Nat King Cole - When I Take My Sugar To Tea Lyrics

I'm just a little Jackie Horner
Since I met my sugar cane
That gang of mine has been revealin'
That they're feelin' sore
I left the lamp light on the corner
For the moon in lover's lane
I'm doing things I never did before

When I take my sugar to tea
All the boys are jealous of me
'Cause I never take her where the gang goes
When I take my sugar to tea

I'm a rowdy-dowdy--that's me
She's a high-hat baby--that's she
So I never take her where the gang goes
When I take my sugar to tea

Ev'ry Sunday afternoon
We forget about our cares
Rubbing elbows at the Ritz
With those millionaires

When I take my sugar to tea
I'm as Ritzy as can be
'Cause I never take her where the gang goes
When I take my sugar to tea

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Nat King Cole When I Take My Sugar To Tea Comments
  1. Marco Evans

    Yeah, see that's what I'm talking boat.

  2. Lujain Karaki

    came here from the english patient book 😅

  3. Jack Sprat

    Nat and his trio the epitome of suave plus cool.

  4. Aileen Lightbody

    This is what I call music. Sadly they don't come like this any more.

  5. Threelly AI


  6. GuitarGuy

    Nat played pop stuff live like this bc otherwise people would talk in the audience if the band got too jazzy/instrumental.


    Some once asked Fats,”What is Swing?”
    Well here it is!

  8. SELMER1947

    Incredibly good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Carlos A Martinez O

    oscar moore or irving ashby on guitar?

    Nowhere Man

    Oscar Moore

  10. ꧁Mellow Day꧂

    This is beautiful, I'd rather listen to this then any of this generations music ❤️

  11. Star buono

    Man !! this is the epitome of COOOOOOL !!!!!!!!!

  12. Jerry Johnson

    Nat King Cole...'nuff said.

  13. james manolides

    the same goes for ray charles, one of the great jazz pianists. a talent not overlooked by ertegun,  (atlantic) but once he went to abc it was all over.

  14. Ben Robertson

    When Nat turned pop crooner, it was the pop world's gain and the jazz world's great loss. He was one of the great jazz pianists of all time and highly influential on the likes of Oscar Peterson and Diana Krall.

  15. Mary Kelley Hoppe

    awesome. my dad likes to tell the story of his first date with my mom, when this was playing...

  16. Steve Kostelecky

    Thanks for sharing this.

  17. Marie Cylynne Mationg


  18. bluesborn

    Man I love this trio stuff.

  19. taravananiko

    thanks great stuff, just told my retaurant pianist about it. He played it within an hour thanks to your download.
    Fitted the mood just right. Love Nat King Cole

  20. AulicExclusiva

    Wonderful version. Thank you.

  21. BigBandBeatDotCom

    Nat makes it sound easy.

  22. taravananiko

    ritzy mm, as he says

  23. CQ20Queen

    Never heard this song but man oh man, I LOVE! Wow!!

  24. northstar9613

    Elegant, welcoming and sooo much fun!!!

  25. latercerapalabra

    Woooow, I love Nat King Cole