Nat King Cole - It's Only A Paper Moon Lyrics

It is only a paper moon
Sailing over a cardboard sea
But it wouldn't be make-believe
If you believe in me

It is only a canvas sky
Hanging over a muslin tree
But it wouldn't be make-believe
If you believe in me

Without your love
It's a honky-tonk parade
Without your love
It's a melody played
In a penny arcade

It's a Barnum and Bailey world
Just as phony as it can be
But it wouldn't be make-believe
If you believe in me

Without your love
It's a honky-tonk parade
Without your love
It's a melody played
In a penny arcade

It's a Barnum and Bailey world
Just as phony as it can be
But it wouldn't be make-believe
If you believe in me

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Nat King Cole It's Only A Paper Moon Comments
  1. p1ps4

    remembers me of a 10 year old boy working with his dad to grow a fruit who uses toka koka rule

  2. TempeGaming

    Nut King Call - Paper Moon King

  3. Martin Christian Aguilar

    Jojo part 8 best trap

  4. Skortan 8

    origami and prosopagnosia

  5. every Day

    After reading 1Q84,then come here.

  6. chocolatada mística

    *closes book*
    "And that kids,is how a 9 year old kid killed a drug dealer using origami"

  7. KaveMan

    Sesame honey cafe

  8. Cameron Kohlmann

    This song slaps at x0.75 speed

  9. Jojoflap

    What's with all these 9/yo boy killing dad's friend comments? I just wanted to hear Nat King Cole's version of this after hearing Ella Fitzgerald

  10. TheEcoolarg

    god I feel bad for araki, imagine you are just living life and you infect every song comments with your references, seriously

  11. Eliot Jamet

    When you turn into a origami

  12. Jonathan Keller

    After hearing this song, I suddenly started turning into origami.

  13. CMCynic


    lasagna chiyangwa

    At least hes not dead

    lasagna chiyangwa


  14. valariesusan52

    I believe in you f

  15. Green Seagull

    guys wtf whats wrong with everyones face

  16. Ratec Alb

    why is jobin coming to me so fast? looks like he will run me over

  17. Zach

    Huh. Two Jojo references in a single song. This truly is a gift made in Heaven

  18. Skullhouse

    Why is every video just Nat King Cole - It's Only A Paper Moon? I went to the home page... and it's just "It's Only a Paper Moon" I tried to read a book... "It's Only a Paper Moon"...

    Guys why does everyone look the same? Where's my parents? It's Only a Paper Moon It's Only a Paper Moon It's Only a Paper Moon It's Only a Paper Moon It's Only a Paper Moon It's Only a Paper Moon It's Only a Paper Moon It's Only a Paper Moon It's Only a Paper Moon It's Only a Paper Moon It's Only a Paper Moon It's Only a Paper Moon

  19. I have a management

    Why dose everyone look the SAME!?

  20. apple boi

    Sesame Honey Cafe

  21. Set2Seth

    Who screwed me over with paper?

  22. i am error

    you were expecting to meet with Josuke, but it was me, Joshu!

  23. SuperDark555

    Wait a few years maybe 10 maybe 30 we dont know all we know is JOSHUS HAIRLINE WILL BE ANIMATED

  24. Some Guy

    Me and the boys all obtaining the same face and thus not being able to tell eachother apart

  25. Caesar Salad

    Jobin Bus
    Jobin Bus

  26. Government Spy Drone

    This is what plays when you make all the buses look like your dad

  27. Papa Gyro’s Pizza

    Despite what my profile picture might suggest I actually knew this song before reading Jojo

    Joel Garcia

    Beautiful user name

  28. I have a management

    When some has a change of heart their will changes too

  29. KingCrimson

    „Pass me the Aux“

    „You better not play trash“

    *plays this*


  30. А куда?

    Цугури съела деда.

    Kioto 01

    Цуруги это *он*

  31. Simon Baraya

    Why the f everything looks the same ?

