Nat King Cole - Sweet Lorraine Lyrics

Just found joy
I'm as happy as a baby boy, baby boy
With another brand new choo-choo choy
When I met my sweet Lorraine, Lorraine, Lorraine.

A pair of eyes
That are brighter than the summer sky
When you see them, you'll realize
Why I love my sweet Lorraine.

Now when it's rainin',
I don't miss the sun
Because it's in my baby's smile, whoa ho
And to think that I'm the lucky one
That will lead her down the aisle, whoa ho ho

Each night I pray
That no one will steal her heart away
I can't wait until that lucky day
When I marry sweet Lorraine.

Now when it's rainin'
I don't miss the sun
Because it's in my baby's smile, whoa ho
And to think that I'm the lucky one
That will lead her down the aisle, whoa ho ho

Each night I pray
That no one will steal her heart away
I can't wait until that lucky day
When I marry sweet Lorraine.

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Nat King Cole Sweet Lorraine Comments
  1. Gabe Diaz

    This song got me all fucked up in 2019.

  2. buick68

    Tin men movie

  3. lray1234

    This is his best version!!

  4. Renée Matte

    Merci "Luar Furyado"🌺 pour cet ajout Jazz so Jazz des Cliff Burwell, Mitchell Parish, interprété par le sweet Nat King Cole 💖♪ ♫ 🎸🎷 🎻🎹🎺🌺🎧🎼🎩🎩🎩

  5. corinto martins

    Nat King cole sweeth Lorraine.😄

  6. Mentha Manning

    My Daddy would play this over and over....till my Mama would get pissed cuz her name wasn't Lorraine? 😉

  7. Yvonne Buchs


  8. Yvonne Buchs

    My name is Lorraine

  9. 高元介

    so sweet sweet lorraine marry with me !!!

  10. W.D. Furioso

    Great tune. Great rendition.

  11. Lorraine Toth

    you have my heart Nat King Cole. Lorraine

  12. PJ Hanna

    The movie Tin Men brought me here

    Dexter Cooper

    Same here. My grandma loved that movie before she passed away. @PJ Hanna

  13. Sheldon Walters

    The principal of one of the schools I teach at is also named Lorraine.

  14. Lorraine Simpson

    I want a man to sing this for me.I feel like this name is so rare nowadays . Im the only 20something old I know .

    Lane Kristian

    Indigo Girl I’ll sing it to you !

  15. lorraine smith

    My Dad loved this song and he chose this name for me when I was born.....

    Pierce Ryan

    How nice.

  16. Jim Thompson

    Seriously folks, could it ever get any finer than this, sublime melody, sublime lyrics, sublime singer and sublime accompaniment?

  17. afp seb

    Used to drive from evian to montreux listening to that great song

  18. Jay Young

    All singers have some appeal to me. But there is a certain quality to Cole's voice and style that's most compelling. I started enjoying Cole when he was still with his trio in the early 40's. There's nothing in his repertoire that I do not enjoy.


    My thoughts exactly ! A great singer, a great jazz piano player and above all, a great man and father. It's sad we lose the great ones early.

  19. Jimmy Talbot

    Family Ties brought me here.

  20. Star buono

    COOOOOL !!!

  21. JackSquat

    Tin Men.

  22. All human Now

    Haruki morakami 1Q84

  23. Elizabeth Mayuku

    'Sweet Lorraine' is a song from All Girls Go To Heaven. It is sung by Soul Evans who finally performs in a talent show with the help of Roxanne and Akira.

  24. Lori Lenzer

    My dad sang this to me when I was a toddler....he would only change one word...from 'marry sweet Lorraine' to 'carry sweet Lorraine' -- because he would carry me around the house to get me to fall asleep. RIP Nat King Cole and dad...

    Pierce Ryan

    Beautiful memory to have.Oui.

    New Jack

    Please listen to Lou Reed's She's a Wild Child.

    Sara Afonso

    Thats beautiful 🙂 what a dad ♥️

  25. Renée Matte

    La 🐺❤ la 🎼 avec Nat King Cole - Sweet Lorraine.•'**☆ ╰⊰✿ 🎹🎸

  26. Mustafa Jackson

    Reminds me of my Dad and his Jazz LPs. Good Times.

  27. StonyRC

    I grew up listening to Nat Cole (Mum & Dads favourite) and I’ve always shared their love of his particular jazz style. Still makes me think of my childhood.

