    Just see the episode of NCIS with this in again...just had to track it down.Its beautiful.

  75. Kayleigh Williams

    Just watched NCIS and heard this beautiful song :-)

    ACR_Tori_no1 Games

    +Kayleigh Williams that's how I ended up here

  76. Phi Schmo

    Decided some weeks ago to watch the entire series from the beginning, I stumbled upon(Family) that boy's tortured soul, confessing what he watched his father do to the only woman he had known love with and his missed chance at fatherhood - and I broke in two. The acting was so pure, I fell apart feeling that tortured kids heart. ...............then slowly, this song started to put me back together, healing as it grew. I started to think of my own estranged family, and how nice it wiould be to get together with them......

  77. Annie K

    Cvent's hold music brought me here haha

  78. Bad Banana Production Creative Studio

    heard this song at walmart XD

  79. SeriesAddict

    Stelena's dance
    And OTH ! <3

    Ayena Fremineur

    wich episode?

    Brett Kavanaugh

    @Ayena Fremineur season one episode 4

  80. Banton Man

    Yet another song I found beautiful. Poor Tony.

  81. Kevin

    NCIS brought me here after rewatching Episode Family at Fifth Season :)

    Zipporah Spanjer

    +Kevin Gaid Same.

    Emerson J. Clauss III

    Me too !

  82. Ludwig von Falkenhausen

    I also came after seen that NCIS episode, a magnificent song that puts one to think
    Thanks for taking the time and uploading it.

  83. El Sims

    NCIS 💓 2015 and still is the best show alive. Love this song featured on one of their episodes.


    great tunes

  84. Oscar Giron

    Heard on NCIS a long long time ago. Shed a tear to this chased it down on Netflix and here I am

    Doodle Bopp

    Oscar Giron Tony watching his family

    joeseph belles

    Well, It's not just your opinion. I feel the exact same way.

    Seth Smith

    Same. Heard it on NCIS and had to track it down...


    Oscar Giron 💙😭


    Wow nyc song heard it from one tree hill

  86. ataiwanese

    NCIS, the greatest.

    joeseph belles

    The best show ever made. Unfortunately Tony left he was one of my favorite characters. But it's still the best show.

  87. Allan Perry

    ..i too

  88. threelegsoman

    I too came here after hearing this lovely song at the end of the episode from NCIS.
    One observation though, the lyrics in the first verse should read:
    "Bought and sold like property" not as shown here "Buttons sold like property"!


    Me Too!! Song def caught my attention!!

    Cheyenne Luternauer

    Me too i love this song 😍😍Its a little bit sad then jeanne don't come back to tony but Tiva is the best😍❤️

    pasha 1726

    Im only 12 and i cried on the inside after tony read the letter

    F E

    Me too! I'd heard it before but forgot it and then NCIS!

  89. nimrod machlav

    Yes ncis....


    Why must NCIS always make me shed manly tears during every episode?

  91. chynae earl

    listen 2 laura izibor she's great and if you've seen one tree hill you'll know her

  92. DrLanskyfy

    listnen to Hello World too if you came from NCIS.. its beautifull just like this one.


    I came here before NCIS, but I recently saw the episode with this song in it.
    Poor Tony.


    Me. I just watched the episode

    Judi Snarke

    Me too, just now

  93. Alex Dwyer

    here cos of vampire diaries ... awesomness!!!!!!