My Dying Bride - For You Lyrics

I will be here for you
All I want is you
When I see your face
All the Angels are shamed

Lay with me beauty
Feel me close to you
Take my hand to you
Touch you softly. Your warm skin

Cover me with you
Over me under you
Pull me in to you
As one we lay entwined

All I ever wanted
I have, I need never wish again
You are heaven sent

All I ever wanted
You are, you are heaven sent

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My Dying Bride For You Comments
  1. pimpis0980

    This is death metal...

  2. Michel van Donk

    That girl,hot

  3. the conqueror salah Ljycjjch

    I will be here for you guys

  4. Shivaya Kali

    this boy who pain and suffer in the clip is from PSY pills

  5. Helmut Kratzmar

    One of my most fav metal band. I love Aaron's voice and also violin...

  6. allen allen

    omg...omg~~~ i found haha

  7. Skeeter Peter Pants

    He couldn't reach the seizure medication in time.

  8. David Gil Comino

    Aaron Stainthorpe .....MORTAL!!!!!!!! Oleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  9. Giacomo Fiderio

    Didn't realise Boromir was so good at singing.

  10. King Diamond

    Depressive, crying loser shit this is.

  11. King Diamond

    I hate this band nowadays, doom shit.

  12. Ольга Амелина

    Я может доживу до пеньсии а вот норкоманы нет


    η νιοτη μου

  14. Helder Alvarenga Siqueira do Nascimento


  15. сам все знаю

    Прекрасная композиция

  16. YouSoundButtHurt

    My wife and I danced to this at our wedding. Been married 17 years now.


    @MrMusicopath She's a miserable woman too so I guess it worked out. :D


    @martins adins Not yet but she probably wishes she was.


    @YouSoundButtHurt she's a hot doom chic at least?

    janne halinen

    Jee. Thats so cool. Whis you all the happines.


    @janne halinen thanks janne!

  17. gamer900

    fuck! it make feels so deep.

  18. Luís Fernando Valença Barroso

  19. Сергей Мананкин

    Old DM- BEST IN TIME!!

  20. Wesley Torú

    Minha vélha adolescência

  21. Peeter P

    This song had awesome progression :D

  22. Sexygirl1989

    You can definitely tell that HIM were influenced by My Dying Bride especially on Greatest Love Songs Vol. 666. I know Vile Valo said he was influenced by these guys.

    Nazlıcan Özen

    There's even a track called "For You" in that album but they're not alike

  23. Sad Aesthetics

    Getting some Gothic vibes

  24. Nicky Nick

    this is the best lineup my dying bride ever had with Martin Powell on keys and Rick miah on drums may he r.i.p!


    Nicky Nick Rick Miah passed away?

  25. Sal

    My Dying Bride forever

  26. Asif Zahir

    A metal masterpiece...still comes back to my head after 15 yrs since i 1st heard this track...gets me shaken inside everytime!

  27. MEFISTOFELonline

    On every times music!

  28. Omnia Vincam

    Thank you, Peaceville Records. I know that a bunch of your bigger bands in the last 20 years ran off to other labels, and I know that somehow you always managed to get a really weird mixes and "closet" sounding drums. Honestly, who cares. Almost everything I listened to in my teens was produced by Peaceville, and the amount of influence all that stuff had on me still defines the music I make today. Anyway, just wanted to say "Cheers" for everything you've done for metal.

  29. sad cris

    Eu to apaixonada demais por esse som

    Tonny Gabriel

    Muito foda.

  30. Dustin Tavolazzi

    Most people will never hear this masterpiece, because they're too busy listening to bullshit like Ariana Grande "putting swag on her pussy in her gym bae gettup cause these are a few of my favorite things"

  31. Adam Schultz

    Can someone point me to more of there songs with heavy transitions like this one? I enjoy there softer doom side but I admire it most with a good mix of heaviness. (Would be appreciated new to the band as a whole)

  32. Damio Unwetter

    für dich

  33. cengizhanın tontiş yüzü

    Kaldır şu kafanı artık aq götün başın ayrı oynadı seni izlemekten dinleyemedim düzgün

  34. denua26

    Una banda unica entre millones.