  28. The Grey Fedora

    Sounds like Christmas for some reason. :)

  29. Ale Ros

    an angel passed by

  30. Richie Swan

    A client paid me 100 bucks to learn this song in Pittsburgh Pa. 1988 because Nat King Cole sung for for the troops this gent was with in WWII in the Pacific, Nat King Cole has been my mentor as a singer and pianist.

    franess codeTV

    do you have the sheet music? . I'd love to learn this.

  31. sammie smith

    I know of a beautiful woman name Lorraine who I love very much.

  32. MarkMacksoud

    Simply the best. I love this version, his voice, personality, poise, piano style, ensemble. He had it all.

  33. red head

    I played this for my grandma Lorraine at her nursing home because a long time ago she was a bar tender and her boss would play this for her on the piano every time she would serve people drinks😌

    Pierce Ryan


  34. Margaret Grell

    this guy's got IT in his DNA

  35. Momento Mori

    who else was sent here while reading 1Q84 ?

    Anastasios Pantelis

    So true ....i am the beginning of that book..whats is your name?

  36. 15Yanks

    Enjoyed reading about Nat King Cole in Tony Bennett's recent book. Had to set it down though and play this classic for the family.

  37. Lorraine Arcand

    Magnifique cette chanson....

  38. TheJofrica

    Check out Johnny Smith's version of this for a very excellent jazz guitar rendition of this song

  39. Fizzy_j21 Money

    RIP to nat king cole

  40. Fizzy_j21 Money

    My gmom making me listen to this it's pretty good...

  41. Elizabeth Mayuku

    I love that song.

  42. classy guy

    the sitcom "Family Ties" brought me here

  43. I am Bananas

    tin men

  44. Lorraine Grey

    My father had a musician sing and play the piano to me for my birthday! He told my fiancé soon to be husband (of 40 years ) that this song is specifically for me!  RIP Daddy! Miss him so much.

  45. Lorraine Gonzalez

    Love it!

  46. Bow Wow Bill

    My Grandpa would sing this to my Grandma Lorraine all the time. RIP Grandma love you so much!

  47. C Flow

    My mother LOVED this. RIP mom, I heard this played a lot as a kid

    Benita Brown

    +Chuck Flowers My mom loved this song too and all Nat's music. She played his music all the time, so I too became a fan! I Love his smooth velvet voice....RIP Nat King Cole; March 17, 1919-February 15, 1965.

  48. Sylvain Charles

    Best jazz intro as far as I'm concerned.

    Linden Arden

    even if for chronological reasons it's absurd, it sounds like he's quoting  Stolen moments. I wonder if there's the possibility that Oliver Nelson was inspired by this introduction.

  49. kyle smith

    It doesn't get much better than this baby.....

    cute dogs

    kyle smith ikr

  50. Lynsea Coy

    Got over 5 of his records in a free box the other day and now i've got the Nat King Cole buzz. Also my middle name is Lorraine and i was very very excited to hear it :)

  51. Stephane Veglia

    nat king cole forever!

  52. Gemini730

    My mother named me after this song. Nat King Cole was one of her favorite singers.

    Sojourner Kincaid Rolle

    +Gemini730 My mother named me "Joy" after this song.

  53. DonDraperism

    Tin Men. 

  54. CD-ROM Wong

    a nice voice dear nat king cole, a legand of music

  55. Lorraine Barnett

    My mom and dad named me after this song so I feel truly blessed because they spelled my name exactly as it is in the song. I thank God for Nat King Cole a great singer and my great parents.

  56. Lin I-ming

    o what a wonderful singer

  57. Joey Bagadonuts

    Nice song, thanks.

  58. metempsuchosis

    Thanks for this rendition of Sweet Lorraine with Nat King Cole doing the singing. There is at least one other version of that tune available on YouTube in which he does the singing. You have provided the best of the two I think. My attention was called to Nat King Cole singing Sweet Lorraine while I was reading a Japanese novel; that book is 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami. YouTube offers a 1946 recording [Metronome All Stars] of the tune with Frank Sinatra singing and Nat King Cole playing piano.

  59. creativecompanion

    Fantastic sound quality. Really does the man justice! Thank you!!!!

  60. boomerang905

    My Chi-town hero. I was in Grade School when he passed and it still seems strange. Something wonderful though....years later I graduated from his same High School and he was also a resident of my community and was the Classmate of John H. Johnson, Founder and Published of Ebony/Jet. I loved Mr. Cole, especially when he had a 15 minute (would you believe 15 minutes) show on Television. All the family would gather around the TV. What a man. :)

  61. carnaghman

    Thank you for sharing, Great track.