    Naomie Robinson


  32. Rorik one- eye

    i was a fan of this song but the Frank Sinatra version... till jojo showed me the nat king cole version

  33. pasta goblin

    This song makes me feel like murdering some rock people by convincing them a bus looks like my dad

  34. Shilun

    Came here searching for 1Q84 comment, end up googling JOJO.

  35. Linus Continental 22

    inb4 Bayonetta 3 theme confirmed

  36. Hadeel Hamo


  37. Yasuho Hirose

    Why is everyone having the same face?

    Just An English Comment Passing Through

    Oh god oh fuck watch out Yasuho


    Well shit

  38. Yomna El Wakeel

    1Q84 ♥

  39. Felipe Tisser

    Can't wait to see confused people reading JoJo comments

  40. Catch The Rainbow

    He fucking killed Norisuke.

  41. Giorno Giovanna

    yo Tsurugi be fuckin wildin in chapter 83 wtf
    (jjl spoilers) he fuckin killed his granddad AND THAT fuckin kid holy shit jajgjsnjfndnfjsjjfnsjdkskdjshgdbd sggs

  42. SyncOut

    I won't lie, this is definitely me when I'm a 9 year old boy who is going to suffer from a hereditary disease that will turn my skin into rocks so my dad dressed me up as a girl to ward of the disease and I worked with dad's rock human friends and I kill my own grandfather

    Rawr XD

    SyncOut 226 Bruh that’s my life too, and then this weird sailor came into my life who has identity crisis and memory losses.

    G uy

    Did you kill a drugdealer too by confusing him to walk into a bus?

  43. CMCynic

    So... *Chapter 83 amirite*

    The Alchemist

    Seriously when is the next part

    Real Dionis

    The Alchemist when Part 8 ends


    I came here cuz of chapter 87.

  44. the pacific wart

    After listening to this, I now have screws all over my body.... aaaaaand I can't figure out who is who and what is what

  45. hubberducky

    All these comments look the same

  46. I fight for my Symphaty

    This mushroom... This doesn't take *much-ROOM.*

  47. Van Adlehyde

    "I'm aware of those traps. It's precisely because of those traps that I came..."

  48. Richard Sorrell

    Sweets !

  49. CMCynic

    I wish I had a living piece of origami named after this song

  50. Christopher Rowley

    Why does all the text say "Sesame Honey Cafe"



    L Martinson

    Sesame Honey Cafe

  51. CMCynic

    Everybody's face looks the same

    Naomie Robinson


    Naomie Robinson

    U all look alike .💩


    @Naomie Robinson No it's a reference to a manga called JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

  52. Maximillian Sukiman

    Reminds me of a 10 yr old boy dressed as a girl

    Ana Lukšić

    When you go after jojo songs and you find gems like this. I'm happy in life.

    Erron Black

    Joubin the fuck you doin? Go grow that Roakakke plant Joskue gonna find it soon.


    Oh my god I see you on literally every Jojolion video

    Just An English Comment Passing Through

    @StrangeHeaven he is everywhere that relates jojo


    @Erron Black Roakakke like bukakke lol

  53. Mine0Taur

    Of course YouTube's broken again.. -_- Every single recommended video is also 'Nat King Cole - It's Only A Paper Moon' wtf


    A subtle JoJoke, very nice. :D

    Felipe Tisser

    Had to read it twice to get it. Nice JoJoke!


    Hey, why is that video of 'Nat King Cole - It's Only a Paper Moon' rushing towards me? Oh oh God oh fu- *gets murdered by a bus*

  54. Solid__ A

    Why the fuck everyone looks the same

  55. Barry Schlesinger

    1947 One of the first songs I remember

  56. HC2B //

    "how a a 9 years old boy killed a drug dealer"

    Gabriel Lord of Nothing

    With origami


    his kill count is increasing

    Cinos the Dense potato

    @wildcardsniper A FUCKING BABY!

    Glacier Wolf

    "How a 9 Year Old Boy Faked His Father's and His's Death."

  57. milen-kot D

    Came here for jojo references, stayed for the music.

