Nancy Sinatra - Nice 'n' Easy Lyrics

Let's take it nice and easy
It's gonna be so easy
For us to fall in love

Hey baby what's your hurry
Relax and don't you worry
We're gonna fall in love

We're on the road to romance - that's safe to say
But let's make all the stops along the way

The problem now of course is
To simply hold your horses
To rush would be a crime
'Cause nice and easy does it every time

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Nancy Sinatra Nice 'n' Easy Comments
  1. Mark Blackburn

    Siriusly Sinatra satellite radio is playing Nancy's version of NICE 'N' EASY – a small jazz band arrangement featuring a really good guitarist playing lead lines on an electric 12-string. (Love his solo on the musical bridge!)
    Left a note at Sinatra Family forum -- Siriusly Sinatra -- MY FAVORITE VERSION recalling a note "from one of the wise men Andrew T" – that the guitarist is Billy Strange.

    Anyway, at this moment, I'm hearing it, as if for the first time, and . . . crazy-all-over-again about Nancy's voice -- the variety of pleasing vocal texture & timbre she displays – plus her playful approach to the lyric; including an under-her-breath chuckle (you can hear her smile!) after singing (on the second time around) -- “Don't rush, rush, rush! . . . it's a crime! Nice 'n' easy GETS it, every time!”

    I imagine Nancy's Dad loved her version of a song literally written just for him: I can hear Frank half-singing, “That's-ah nice!”

    Thanks for sharing, Nancysinatrafan. Celebrated this night at Sinatra Family Forum

  2. Enzo Music

    Guess I was born too late!

  3. TheKinoEye


  4. Sergei Orlov


  5. Alessandra Zoppi

    Very nice and easy!!!

  6. Donna Gerhard

    Thank You! I just love her..Her daughter AJ sounds just like her. As well and singing All of her Grandpa's songs and voice alive. The Sinatra Legacy Lives On.Beautiful job.Thanks Again 😘♥️👢👢

    Simon Edgbaston

    I hope AJ does album's 😊

  7. Nancysinatrafan


    Simon Edgbaston

    Hope you tour the UK soon ❤