My Dying Bride - The Stance Of Evander Sinque Lyrics

He was a poor man, though he was genius
Would they listen to this crazy man
Would they help him to his end
He was a tall man, pale skin and broken back
And no-one knew him, though he was genius
They feared him, locked him away
And in silence would he pray

He lived alone, though many voices spoke
He found peace, in his own little world
So they beat him, to his end
He lays forgotten
Dead skin and broken neck
And no-one knew him
Though he was genius

Who was he, that crazy man
Just a loser, to the end

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My Dying Bride The Stance Of Evander Sinque Comments
  1. Deadbeat Society

    I loved this album so much when it came out. I was just starting to get over the "tried & true" My Dying Bride sound then BAM this album. The first time I heard this song (track 2), I was in love. It's honestly the only MDB album I've listen to by choice in the decade. I still like the other stuff if it's on at a party or whatever, but it doesn't do it for me anymore.

  2. Attila RZA

    This album is 99.999% Complete

  3. mymindshelter

    i znowuż wpadłem w ten utwór. i znowuż się nie uwolnię i znowuż będę go słuchał kilka razy dziennie przez kilka dni

  4. Jorge Gutiérrez Gaona

    the best album of MDB



  6. Dolorosakil

    Best song on the album, with "Base Level Erotica" for me. It's all good though!

  7. Des K. .Des K.


  8. wojtek imianowski

    gacie z dupy spadaja ave

  9. Rafael Galvez

    una de mis favoritas de my dying bride !!!!!!!! vengan a chile !!!!!!

  10. snuffereet

    Only good song off this album sadly. Anyone know who Evander Sinque is?


    snuffereet a figment of imagination I suppose

  11. Arthur Peixoto

    good song !

  12. sunprojection

    So awesome. The moan vocals near the start remind me of hangovers..

  13. mymindshelter

    the greatest song of MDB

  14. Alexander Lindskog

    Wonderful Song, thanks for uploading it ^_^