Nappy Roots - Welcome To The Show Lyrics

[Verse 1 - Skinny DeVille]
They say success is the best revenge, tell a friend
keep 'em close like a enemy, invest to win
safeless, the necessary, leave the rest to them
loose lips sink boats, try your best to swim
captain of your ship, do ya best and grin
never let 'em see you sweat the stress again
and make a new direction, take ya next of kin
out the trap, it's called life--make the best of it

[Verse 2 - Fishscales]
Well it's the F-I-S-H S-C-A-L-E-S
you can find me rollin' hella sess
I keep a smile cause I never stress
I'm gettin' love in Kentucky from Paducah back to Somerset
and yeah I'm country I don't run from that
I got a catalogue full of 16s say I come from there
and this is me all day, I'm never clockin in'
just wanna say thank y'all for just stoppin' in

Welcome to the show, welcome to the show, Welcome to the show [x4]

[Verse 3 - Big V]
Dear God, let them hear me and see you
thanks heavenly for what you allow me to do
all things are possible when I go through you
thanks for the caterin' and real good food
thanks for the DJ and 5-man crew
bless him for the fans, God, you the man
well, as I bring this to a close
bless me with a feel for the real good (HOES!!!)

[Verse 4 - B. Stille]
Uh, I rock the, v-neck tees, wrinkly jeans
old people askin' me "do you sleep in them jeans?"
I reply, "no sir or ma'am, this is the style,"
big smile, I ain't felt like this in a while
see the young'ns on the block, tell 'em stay in that school
gangbangin', hangin' out, smokin', drinkin' ain't cool
show you how to be a leader, just follow your dreams
and always vow to keep it Nappy by any means

Dude, dude, you guys are phenomenal dude...
I promise...I mean, my sister loves you guys...
I joined this frat because of you guys...
Fuckin' awesome, man...
Nappy fuckin' Roots

[Verse 5 - Ron Clutch]
The world's a stage, just tryin' to play my part
keep my feet on earth and still parlay with the stars
yeah I be spacin' out, vacation to Mars
but when I return, I come back with the burn
what you learn? Sometimes you have to take it that far
it's more important how you finish than the way that you start
life is bittersweet, even taste a lil' tart
let you make the situation, it don't make who you are
you can't throw in your hand, might as well play with your cards
you win some, you lose some, don't take it to heart
take it to the next level, take it way out the chart
you don't wanna leave here without makin' your mark
bet your light shine, find your way out the dark
surround yourself with good energy so you can stay charged
stay on the cuttin' edge, make sure your blades stay sharp
art imitates life, life imitates art...


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Nappy Roots Welcome To The Show Comments
  1. Noria Dixon

    2020 Cary Mississippi 662 its a blessing we woke up every morning

  2. Leo Lundy III

    Feeling this still

  3. Suzette Sharpe

    I wish I was on y'alls hood.....grand Coulee

  4. earlene mason

    Best group and the realist

  5. Colorful Me


  6. Samantha Rodriguez

    Makes me want to burn a CD like we used to back then.

  7. 950301dv

    Last guy is like Tyler the Creator 😅

  8. Michael Tewell

    2020 just taking a stroll down memory lane

  9. Karter Khan

    1. Skinny's verse is in my top 30 best rap verses ever.

    2. Prophet's flow was just bananas.

    3. Anthony Hamilton's soulful voice on the hook brought it home.

    Before there was Old Town road there was Po'Folks.

  10. Ashley Alexander

    Still good in 2020!

  11. Sarah Beth

    I have 3 black aunts, 3 white aunts and 1 uncle in Kentucky. My daddys siblings. #TheMoreYouKnow #WhatNoOneKnewAboutMyDaddy my daddy was from E-town. It's why my middle name is Elizabeth and why I have Flint tattooed on my left forearm, for my Cherokee Indian family in Kentucky and because it was my daddys middle name and my great grandfathers name. Did you know if you strike flint against magnesium it throws sparks?

    It's why I told my Hispanic friend in Cali to not say the N word because it offended me because I have a lot of mixed family and my girl Naughty thought it was funny and then she brought the first and fifth crips up in my house like listen to how funny this little white girl talks and I was like, I'm not white, I'm peachy..... California is so segregated. :/

  12. Rachelle Joachim

    Still true till this day.