  58. Joan

    people that are here for the actual song and not cuz jojos are like
    wtf is that jojo everyone is talking about here ????

    Martin Douge

    It's a long running series about manly men and bizarre adventures, where most main characters and powers have names that are references to Western songs. Paper Moon is used for the power of a character named Tsurugi, a child boy who can make living origami which can alter people's perception of other persons, items or symbols.

    And if you thought that power is weird, just know that most of JoJo is weirder. The author makes the best he can to honor the songs he references and tries to make characters that fit the lyrics or stories of the song, album or band. If you're into fighting anime, JoJo is something you should try. It's quite unique and awesome in more ways than one.

    Jerson Gugu Sobrenome

    @Martin Douge manly men and womanly women

    Bankyoko Joe

    @Martin Douge He knows what JoJo is. He's saying others don't know.

  59. Nut king call

    Joshuu best girl.

    big boi donkey

    Heck yeah he is

    chocolatada mística

    Oh fuck yes

  60. Turtle

    And it was all for a werid lookin fruit...smh


    A weird fruit that looks like Shigechi, to be more precise



  61. Iapitus McHeimer

    Jojo has introduced me to so much good music, glad to see Jojolion doing the same. love this song

    Adam T

    same bro

  62. mmmoroi Moroi

    One of a few geniuses that the world (not least the U.S.) produced in the 50's and 60's with uniquely fantastic voice attributable (by his own account) to heavy smoking, which, however, sent him to a very eary grave (at the age of 45), sadly.  RIP

  63. fugy fruit

    Weirdly this is the source of both Nut King Call and Paper Moon King

  64. Ping

    tfw when you kill your dad's rock friend using your dad


    tfw when you killed your dad and probably a bully so you can hide a cactus

    Alif Doll

    Tfw you realize that you are the main villain all along

    Muranhos Sohnarum

    tfw you killed you Grandfather

  65. Brandon Kratz

    my fave nat song,,,,,,,straighten up and fly right is  good too

  66. Jimboysk8t


  67. VenomtheOne

    Jojo brought me here (sorry.....)

    the overseer

    VenomtheOne who's that?


    the overseer A show that starts off with a man named JoJo fighting his vampire rival using an ancient martial art tailored to combat undead, then about 100 years later, they finish that vampire off and end their family's grief (for like 10 seconds) using a new ability called a stand, in which no two are exactly the same. The character he is referring to is the son of one of the Higashikatas all the way in part 8, which is referred to as the "Steel Ball Run universe" since a sequence of events practically ended the original world's JoJo bloodline. The character has a stand named after the original song, Paper Moon King, which allows him to manipulate the minds of people making them unable to differentiate faces and distorting their reality, making him the only person they can trust. He can also fold origami and give the origami the properties of the thing he created, say, making a frog gives it the abilities of a frog.

    TL;DR, Fighting vampires, to dainty dude trying to figure out who he is.

    Martin Douge

    Dolphinboi In order :
    British burly gentleman hunts his adopted brother vampire
    American yankee stops the threat posed by superhumans from prehistoric times
    5 men from all over thebworld travel to Egypt to kill the vampire who has returned.
    Very fancy highschool student chases after a serial killer in a quiet town
    Son of vampire guy joins the mafia to kill its boss from inside
    Falsely charged teenage girl tries to escape while stopping a priest from ruling the world.
    Paraplegic horse rider follows Italian executioner in a race through America to master a special technique that can cure him.
    Amnesic man tries to uncover his past and the mystery of a fruit with miraculous properties.
    Those are all the stories in chronological order

    Fiery Pixel Gamer

    Martin Douge good summary

  68. Anddo


    Julian Cole

    That seriously made my day.

    DemoNik Tusk

    I honestly came for Joshuu more than Tsurugi

    Gabriel Lord of Nothing

    Best boy

    Martin Douge

    Juukao Flaccid Pancake for Limp Bizkit is the worst I believe

    Martin Douge

    Unmatched nut busting prowess A character from a long running manga called JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, whose special ability is named after this song. The author of this manga loves to put musical references in his character names, which are actual references, as he try to design the characters around the song, albums or bands he takes the names of. Many aspects make JoJo a unique manga worth checking out if you like japanese comics.

