Natasha Thomas - Curious Lyrics

I'm checkin' it but I ain't flippin'
Takes a lot to get me trippin'
Can't deny my heavy breathin'
Cause you got me feelin' amorous
Gettin' a little adventurous

Just wanna get with you is what I'm sayin'
I'm a big girl I ain't playin'
Want a little piece of heaven
You're a little mysterious
It's makin' me curious

So if you wanna make it
Baby come and get it
This could be a glorious night
If we let it
If you wanna get with me
Baby come and tell me
Got a feelin' you'd know how to please me

Baby boy I see you starin'
Kinda dig the style you're wearin'
Sexy thug you got me swearin' (damn)
I'm a little bit glamorous
He's a little bit dangerous

Tell me where we're gettin' at
Cause I know where your head's at
Been thinkin' 'bout some of that
Cause you're makin' it obvious
That you're a little bit curious

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Natasha Thomas Curious Comments
  1. siham didi

    Too bad we don't hear from her anymore she was so great ♥️

  2. BeluHarry

    I like this song.

  3. Тијана Лазић


  4. VITARO00x

    wtf? she doesn't say that...
    she said she don't like it that there is only one pic in this video...

  5. sanne

    that was deutch, and he or she is saying that it isn't good and everybody that doesn't here that is deaf.