Natalie Merchant - Texas Lyrics

Gonna get what’s mine and wild horses couldn’t keep it from me.
Papa says I’m a golden child and the whole world’s gonna fall at my feet.
It’s all coming to me.

Going down picking when it’s harvest time,
gonna get my share, gonna get what’s mine for me.
Sun is a-blazing down but I don’t mind;
I’m picking, I’m digging, it’s harvest time for me.
When I get my little eye on it,
when I get my little mind on it, you best believe.

Ole sweet tooth aching in my head,
gonna fill my belly to the brim, oh yes indeed!
Hive is a-buzzing in a hollow tree
and I don’t care if I gotta kill a little honeybee.

When I get my little eye on it,
when I get my little mind on it, you best believe.
Oh my, it’s all coming to me.

Gonna get what’s mine and wild horses couldn’t keep it from me.
Papa says I’m a golden child and the whole world is gonna fall at my feet.
It’s all coming to me.

Pumpin’ and a-suckin’ till the well is dry,
nobody’s booming in these busted times like me.
Down in Texas where the cattle don’t roam
oil is a-dripping and the savings and loans, they bleed.

When I get my little eye on it,
when I get my little mind on it, you best believe.
Oh my, it’s all coming to me.

Papa came along and he shook the tree;
down came a bushel and a peck for me.
Papa shooed away all the honeybees.
Papa dug a well and it flowed for me.
Papa caught the mother-lode fish for me.
Papa set a fire and it burned for me.
Papa put a skillet in the flame to fry;
Papa filled this little silver spoon of mine.
Papa said the Lord took a shine to me.
Papa said I gotta set the whole world free.
Papa said how it’s gonna be.

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Natalie Merchant Texas Comments
  1. Eli Carmona

    How soft and powerful performance, thank you! And 8 people without a musical taste-
    go back to listen to your crappy 2019 "songs".

  2. Turtle Heart

    A master at work....truly fine.

  3. Ian Johnston

    Best live performance on Later that I've ever seen

  4. msgribbin

    Off the planet......

  5. KarlMB64

    Stunning...... in so many ways

  6. sunloversclub that country soul

  7. waynester71

    Hauntingly beautiful...

  8. Cripes Classworks

    this is not the performance I remember on Later. I would like to hear the one which I had the more animated Natalie performing, please. Don't get me wrong, this is great but...

  9. Natacha mp

    Como siempre, fantastica!!

  10. Natacha mp

    Como siempre, fantastica!!

  11. Andy Jackson

    Willian from Chelsea on guitar.

    Earth Rick C137

    @Andy Jackson looks more like nathan ake

    Martin Hockings

    He's got to keep himself busy, can't get a game!

    David Warrender

    It's Gabriel Gordon

  12. Simon Fisher

    I saw this 1st time around and loved it. Still come back regularly to listen again as is truly wonderful.

    Chris Winwood

    +Simon Fisher Same here. Amazing performance.

  13. TheAtticradio


  14. 1DX2020


  15. 1ElCondor

    After the scene of jealousy of W. B., to suppress a video of the song "Black Sheep", i here reproduce my previous comment. Natalie Merchant, not infrequently, is already somewhat discriminated in some the media connected to the music business, now missing itself Distributor, in their last self-titled álbum (2014).
    About the new 2014 album "Natalie Merchant" is a work that reveals serenity, maturity, very clearly in the themes, somewhat melancholy, introspective, not having a very innovative musicianship, the songs possess sufficient strength and clarity, with a clear  and securely voice, so that the final combination proves to be very effective, mas without be dazzling. That can equate to reveal the artistic and stage personnel Natalie lives. People, especially the creators of art, change over the years acquire a greater serenity to realize in practice their artistic ideas / ideals. But his consciousness never changes, and concerns about the planet on which we are living and socializing, there is very present. To emphasize the collaboration of John Medeski keyboards (Medeski Martin & Wood) and vocalists Simi Stone, Elizabeth Mitchell, Corliss Stafford, and other relevant musicians, factors that contribute to the final musicality is so simple, but bright and very effective. All songs are original and very well designed, and already wanting to retain the songs: "Go Down Moses" (not Joe Strummer's song), "It's A-Coming", "Black Sheep", exemplifying all nuances of this album. Is Natalie. Worth it.

  16. Piojo De Chiva


  17. Chris Winwood

    15512 views. 15500 of them are me. I wonder who the other twelve are.

    Natalie Merchant performing live is one of the great treats of our times. Check out Space Oddity and Gulf of Araby for more amazingness.

  18. Magali Lewis


  19. kim bye

    Nothing beats those times a magical performance is captured on video. This is one of those times.

  20. DeadLaika99

    this is amazing

  21. neil mccallum

    This Later show was an introduction for me. Got some catching up to do.


    As a long time fan, I was disappointed that there was only time for one of her songs on the show, as in Britain at least, she is so underappreciated/unknown, despite her wonderful soulful voice and three decades of quality songwriting. However,it is good to see that a few more people such as yourself are now aware of her music. She was on 'Later' in 1998 when she sang two songs from her 'Ophelia' album (also on Youtube).It is also worth checking out her work with 10000 Maniacs such as 'In My Tribe' (1987), 'Blind Man's Zoo (1989) and 'Our Time In Eden' (1992). Enjoy catching up-better late than never!

  22. Stef Goff

    Where does one go to immediately acquire a CD these days?  All the stores near me are gone but I really like to have the CD with the cover art and such.  I don't want to get it through tax dodging Arseholezon and more importantly I don't want to wait for delivery.  It's certainly a minor dilemma.

  23. Pete Bluesman

    For me, this performance is nothing less than sublime.
    This is the best act I've ever seen on 'Later', and a wonderful introduction for me to an extremely talented artist with a tremendous depth of feeling and so much to give.

    Tears well up in my eyes when I watch this video, and the chemistry between her and her very fine guitarist. I think the BBC also did a good job of the recording with its good sound, sound balance and camera work.

    The words "nobody knew your name" can be heard repeatedly in her song "Lulu" (on the same album). I'm now fortunate to know the name Natalie Merchant.

  24. windy3968

    She's got it!

    Terry Graham


  25. Bluebuthappy182

    Lovely performance from Natalie here and over all a really great show this week.  As aside does anyone know the name of the guitarist here.  He's really good.


    Gabe Gordon, and yes, he is a talent, check out his solo music

  26. Grahame Rhodes

    Still in wonderful voice . . . 

  27. evax5

    saw this just now on Jools Holland what a wonderful emotive sound

  28. Darren Walshe

    love love her voice ever since i first heard it 1989 i believe, beautiful!

  29. OUT1963DEZ1982

    Congratulations Natalie for you new job! 
    Every time you release a new album is great joy for those who have the pleasure to accompany her  beautiful career. 
    Once the new album arrives in Brazil will buy my and  gifting  people working with the new singer and poet most fantastic of this world!

  30. WordintheBurb

    Can't watch this and I live in Texas

    David Warrender

    This song is about greed and one Texan in particular, George Dubya Bush

  31. frijou

    Great stuff!

  32. Robert Quail

    i was walking around hmv  one saturday in nottingham 25 years ago , listening to the music playing , who is this i asked ? a red faced assistant told me it was 10,000  maniacs unplugged , but it dont come out till monday and should not be on i went back and bought it , and everthing natalie has done ever since , i love her music ,..,