  13. latona faith

    Seen these Boyz in Morehead when they did a show with my homie Ritchie it's been years since then but I always come back to this song cause ik exactly what it be like to be poor

  14. jasmine hill

    I wish Unsung would do an episode on Nappy Roots!!!

  15. Ariq

    We are blessed and let's not forget that, these mouthy ass fuckss

  16. max cherenfant

    I like. Nappy roots

  17. Jennifer Jones

    2020!!!! You Got-Damn Right!!! 😁😁

  18. Lisa Gee

    How I respect the South though I am from Brooklyn

  19. T'Town Tim

    get Moscow mitch out and be even MORE Awesome!!!

  20. QuoTaBeats

    forever will relate !! dope ass track !! here in 2020

  21. Kristshel Dunn


  22. J Black

    Damn this country

  23. Natasha Green

    This song is the soundtrack of my life.......LOL 🤣🤣🤣...."all my life I been po but it really don't matter no mo.....".....TELL IT NAPPY ROOTS 😆!!!!!

  24. TheReal NickBeanie

    Damn near shedded a tear😢

  25. Dominique Bertrand


  26. Chris Maw

    Grew up to this shit

  27. 7FORD0TRUCK4KING !!!

    I had this album whole thing was fire!

  28. Chris

    I was born in 92' this song was everything as a kid

  29. esmokebaby

    Can rap go back to this?

  30. Tiffany Merwin

    Too bad we can't get millions to join together and sing this in front of the white House as loud as we can.

  31. Ask Me

    It's a blessing we woke up this morning, all my color folk stressing... come let's join hands

  32. Ask Me

    The WHOLE joint fiya...
    But the last verse I keep on repeat,and it makes me cry every replay

  33. Amos Abbe

    Still a banger in 2020 underplayed 💯

  34. Juju N

    This still better than the garbage you hear nowadays

  35. Bella Donna Je’taime

    Still their number fan I remember waking up every morning to hear this on my vhs tape before school because I liked the two last rapper skinny and the guy with raspy voice still in love 😍 I always recorded everything on bet and 106 & park #happyblackhistorymonth✊🏽

  36. Crystal Lane

    Love this song

  37. Corey Nelson

    The year this song came out I say thank GOD needed this always!!!💯💯🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🙏

  38. Menard TEX Sampson


  39. Lexi Jonez

    The song is the first time I ever heard Anthony Hamilton in my life and I always thought he was going to be something

    Joey Snow1

    ??? he was huge in the early to mid 2000's

    Lexi Jonez

    @Joey Snow1 yes I know just saying my thoughts not say he wasn't nothing

  40. Lizzie Bridges

    Nappy Roots you have blessed my life. From "Aw Naw" being on every summer mix I've ever made from 8 years old until CDs expired at around 19...from Boys and Girls Club trips growing up listening to y'all later on....flash forward to when y'all let me and others dance on stage at Wild Buffalo in Bellingham Fall 2012. You will always be phenomenal in my mind and heart.

  41. Kenneth,joe Harris


  42. croc 88

    Nappy roots is similar to arrested development a down south group with nice acoustics and speaking on something positive.

  43. U.S NATIVE

    I wish they still made music like this.

  44. James Flamingo

    Back when all rappers didn't give thst persona of being filthy rich

  45. Vincent #KiNGTM #wepartyharderTM

    2020 Donald Trump is president
    Aint no flying cars..
    And im still po as hell...

    Imma be ok 2021


  46. Dee Harris

    I don't care I'm still bumpin to this in "20"

  47. Shaq Dillon

    2020 hea n im still po dont matta doe😥😥💪💪💪💪👖🎽 keep grinding yall stay UP peace n blessings

  48. Mike Shockley

    oh yea one of the greatest throw backs for real.

  49. Bliss ConnecT

    Who’s still listening 2020 ❤️🔥

  50. Jenchang chang

    Still jammin this!!!

  51. Reggie Hutchins

    Blessed to be here 2020

  52. Jill Mcbride


  53. Tresha Burgess

    Kaka kaka do

  54. Tresha Burgess

    Yum eatthemup

  55. Tresha Burgess

    [email protected]

  56. Becky so sexy Keeley

    Phrophet is still fyne as hell

  57. Andrienne Nawlins

    2020 still a jam

  58. Beverly Craven

    Still bang'n 2020🔥

  59. landis entertainment network

    Got to interview them in 2017 class act guys

  60. Merdice Howell


  61. Truddi Higgins


  62. Rita Wms


  63. elliotscottie

    I got in a car with a white guy named Rob Peck and he this was the 1st song he threw on .... we have been cool since . Good music like this brings good people together no matter the race .