  35. Дмитрий Кракен

    its classic bro,i like it

  36. Руслан Олегович

    Это сила!!!мазафака

  37. Gracias Totales

    Es mi celular o el sonido anda mal?

  38. cemal ertas


  39. smoothcode

    for your dawn

  40. brian dickey

    Great song great album great band \mm/

  41. Garden of Midnight

    Such an outstanding & underrated band. I loved this song & this band from the first listen!

  42. taegukult •

    Good track

  43. Rufat Yaqubov

    2018, 8th of november. And this song is still great and i still listening this and i will listen!

  44. Free ENd

    2019 who likes this band?

    lord of legion

    yesssssss !!!!

    janne halinen

    I like. Almost 30 years listened this wonderful band.


    I love this band have done since 1993

    Suhbat Holmurzaev

    i like this forever

  45. Conan the Barbarian

    Video is terrible but track is good.

  46. barverme


  47. Zim Merella

    I will never tire of hearing these guys.

  48. Natalia Mirochnitchenko

    So beautiful. Music of my youth. Still makes me cry.

    DMS HC 101

    Me too ! and everytime i listen there is always a tear that roll from my eyes..

    Katarína Donohue

    Marco 101  Me too!

    Gracias Totales

    I cry for my ex girlfriend

  49. mickey o'neil

    eroin'siz dokuzuncu gün..

    mickey o'neil


  50. nikolay andreevich

    Пиздатоя кампозиция хули нет слоав MDB

  51. Unbridled

    I am extremely influenced by your beauty., Lady., Man., Listen to Unbridled., Unique sound of metal., Forging my path

  52. AP AP

    My dying bride been listening to them since the nineties I put them right up there with Type O Negative as one of my favorite bands. but I have to say I love that ol early sound they started with( As the flowers withers and of course Trinity) bring some of that back. miss that ol good raw music heavy, dark and beautiful. music.

  53. Назар Баев


  54. Rendszerhib4

    1:40 kill

  55. MEFISTOFELonline

    one of my favorite music..

  56. Жека

    Одна из самых пиздатейших композиций в этом вакально инструментальном ансамбле) Хотя ранние тоже эпичные.

    Пётр Конан

    ну эта тоже не особо поздняя))

    Mr. Sulfasin

    @Пётр Конан ранние типа 96 года покруче будут...

    Пётр Конан

    @Mr. Sulfasin та я в курсе, я их на кассетах еще слушал))

  57. Dede Kilmister

    The best Doom metal band!

    Andjvd Shdvdhd

    Without a doubt

  58. John Smith


  59. excelsior

    гениальная команда! талантище-слов-нет!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Алекс Пет


  61. Manuela Garnec

    I will be here for you
    All I want is you
    When I see your face
    All the Angels are shamed
    Lay with me beauty
    Feel me close to you
    Take my hand to you
    Touch you softly.

    Your warm skin
    Cover me with you
    Over me under you
    Pull me in to you
    As one we lay entwined
    All I ever wanted
    I have, I need never wish again
    You are heaven sent

  62. User User

    One of best the metal videos ever

  63. JillyN HunD

    My brother made me a set of mixed tapes in 1997 and this song was on it. I think I was the only 7th grader at my school who listened to MDB

  64. NastTheMetalhead

    This song will always be great. Right in the feels...

  65. Nocturna Nostalgia

    Me encanta

  66. Manu FreaKoRn

    Casi no se oye... pero igual ImI

  67. Eduardo Sebastian Valdez

    mas de lo mismo

  68. Nocturna Nostalgia

    I❤️ this band

  69. James Ventor

    suena como la callampa

  70. Иван Ткаченко

    Padide Lost 1993

  71. Naamah

    Isn't it stupid how we "comprehend" that some are not worthy of our love, yet we destroy our lives for them, cry for them, miss them.. when there should only be hate .. but there isn't hate it is only a broken heart left :'(

    Admiral clitty blaster

    I feel this

  72. Leona Luna

    Their hair 😱😱


    Leona Luna Hola saludos eres de Algun lugar De Latinoamerica???

