Natasha Thomas - Skin Deep Lyrics

You're telling me that I'm your queen, that nothing matches me.
You're making me feel like a dream, the way you flatter me
Are you just another fake, or something special?
(Yeah, yeah, yeah) (yeah, yeah, yeah)
You're telling me that I'm too cool, you say I'm beautiful
I gotta tell you I'm no fool, I'm kinda cynical
Boy have you got what it takes
Something special (yeah, yeah, yeah)

Don't think this beauty's skin deep
(Yeah, yeah, yeah)
I need more than you're giving me
Skin deep
(Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Get down to the bone
Heart and soul, I've got to have it all
It's got to be special (special)
You sit me on the top of your world, can't take your eyes off me
You say that I'm your baby girl, well that's oh so sweet
Boy have you got what it takes
Something special (yeah, yeah, yeah)

Down, down, take it to the bone
Get to the beauty within
Down, down, take it to the bone
Got to discover me
Down, down, take it to the bone
Open your mind and come in
Down, down, take it to the bone

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Natasha Thomas Skin Deep Comments
  1. Pierresaebi

    ❤️❤️❤️ Thanks a lot for this wonderful music and lovely video 🌹🌹🌹

  2. Kizza Kenneth

    2019 still enjoying skin deep

  3. M G

    Fk all memories come up at the very first moment

  4. Темирбек Рахат

    Natasha keremet dausin karlikpasin 👍💐

  5. javier kipkirui

    😘😘😘 skin deep love this song so much deep deep

  6. Hannah

    i've been looking for this song on and off for like 13 years, since that lacoste ad came out and enthralled my 11 year old self. It came on sky1 or something in the morning between transformers and yugioh. I'm honestly euphoric hearing this after so long lmao

    Pablo G.Q

    Same!! 13 years for me haha

  7. kardelen

    I found this written in my diary from when I was 12. Whew

  8. Martha Mwangi

    2019 skin deep, who is here?

  9. Gisselle y Xiomy

    q rica vieja

  10. MƦ. ƑƦЄƊƊƲ

    🤩🤩 2019??? 😏😏

  11. 90AlmostFamous

    I heard this first in some perfume/fashion stuff commercial lol

    Ivigne Kaysen


  12. Mary Dini

    When eyebrows didn't matter..

  13. Deidarasan1000

    My all time favourite..😍😍

  14. flash back mix


  15. Ahmed Murad

    Sounds like a "Black Heads Remover" commercial

  16. Shannon Curtis

    why is it always the best type of singers r always in the back ?

  17. HowlBeast

    I remember her from way way back .. eArly 2000s

  18. HowlBeast

    I remember her from way way back .. eArly 2000s

  19. 김윤혁

    Love this song

  20. Cjutie93

    lets go back to the times where it was cool to wear a dark hair line and on top blonde. Because I was too small wearing this and I think it was so nice.


    Cjutie93 I still think it looks awesome

  21. Yolanda Libelle

    OMG i love this song

  22. Annjuline Chen

    It's 2015 and I'm still loving this song!

  23. Matheus Carvalho

    Linda, quer casar comigo? rs...

  24. Popmusic Prere

    Here is her new Song "No Gravity"! 
    Natasha Thomas - No Gravity

    Fabian Bock

    Sounds really good ♥

  25. IamIceQueen7

    love this song 

  26. eralipe

    this is real mjusik


    eralipe nice troll

  27. nacnuo

    miss this style and those beautiful moments

  28. f8102

    i really missed this style :(

  29. Halle Julia

    was macht die eig jetzt? man hört gar nix mehr von ihr !

  30. Milky Joe

    this is the most self indulgent vanest song ever sang, she's nothing special

  31. FundamentalPhysicist

    With all that make-up on it's not even skin deep.

  32. Roan Waltrick

    A Sobrancelha dela é muito fina. Fina demais. Muito feia. Deixa crescer estes pêlos meninaaaa!!!

  33. Miss Different

    ICh liebe dieses Lied immernoch <3

  34. Donny Berger

    wow die ist ja mal der hammer sehr sehr hübsch

  35. Mozart Herbert

    She's SO beautiful, love this music video <3

  36. Emiliano wilkerson

    @enrique4362 jajaja what???????

  37. Emiliano wilkerson

    :P superficial skin deep

  38. Enrique Zas

    Che, me contaron que Natasha Thomas quedó flechada con la mole Moli (en una pelea que el gordo hizo en Alemania) y el peso pesado la mató en la cama. ¿Es verso?

  39. Ali Koşal