  64. St23Vincent

    I can’t speak for the people that grew up rich but I can honestly say I had a great country upbringing. Hella family reunions, birthday parties, riding bikes to the store, etc. All the cousins staying at grandma house while our parents went to the club on Friday. Sleeping 4 to a bed...2 at the foot 2 at the head. Good ass times. Having money is cool and it gives me an opportunity to give my kids the things I didn’t have growing up but it also divided the fuck out of my family.

  65. Brandon Taylor

    Pkn vote yang

  66. Brandon Taylor

    FGB Level CoT

  67. Brandon Taylor

    2020 Yangin for the future.... Yang vote Yang for the gang yangin for the future

  68. Brandon Taylor

    2020 Yangin for the future.... Yang vote Yang for the gang yangin for the future

  69. dwane hargrove

    Outkast would so good on this

  70. Johnathan Black


  71. Heather Younce

    I still luv this!!! #nappyroots2020 luv

  72. Corey Banks


  73. jeremiah sams

    Who still listening to this masterpiece in 2020? We lost positivity in our music.

  74. John Bielski

    Love nappy roots! 2020 still po' folks

  75. Chrissy M

    Half of hundred 😎😇👏🏻🙏👼💯💯

  76. Jessica Weldon

    Still bumping in 2020!!!

  77. Samira Robinson

    I'm for it in 2020

  78. Joshua Dell

    Haha come up to Montana and help my ass I don't care what color you are the sushi restaurant next to my place are the nicest people

    Joshua Dell

    Sorry they don't speak the greatest English but are working and trying not to be poor

  79. Eva Thomas

    THIS SONG IS STILL FIRE AFTER ALL THESE YEARS one of them forever hits!!!!

    Timothy Abraham

    That's right aunty

    Rosemary Ochoa

    still breathing love it up and down

    Zoe Manj

    Music just ain’t the same, no females half naked and no fancy bullshit🙌🏿


    Yes ma'am

    Jennifer North

    I’m a damn yank but...I never felt like I belong ..I think my past life I lived down south ..maybe Savannah or nawlins ?
    Moving there one day

  80. Fireman AJ

    Man I'm still bumping this in 2020. I wish everyone in the south would just listen to this song and let it sink in.

  81. T'Town Tim

    who does not want to give the old cat a hug?... =]

  82. Jimaine Cooper

    we gone be ok

  83. Short HandsomeTx

    20/20 We ain't Po No Mo Still a banger

  84. james mills

    Love this classic

  85. Joehowaid Belair


  86. Brandon F

    We love you to muhfucka

  87. Pierre Louis-Charles

    2020 checkin

  88. Blackaneese Barbie

    I finally found this video after 21 years 😱

    Mauricio Muñoz

    it took you awhile....

    Blackaneese Barbie

    Mauricio Muñoz Ikr😩

  89. Chris Carnelli

    Well you are only poor because of your own actions and yes we do wonder why things act this way cant say it's due to being broke there is a job for everyone if you try or you can be one of the people who sit back and blame the fact they have no money and life sucks on everything they can expect for there own actions we can all cry poverty but if you step back and look at it from a distance it's our own fault now sometimes bad things happen and we lose our job and go broke and yes that's a tough pill to swallow but you can sit and dwell and make it worse or you can get off your ass and get the fuck out there in the world and say yes I can mother fuckers and make things better

    Namronnomolos Ubiquitious

    So Full Of Shit!!!

  90. Logan Dorman

    Who's playing this 2020??

  91. Florida State

    Made it 2020

  92. Camille marie

    Who’s listening in 2020 ❤️

  93. Thomas Lang2

    Got them nappy roots all day. Rich people got nappy roots also. Rich people are comfortable fincally they still have problems. All that money is a problem. So stop crying. More problems more money

  94. Thomas Lang2

    I'm from pennysiltukie Sup
    Dont matter no more, lol its 2020 Happy New Year!! Everything is going to be Ok, Ok

  95. Nikki All-Smiles

    Listening 12/31/19

  96. Domz Henare

    This song inspired me to become somebody...Thanks brothers