  73. magic art´s

    schow de mais

  74. Clyde Wy

    This deserves so many mrore views this is real investment here, a man talking his pain, that's just sad



  76. Diamond Profanation

    Quando eu ouvir isso a primeira vez eu era 11 anos mais novo.

  77. ᛈᛖᛏᛖᚱ ᚷᚱᛖᛖᚾ

    Quality sucks my balls deeply into nevermore

  78. Gen O'Cide

    I love you so much...

    Jorge Jesus

    Sorry just like your "name"

  79. xLordOfTheWolvesx

    I will be here for you
    All I want is you
    When I see your face
    All the Angels are shamed

    Lay with me beauty
    Feel me close to you
    Take my hand to you
    Touch you softly. Your warm skin

    Cover me with you
    Over me under you
    Pull me in to you
    As one we lay entwined

    All I ever wanted
    I have, I need never wish again
    You are heaven sent

    All I ever wanted
    You are, you are heaven sent


    Favorite MDB track, still way sad AF :|

    Holly Williams

    Just love this so much🖤

  80. Daren Manville

    My favorite MDB track..

    hristinson coolmound

    MDB tracks can not be favorite, MDB truly all tracks is cool ! )))

  81. psychofred2

    Nice song, shame about the low volume!

    Brian Skala

    agreed...terrible copy!

    Mina Kshetrimayum

    Yeahhh terrible terrible terrible 😔😒

    Belladonna Noir

    Yeah I'm on full volume and its still hard to hear.

  82. Aniela Kowalska

    I love MDB !!!

  83. drunyan8832

    Brings me too that special place where the power of a thousand suns will burn you're soul as I am pulled through the seventh plane of thee Abyss and tortured to death by the dark queen as tribute . Tears of joy to be chosen, such glory in this honor.

    LOL JK

    No..... I really like this =)

  84. 日本の猫

    Слишком круто

  85. Freddy Toledo

    for you is for forever end......

  86. Đorđe Delić

    1:40 part is great

  87. DarkSektori

    You really can't put a tag on My Dying Bride, I've been a diehard fan for 15 years of this band, I've traveled out of state to see them live. I have their scarecrow logo tattoo on the back of my neck. I have every album, compilation, best of, you name it, DVD, there is. Every album they have ever made is a masterpiece, although "34.788% complete" did make me scratch my head a bit but I eventually grew on it. "God's of the Sun" has to be one of their most depressing albums but also from a musical perspective is absolutely their best. The violin on this album is what puts the album in a completely different realm then one might be accustomed too. The best thing about MDB is despite their evolving sound they have stuck with their roots as well. Too many bands have abandoned their roots in favor of evolving but usually they end up sucking ass when they do. Anyway yeah MDB the the godfathers of doom metal and one of the greatest non mainstream metal bands of all time.

    isaac stanford

    While he's up in the top 3 for sure no one comes out on top of rowan London of virgin black. The man is practically a god when it comes to cleans and also has an amazing black metal scream/ death growl


    DarkSektori you are dumb if you think they are the god fathers of doom, ever heard of candlemass like bro cmon

    robot x625

    man. i love your words. do you have facebook page?


    That's so funny that anathema and paradise lost together with that crappy band are called great 3 of doom, while candlemass and black sabbath, which actually put coal stone under this genre are forgotten. Shame.


    Black Sabbath forgotten?! They are crazy popular on a global scale. Yeah, not as popular as Ozzy's solo work, but still very well known. Candlemass is underground yes, but still highly respected.

  88. Azathoth

    pity that they cut the song in half

  89. mariano rios

    en el minuto 3:20 me di cuenta porque me gustaba este tema

    Javier Flux

    Exactamente ...

  90. Marduk Owens

    I'm not much of a doom listener, but a friend recommended this song (and the band as well) and i really enjoyed it. I'm aware not all of their material has fast pace, but i'm willing to give it a try

  91. ninjalokoalienado

    fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!!