Natasha Thomas - Irresistible Lyrics

All I wanted was a little fun
Maybe just a little hit and run
I wasn't lookin' past the night
Love was the last thing on my mind

You came around and then you spun me out
Somethin' bout you really knocked me out
I didn't want to let it go
But you made me loose control

And now I'm fallin there's no way to stall it
I'm stuck inside a feelin'
That's so unreal
I try to hide it but I just can't fight it
Could this be the real thing
That's got me here

I don't what it is that you do
That makes me want you
You're just so damn irresistible
Feel a rush go through my body
And I can't break away
You're just so damn irresistible

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
You're just so damn irresistible

It's like emotional gravity
That makes me wanna get you close to me
I can't think of nothin' else
I don't wanna help myself

Irresistible to me
Makes me want you
Can't fight that
Kinda like that
Yea yea

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Natasha Thomas Irresistible Comments
  1. Asdasd Asdasd

    Ohh, my chilhood...

  2. Hard Meme

    If you look up the demonic creature from the Last battle in the chronicles of Narnia, as he is presented to the reader (Tash the inexorable, the irresistible ) u get this video and this video alone. Conspiracy?

  3. lauren

    my favorite music !!! <3 <3 <3 <3

  4. Miss Different

    i love this song & Natasha :))

  5. Marina Berger

    oh, i searched for this music ver much, but i can't find it! omg, help me, where i find it? i need this music!