  69. MsMimilala

    Smooth ... <3 xx

  70. svo65

    incredible talent he certainly was!

  71. NarcOut

    Trolls welcome to the internet.

  72. Mayanatai

    erm.. I am not comparing myself to an all time great like nat king cole. But im working on creating some unique and cool music. Like you say most music is vapid and soulless! You might like to try out a track on my channel called four corners. I hope you enjoy it! Peace :)

    Diktator Alexander

    It's only a wicked tune, played by a soulless dude. But it wouldn't be make believe, if only you actually had some skill

  73. onemorebrando

    thanks man. did you know he used to date one of the hee haw honeys? this girl was stunning...

  74. umbrellashotgunman

    Some additional information: all the piano parts are being played by Nat Cole himself (there's a reason why both Oscar Peterson and Bill Evans considered him one of their favorite pianists), this particular track is originally from the great 1956 album "After Midnight" (which showcases Nat's piano playing as well as his singing), the trumpet player is Harry "Sweets" Edison (best known for his work with Count Basie), and the guitarist is John Collins.

  75. Monica Hart

    So much for the days when music truly was an art form. Now we have cardboard music.

  76. Will Smith

    Now this is music!

  77. dusty laredo

    nat king cole passed away at the age 45 in february of 1965...

  78. Ross H

    man, gotta love this guys style. This is that song that makes you want to stand up and move a lil bit

    Mhana Harfouche

    yea i, too, want to SUTAND UP

  79. Janek Adamczyk

    Bieber's fans, who thinks it's Justin Bieber's Cover :)



  81. Colorman69

    Great version! Check out Cynthia Basinets ...also

  82. Nelson

    Swag King Cole...

  83. crochetcatcrafty

    A wonderful voice and a very classy singer. Yes, he was a genius.

  84. sauquoit13456

    Nat 'King' Cole was born on this date in 1919. {Mar. 17th}...
    Sadly, Mr. Cole passed away at the of age 45 on February 15th, 1965... May he R.I.P.

  85. Descendant of Kraff

    So many artists sang the same songs back then. All of these are in Fallout 3/New Vegas. Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole. This song is in Bioshock 2, Ella's version

  86. Lindsay Michelle

    ♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫ i know the chances of people stopping to read this are slim, but my name is Lindsay and iv done covers to 3 beautiful songs written by Taylor Swift, Adele, and Bruno Mars! I have such big DREAMS and such passion for singing and i want more than anything to share it with the world. For those that took time to read this comment, please THUMBS UP so hopefully people will see and come watch my videos :) you guys can make my dream come true through youtube! please don't hesitate!!:)

  87. Dario Pastorino

    great song beautiful

  88. Fr34k5z

    @GuitarHickNick Maybe you should give me a reason, because I don't see any.

  89. GuitarHickNick

    @Fr34k5z maybe you should read his comment again......

  90. IosDawn

    I used to listen to Michael Jackson... But then I took an arrow to the knee... And this is all the played at the hospital.
    Great great song.

    Some random weirdo

    IosDawn an arrow to knee you say...
    did you obtain STAND!?

  91. Fr34k5z

    @dratigeolf18 Probably some retarded teen stumbling upon this masterpiece and judging it to be shit because the lack of autotune which has become a necessity for some of the newer generations, sigh...

  92. Florencione

    Bobby Darin is better

    Naomie Robinson


  93. Erkki Mela

    @Samaflame learn to spell shitstain

  94. sama flame

    @leo2mona learn to spell shit stain

  95. leo2mona

    MR.Nat King Cole you will never dye :)!

  96. Edmundo De Peder

    Genius, masterpiece

  97. ctdtfiveoupNup

    The best version. Thx

  98. CaptinCrypt

    love it... love it... love it :)